Music Appreciation Syllabus - Twelve Bridges Middle School

Music Appreciation is a semester-based enrichment where students will gain experience in
musicianship by learning about music history as well as some aspects of performance. No previous
musical experience is necessary, but it is always a bonus! Having a learning environment where the
student is safe to express their own creativity to contribute to the class is of the utmost importance to
me. Therefore I have established the following guidelines to help us in our journey towards success:
Be polite and have respect for others
Be on time
Have all materials prepared for class (folder, music, pencil, etc.)
NO food, drink, or gum in class
Always “Do Your Best”
Communicate with the teacher
Be polite and have respect for others
A folder or binder dedicated to this class and materials for it is highly recommended. As part of your
class participation grade is based on having all of your materials prepared each day, a binder will help
in organization as well as keeping materials in good condition (also part of your grade). Pencil and
paper will also be used regularly throughout this course. It is also advised that a water bottle filled with
water only (no Gatorade, juice, or other liquid) is brought to class as a drinking fountain is not readily
Before class:
Enter the room quietly.
Pick up any new materials (new materials will be on a music stand before entering the room)
Take your assigned seat.
Follow any additional instructions given on the board.
During class:
1. Class begins when the tardy bell rings. At this time it is expected that all students begin the
Boardwork assignment with all necessary materials prepared and organized.
2. Silence is expected of everyone while Mr. Brown is on the podium. Should Mr. Brown leave the
podium, it may be permissible to talk quietly to your neighbor.
3. Always raise your hand if you have a question.
4. Be polite and have respect for others.
After class:
1. When instructed, materials are to be put away in proper, pre-designated places.
2. You may talk quietly to each other during this time, but once the bell rings be in your seat and
silent for dismissal by Mr. Brown.
3. The bell does not dismiss you, Mr. Brown does.
It is expected that each student be in their seat when the tardy bell rings. In all cases points will be
deducted from the daily participation grade and further disciplinary action will follow suit according to
TBMS policy.
Upon entering the classroom, students will be required to copy down anything listed after numbers
one, two, and three as well as any musical notation posted on the whiteboards. This assignment is to
be completed in pencil only and will be due at the end of the week. Worth ten points, it will only be
graded in half, full or no credit, and if a student is absent during the week they are expected to copy
the missed work from a classmate (exception being that of a Friday absence). Grades will be notated
by a + (full credit, ten points), – (half credit, five points), or 0 (no credit, zero points). In addition, any
Boardwork sheets that have been wrinkled, torn, or are in otherwise poor condition will not be
accepted. Boardwork forms are also available online at; any
Boardwork form which has the name and class printed on it will receive three (3) extra credit points if
the work done warrants full credit and the form is printed out the week before it is due and brought to
school to be filled out during the week.
There will be an opportunity for each student to earn ten (10) points per day which will go into the
grade book as “participation”. This category is intended to reward the student for coming to class with
all materials prepared for each class as well as the ability to remain on task without more than a single
verbal or visual warning. Instances such as the student forgetting their boardwork, pencil, etc. or
causing disruption to the class will result in deduction of these points.
Listening Logs are a chance for the students to present music to the class using a CD, MP3 player
(including iPods), or flash drive. This simultaneously allows them to express a part of themselves by
what music they listen to and (optimally) exposes the class to a piece of music or song they have not
heard before. After playing the example for the class, a short presentation will be given about the song.
This presentation will be based on a form which is passed out to the class and broken down during
class so that key musical terms are understood and used. It is important to remember that Twelve
Bridges does not allow the use of iPods, MP3 players, and other electronic devices during school so
make sure that the devices are not seen or used (other then during the presentation of course) during
regular school hours. Listening Logs are also available online at
and extra credit will be awarded if the Log submitted is typed and printed.
Various assignments will be given over the course of each marking period. The assignments may be in
class or given as homework and will relate to the course objectives set for the TBMS Music
Department and the California Standards for Music. Students will be awarded points for the following:
Boardwork (10 pts/week)
Participation, Cooperation & Effort (10 pts/day)
Listening Logs (20 pts/each, TBD)
Rhythm Assignments/Quizzes/Exams/Projects (TBD)
Late work will only be accepted in case of excused absence and must be turned in within a reasonable
and agreed upon timeframe. It is the responsibility of the student to determine what was missed
during their absence; this includes assignments that were due. If a student is present on the day an
assignment is due, he/she is expected to submit the assignment when it is collected. Boardwork and
Listening Logs are due the day of return from absence. As these are routine assignments, they should
be submitted immediately upon return in order to keep the students’ grade up to date.
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