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ACD-ICD C.E. Conference
Joint National Meeting Is First Ever
History was made March 30-31 when the first-ever
ACD-ICD C.E. Conference was held at the beautiful Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa. This
was the first national joint meeting involving the two
organizations. The conference included fellowship,
fun activities, and an optional six hours of continuing education. The Westin Savannah Harbor is in
the heart of the historic Savannah River District and
included a world-class golf course and spa. The resort
overlooked the historic River Street and complimentary water ferry service was available. It was a great
introduction to old southern charm.
The conference began with a reception Thursday
evening. The C.E. program followed the next two
mornings. Dr. Larry J. Cook and Dr. Michael R. Ragan,
Esq. presented an excellent program titled, “Truth or
Consequences: Decision Making and the Influence
of Ethical Concepts.” The course explored the fundamentals of ethical concepts and how they influ-
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ence decision making of the dental professional. The
consequences and potential legal ramifications of
poor decision making were also covered. Dr. Carl E.
Findley, Jr. presented a program titled, “The Latest on
New Implant Systems.” His program involved planning implant cases on CT scans, fixed and removable
dentistry over implants, modified sinus procedures
(non-invasive), and other topics.
The conference concluded Saturday evening with a
fun banquet and lots of raffle prizes. Our appreciation is extended to those Sections and individuals
who donated prizes.
ACD 2012 in San Francisco
George Zimmer Will Highlight Convocation
Our ACD 2012 Annual Meeting
and Convocation will take place
Wednesday and Thursday, October 17th and 18th at the Hilton
San Francisco Union Square
hotel at 333 O’Farrell Street. The
hotel has been re-named since
our last meeting in San Francisco. We have now returned to our
regular Wednesday-Thursday
schedule. For details see the Annual Meeting Brochure inserted
in this issue.
The meeting will feature an outstanding line-up of
speakers and activities. Wednesday morning will feaContinued on page 12
In my first President’s Message, I addressed contemporary concerns regarding
the ethics of our profession—the challenges to our ethical foundation. There are
two additional basic tenets which I find
significant to our future as a profession:
etiquette and empathy. This message is devoted to a consideration of etiquette. Dental etiquette might be defined as appropriate
and considerate doctor to doctor interaction, as well as interaction
between doctors and their patients, staff and students. The history
of medical etiquette is traced back at least to Hippocrates1 who
advocated “professional courtesy.”
In 1803 Thomas Percival2 wrote the first “book” on this subject in
which he advocated the “gratuitous attention to fellow professionals
and their families, punctuality in visits of consultation, strict temperance, and the avoidance of the use of quack medicine.” His language
may seem stilted but his thoughts are applicable to today.
We are reminded of several appropriate contemporary examples
of etiquette by Lloyd W. Kitchens,3 physician and past medical
director of Texas Oncology, Baylor Medical Center. These include:
professional courtesy, proper demeanor with patients and staff,
discretion and confidentiality discussing patients, manner of addressing and listening to patients, thoughtful consideration of the
patient’s expressed needs in treatment recommendations, direct
and respectful consultation with other doctors, being available for
after hours calls, and telephone etiquette which includes the doctor’s responsibility to personally make the call to other doctors to
assure consideration of the other’s time.
This message is not intended as an admonition but rather to
sharpen our awareness of the impact of seemingly insignificant
every day behaviors that truly reflect on our profession at large. As
recently as 2007, an observer of medical behavior and practice, Dr.
Atul Gawande,4 commented “It is unsettling how little it takes to
defeat success in medicine. You come as a professional equipped
with expertise and technology. You do not imagine that a mere
matter of etiquette could foil you. But the social dimension turns
out to be as essential as the scientific matter. In this work against
sickness, we begin not with genetic or cellular interactions but with
human ones.”
Dental etiquette is probably best acquired through emulation of
Continued on page 12
Anonymous admonitions of Hippocrates of learning the history of medicine.
In Carmichael AF, Rotzan RM, eds. Medicine: A Treasury of Arts and Literature.
New York. Hugh Louter Levin Associates, pp. 53-54, 1991.
