Warehouse Supply Ordering Steps

Warehouse Supply Ordering Steps
When you are ready to order
supplies from the Warehouse
you will need to log into the
NEW People Soft 8.4 screen.
You will need to input your
login code and your
password as you did in
Once you login, you will
need to click on the
following links,
1. Inventory
2. Fullfill Stock Orders
3. Stock Requests
4. Material Stock Request
When you click on Material
Stock Request, the
following screen will
appear. Click on Add to
start your ordering process.
After clicking on Add, you will
see the following screen. Like
PS7.5 here is where you will
input you basic information, such
as you name and school number.
Next, click on the Override
ChartFields links to input your
account number. (Please make
sure that you input an account
number here, before you input
any line items for your order.
Also make sure that EVERY
box has data in it).
Once you have clicked on the
Override ChartFields link, you
will get this screen. As before
here is where you will input your
account number for your order.
Once done, click on the OK
button to return to the previous
(Make sure that EVERY box
has data in it).
It is VERY important that you input your account number FIRST before you add any line items for your
Once back on this screen, if you
have the need for more then one
line for stock, hit the plus (+)
link next to the order line to add
more lines to your order.
At this point, you will get the
following pop-up screen. Here
you will type in the number of
extra lines you will need to
complete your order. Here I have
added four (4) extra lines for a
total of five (5) lines. (See
below) Hit OK when ready.
Fill in each line as you had been
doing in PS7.5. If you need extra
lines or have too many and need
to remove some, just hit the plus
(+) or minus (-) buttons.
Once you have entered all the
lines you need, hit the save button
at the bottom left hand side of
your screen to save your order
and get an Order No.
At this point your order will be in
the new PS8.4 system and ready
for the Warehouse to fill for
If this order is going to be a
Walk-in, please telephone in the
Order No. (ISS00XXXXX) to the
warehouse so it can be pulled for
If you have any questions or have problems with the new system, PLEASE fill free to call the Warehouse at
520-2921 and we will be happy to help you.
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