2 Percival, T. Medical Ethics as a Code of Institutes and Precepts Adapted to the Professional
Conduct of Physicians and Surgeons. Manchester, England, 1803.
3 Kitchens, Lloyd W. Viewpoint: Medical etiquette. Baylor University Medical Center
Proceedings 8(3):7-10, 1995.
4 Gawande, A. Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance. New York: Metropolitan Books,
pp. 81-82, 2007.
April 2012
Danube Odyssey Travel Program
ACD 2012
Annual Meeting & Convocation
Hilton San Francisco Union
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ACD 2013
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New Orleans
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Highlights of the Spring Board Meeting
The Board of Regents of the American College of Dentists met March
28-29, 2012. Some highlights include:
International Dental Ethics and
Law Society (IDEALS)—The
Board of Regents approved a trial
integration agreement with IDEALS
similar to the relationship developed with the American Society for
Dental Ethics. The latter resulted in
the creation of our 51st Section.
Student Professionalism and Ethics Association
(SPEA)—High-level representatives from SPEA will
present a program in San Francisco on Wednesday,
October 17th as part of the Fellows Forum. The audience
will be informed about SPEA, its future, and opportunities for support by ACD Sections and Fellows.
Ethics Handbooks for Dentists—In 2011 approximately 5,500 Ethics Handbook for Dentists and Ethics Wallet
Cards were distributed in the U.S. and Canada, primarily to dental students.
Candidates Approved—The Board approved 324 candidates for Fellowship. Candidates can delay their induction for three years in the event of prior commitments.
ACD Travel Program—The College is offering a Danube Odyssey cruise through Vantage Travel August 6-19
(see the separate announcement in this issue).
Journal of the American College of Dentists—In order
to allow students more timely access to our journal, each
issue of our journal will be placed online in PDF format
three months after being published. Back issues are
available on our Web site,
Model Section Program—The Mississippi Section,
New York Section, Northern California Section, Quebec
Section, and Tennessee Section will receive the Model
Section designation in San Francisco during the Fellows
Forum on Wednesday, October 17, 2012.
Online Dues Payment—Fellows can pay dues online
using a link in the Members section of our Web site
( Usernames and passwords are distributed on your dues notice.
Dues Increase—After consideration of all factors, the
Board approved an increase in annual dues from $175
to $195 beginning with the 2013 dues cycle. Annual dues
were last raised in 2008, so it will have been five years
since a similar action was needed.
Regent Intern Program—The Board is enthusiastic
about the Regent Intern program and it will likely continue in its current form. The Regent Intern, currently
Dr. Michael Meru, brings a new and important perspective to Board discussions.
Social Media—The Board has created a committee
to investigate the ethical issues associated with social
media and make suggestions to our Code of Conduct as
indicated. A White Paper is anticipated and this will be
published in our journal.
ACD Announces Awardees
Ethics and Professionalism
Student Professionalism
and Ethics Association
William J. Gies Award
Marcia A. Boyd
Honorary Fellowship
Valerie J. Fridley
Beth Truett
Outstanding Service Award
Section Achievement Award
Allan T. Formicola
Northern California
Results of Nominating Committees
The Nominating Committees (Board, At Large, Regency)
have selected the following slate of nominees for 20122013:
Kenneth L. Kalkwarf
Jerome B. Miller
Vice President
Bert W. Oettmeier, Jr.
Ronald L. Tankersley
Regent, At Large
Thomas A. Howley, Jr.
Regent, Regency 2
Joseph F. Hagenbruch
Regent, Regency 5
Additional nominations may be made by petition signed
by 25 Fellows in good standing. The deadline for petitions is July 16th. A mail ballot will be used in cases of
contested offices. In addition, Dr. Ronald L. Tankersley,
Former President of the American Dental Association,
was selected to replace Dr. Eugene Sekiguchi as At
Large Regent. Dr. Tankersley will assume his duties immediately after the fall meeting in San Francisco.
President-elect— Dr. Kenneth L. Kalkwarf (San Antonio, Texas) is a board
certified periodontist who currently
serves as the dean of the University
of Texas Health Science Center at
San Antonio Dental School. He is a
Continued on page 4
Highlights of Spring Board Meeting
Continued from page 3
Past President of the American Dental Education Association; Past President of Omicron Kappa Upsilon
Supreme Chapter; Past Chair of the Commission on
Dental Accreditation; Past Chair, Joint Commission on
National Dental Examinations; Past President, Western
Conference of Dental Examiners and Dental School
Deans; and Past President of the Southwest Society of
Periodontists, among many other distinguished positions. Dr. Kalkwarf has served the ACD most recently as
Vice President and is the recipient of numerous honors
and distinctions.
Vice President— Dr. Jerome B. Miller
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) is a board
certified pediatric dentist practicing
in Oklahoma. He has served as President, College of Diplomates, American
Board of Pediatric Dentistry; President,
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry; President, American Academy
of Pediatric Dentistry Foundation; and
President, Oklahoma Pedodontic Association. He has
served the ADA in numerous capacities, including Chair
of the ADA Reference Committee on Budget and Business Matters. Dr. Miller has many honors and awards to
his credit including Dentist of the Year in Oklahoma.
Treasurer—Dr. Bert W. Oettmeier, Jr.
(Leawood, Kansas) is a practicing general dentist. Dr. Oettmeier is a member of the ADA Council on Dental
Benefit Programs. He is also a delegate
to the ADA House of Delegates. Dr.
Oettmeier is a past president of the
Kansas Dental Association and was
that association’s dentist of the year in
2007. He has also served the Fifth District Dental Society of Kansas as president, among other offices, and
was their dentist of the year in 2001. Dr. Oettmeier is
chair-elect of the Rinehart Dental Foundation Board of
the UMKC Dental Alumni Association. He has recently
served as Regent, Regency 5.
At Large Regent—Dr. Ronald L. Tankersley (Newport News, Virginia) is a board
certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon
and a graduate of the Medical College
of Virginia. Dr. Tankersley has served
organized dentistry in many capacities, including Trustee and President,
American Dental Association. He is a
Past President of the Virginia Dental Association and a Past Chair of the ADA Council on Dental
April 2012
Benefit Programs. He is a Past Chair of the ACD Virginia
Section. He is actively involved in a number of ethics
projects. Dr. Tankersley serves as an adjunct professor in
the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Virginia
Commonwealth University School of Dentistry and is the
recipient of many honors and awards.
Regent, Regency 2—Dr. Thomas A.
Howley, Jr. (Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania) is a general dentist who has
served as national President of the,
Academy of General Dentistry. He
has held numerous other offices in
the Academy, including its Board of
Trustees and the AGD Foundation. He
represented the Academy at earlier
ethics summits sponsored by the ACD. Dr. Howley has
also served as the President, Pennsylvania Academy of
General Dentistry; Vice Regent, Academy of Dentistry
International; Coordinator, Pennsylvania 2nd District,
ICD; and Executive Director, Bucks County Dental Society. He has also been active in his community serving
as Member, Board of Directors, Boyertown YMCA and
Chair, New Hanover Township Recreation Committee,
among others.
Regent, Regency 5—Dr. Joseph F.
Hagenbruch (Harvard, Illinois) is a
general dentist who currently serves
as Trustee from the ADA Eighth District. He has served the ADA in many
capacities including Delegate; member, Reference Committee on Dental
Benefits, Practice & Health; Chair,
Committee on Credentials, Rules
and Order; Chair, Council on Dental Benefit Programs;
member, Editorial Review Committee for JADA; Chair,
Dental Code Subcommittee; and many others. He has
also served as President, Illinois State Dental Society,
and President, McHenry County Dental Society, among
other positions. Dr. Hagenbruch has also served as
Chair, Illinois Section of the ACD. He is the recipient of
many honors and awards.
Regent Intern Program Update
Dr. Michael C. Meru is nearing the end of
his two-year term as the first Regent Intern. The program has been very successful
and will continue. A committee is looking at the best way to do this. The Regent
Intern is an ex officio attendee of ACD Board meetings.
The program has ensured that the voice of new dentists is
represented to the Board. This trial program was started in
2010 in Orlando. A generous donation of $10,000 from
Highlights of Spring Board Meeting
Dr. David W. Chambers provided the initial seed money
for this project.
Outstanding Student Leader Award
The Outstanding Student Leader Award is our national
ACD award for outstanding dental students. The ACD
matches each Section’s cash award up to $250. The
matching cash award only applies to the Outstanding Student Leader Award and does not apply to other
student awards given by Sections. Only one award
may be given per dental school per year. An official
form, available from the Executive Office, must be used
by Sections to request matching funds. Sections may
award more than the $500 matching total. This matching arrangement is encourages Sections to give our only
national student award, thereby helping to strengthen
the identity of the award.
Ethics Scholarship Program
Eight $1,000 Scholarships Awarded
The Ethics Scholarship Program of the American
College of Dentists Foundation awarded eight $1,000
scholarships to dentists enrolling in the new 3-unit
graduate level course in dental ethics offered by
Creighton University. The recipients included:
David Anderson, Pittsburgh, PA
Tana Gilmartin, Winnipeg, Manitoba
William Leffler, Massillon, OH
Norman Miller, Westmount, Quebec
Donald Patthoff. Martinsburg, WV
Llewellyn Powell, South Jordan, UT
Kathy Schafer,Alton, IL
Kathy Udell-Martin, West Orange, NJ
Ten scholarships will be awarded next year. Please see
the December issue of ACD News for details on the
Online Membership
application process. The scholarships are funded from
proceeds of the Dr. Cecelia L. Dows Scholarship Fund
within the Foundation.
The Foundation will also periodically award $10,000
scholarships to Fellows completing a graduate degree in
ethics. It is anticipated that at least one $10,000 scholarship will be awarded in 2013. These scholarships are
competitive and one-time grants. Please contact the
Executive Office for more information.
Courses Online Dental Ethics (CODE)
Twenty-nine online courses in dental ethics are now
available through Courses Online Dental Ethics (CODE)
at A total of 29½ hours of C.E.
credit is available. There are no registration fees. The
ACD is an ADA CERP recognized provider. More courses are planned. Over 24,000 courses have been taken.
Interactive Dental Ethics Application (IDEA®)
Prototype Ready
A beta version of the Interactive Dental Ethics Application (IDEA®) can be downloaded after a simple
registration process at
IDEA® is an interactive PDF file that functions much
like an electronic ethics textbook. Dynamic self-assessment activities are included. IDEA® should be very
useful in academic settings. Try it out!
Predental Ethics Survey
Prototype Complete
The Predental Ethics Survey prototype has been developed by the American College of Dentists to orient
predental students to the importance of ethics in dentistry. The Predental Ethics Survey is a series of openended questions that relate to ethics in dentistry or
dental education. The survey is intended for applicants
to dental school at the interview stage. It is designed to:
a) improve the awareness of aspiring dental students to
issues of ethics and professionalism in dentistry, and
b) provide supplemental information to dental schools
that may assist the selection process. The responses
are not graded as part of the online process, but dental
schools may evaluate and grade the responses if optionally forwarded to the schools. The survey is in the early
stages of testing and more information will be available
in the near future. Fellows involved with admissions
offices of dental schools are encouraged to contact
Dr. Ralls at the Executive Office for more information,
888-223-1920 or [email protected]
ACD-ICD C. E. Conference – Savannah
April 2012
Regency Spotlight — Regency 5
I find myself in the final year of
my four-year term as Regent of
Regency 5 of the American College of Dentists, and as I write
this, my final Regency Spotlight.
It has been an incredible experience. I have met so many
wonderful leaders in our profession, and their families. Because
the geographic boundaries of
my ADA Trustee District (DisBertOettmeier
trict 12) are completely different
from ACD Regency 5 (with the exception of Kansas) it
provided the opportunity to become acquainted with an
entirely new group of friends.
Regency 5 is composed of a block of states which make
up seven Sections through the upper Midwest and
Great Plains. Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois,
and Wisconsin are Sections in and of themselves. The
seventh Section is the Upper Midwest Section comprised of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota.
Twenty-four Nominees from Regency 5 were inducted
into Fellowship of the American College of Dentists in
Las Vegas in October 2011.
One of the most exciting events I have to report was
Kansas becoming its own Section. Kansas Fellows were
previously part of the Kansas City-Midwest Section.
The Kansas City-Midwest Section was a unique section in that it was made up of all of Kansas and a portion of Kansas City, Missouri. As Kansas City-Midwest
Section meetings were held in conjunction with the
UMKC School of Dentistry Alumni Meeting, it created
a dilemma for those Kansas Fellows who did not attend
UMKC School of Dentistry. Additionally the previous
boundaries of the Missouri Section put Missouri’s only
dental school outside the Missouri Section’s geographic
A task force made up of Dr. John Haynes, Dr. Connie
White, Dr. Ken Weinand, Dr. Jack Nelson, Dr. Jim Trotter, and me worked out the logistics of transitioning the
Kansas City, Missouri portion of the Kansas City-Midwest Section into the Missouri Section and renaming the
Kansas City-Midwest Section the Kansas Section. This
change was approved by the ACD Board of Regents at
their Spring Board Meeting in 2011. Included herewith
are the reports of the individual Section of Regency 5.
Illinois Section. The Illinois Section had their annual
joint luncheon with the ICD and Pierre Fauchard Academy in conjunction with the Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting on Saturday February 25, 2012. ACD student awards
were presented at this meeting. Also attending were
ADA President Dr. Bill Calnon, ADA President-elect
Dr. Bob Faiella, and ADA Executive Director Dr. Kathy
O’Loughlin, all of whom were past recipients of ACD
scholarship awards. All three gave brief presentations to
the group on ADA issues.
The Illinois Section works each year with Southern
Illinois School of Dentistry and University of Illinois
at Chicago School of Dentistry, participating in their
respective White Coat Ceremonies. The Illinois Section
will be working with their leadership in hopes of offering an ethics course this year to component societies
and other dental groups.
Future meetings of the Illinois Section include a joint
breakfast with ICD at the ISDS Annual Session, and
their Annual Business and Dinner Meeting is scheduled
for November 2012, where all new inductees will be
Iowa Section. The Iowa Section meeting is in Des
Moines on Saturday May 5, 2012. At that meeting the
following officers will be installed: Chair, Dr. Kathy Kell;
Secretary-Treasurer. Dr. John Kearns; and Immediate
Past-Chair, Dr. Ann D. Harris. On the agenda for new
business is discussion to increase Section dues.
A scholarship for the Outstanding Student Leader
Award will be presented May 5th at the annual meeting. The White Coat Ceremony at the University of Iowa,
which is in part supported by the Iowa Section, will be
held May 9th.
Kansas Section. The new Kansas Section had its inaugural meeting on June 25, 2011 in Overland Park in
conjunction with the Kansas Dental Association Annual
Meeting. The following officers were elected: Chair,
Dr. Jim Trotter; Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Chuck Squire;
Continued on page 8
Regency Spotlight — Regency 5
Continued from page 7
and Vice Chair, Dr. John Carter. A motion was passed
to approve a $1,000 Scholarship annually to a Kansas
Student at UMKC School of Dentistry. The Kansas Section is considering an increase to the amount of scholarship funds available, which will be discussed at its next
business meeting in June 2012. Dr. Trotter appointed
an ad hoc committee, chaired by Dr. Steven Hechler, to
explore project options for the new Kansas Section.
The Kansas Section will have a joint luncheon with the
Missouri Section and the respective ICD and Pierre Fauchard Sections on April 13, 2012 in conjunction with the
Midwest Dental Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.
Missouri Section. The Missouri Section had its annual
meeting on January 20, 2012 in Columbia, Missouri. At
that meeting a resolution was passed to give six $1,000
Scholarships to UMKC dental students. These will be
presented at the UMKC School of Dentistry Awards
Banquet in September 2012. Dr. Dan Waite was recognized with a certificate and medallion in honor of his 50
years of ACD Fellowship. The next meeting of the Missouri Section is a joint luncheon with the Kansas Section
and the respective ICD and Pierre Fauchard Sections
on April 13, 2012 at the Midwest Dental Conference in
Kansas City, Missouri.
learn dental ethics program at both of Nebraska’s dental
Upper Midwest Section. The Upper Midwest Section
will hold its annual business meeting and breakfast
April 28, 2012 in St. Paul in conjunction with the Star
of the North Meeting. The speaker will be Dr. Karen
Quick who heads the ethics program at the University
of Minnesota. The Upper Midwest Section is currently
discussing the relationship of the ACD to the university
program and how it can enhance that relationship. The
ethics program runs September through January and
is a one-on-one format. A student is taken through a
patient encounter using an actor, which is then followed
up with a discussion of that encounter. The White Coat
Ceremony at University of Minnesota School of Dentistry will be held in the fall of 2012.
Wisconsin Section. Student Research Day was held
February 15, 2012 at Marquette University School of
Dentistry. Amanda Olejniczak and Carolyn Gardiner
were the winners of the ACD Student Research Award.
They will receive their awards at the Wisconsin Section
Dinner on May 11, 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin. The
Wisconsin Section continues to support financially the
White Coat Ceremony at Marquette University School
of Dentistry.
In June 2012 Missouri Section members will attend the
UMKC School of Dentistry White Coat Ceremony and
help support it with a $1,000 contribution.
Respectfully submitted,
Bert W. Oettmeier, Jr.
Regent, Regency 5
Nebraska Section. The Nebraska Section had its Annual Business Meeting December 10, 2011 in Omaha.
On April 13th the Nebraska Section presented a $500
Outstanding Student Leader Award to a student at University of Nebraska Medical Center School of Dentistry
and a student at Creighton University School of Dentistry. The Nebraska Section is launching a lunch-and8
April 2012
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Regency News
The 21st annual Regency 1
Leadership Meeting was
held on Saturday January
28, 2012. This gathering
began due to the vision of
Drs. Ed McNulty and Tom
Winkler both Past Presidents of the College. The
meeting had originally
been held at the CopleyPlaza Hotel where the
ACD was founded.
The attendees represent the six Sections of Regency 1.
This year Drs. Pat Blanton, Tom Winkler and Steve Ralls
were in attendance as well as
our indispensable Executive
Assistant, Karen Matthiesen.
Also the Student Professionalism Ethics Association was
represented by Steven Cagliostro from Tufts, who is serving
as Chapter President for the
A dinner was held
the Friday evening before with
spouses and guests.
It is a wonderful
evening of camaraderie and fun! The
venue allows us to
meet new Section
officers, national
officers and renew
old acquaintances.
The meeting followed on Saturday
morning. The
current ACD
President, Dr.
Pat Blanton,
provided a superb overview
of direction of
the College.
The format
is similar to
the Regency
breakout session at our Annual Meeting but allows for
in-depth discussions.
The Regency Meeting typically lasts 2-2
½ hours. The Regent
provided an update
of the College. Each
Section then provided
a current report of its
activities as well as
the challenges that they face. This
provided an excellent opportunity
to share ideas and potential solutions that can then be taken back to
their respective Sections.
My special thanks to the New
England Section and in particular,
Dr Janice Conrad, for the incredible
support for this meeting over the
last 21 years.
Photos courtesy of Mark Bauman
ACDF Silent Auction
I encourage all Regencies to consider a
mid-year Leadership
Meeting. It is a great
way to stay connected.
Tom Connolly
Regent, Regency 1
[email protected]
Ethics Matters
An Update from the American Society for Dental Ethics Section
Recent Activities
ASDE Meets at ADEA
The annual ASDE Business and
Spring Board Meetings were held at
the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) meetings in Orlando, Florida, March 17-21. Course
planning for upcoming courses and
a discussion about a planned survey
of members needs were the main
topics of the meetings. In addition to the normal business meeting activities and reports, the Society initiated
a “journal club” component where this year participants
discussed a recent article by Stanton Cobb entitled
“Teaching Ethics and Change” (Texas Dental Journal,
August 2011). Two Workshops were also presented by
ASDE members at the ADEA meetings:
Engaging Students in Professional
Identity Formation
This session described the experiences of educators who
have used the Professional Identity Essay to measure
levels of identity formation and to engage students in
self-assessment and reflection. The workshop described
strategies for promoting professional identity formation during professional education and for remediating
professionals who have violated professional standards.
The workshop was presented by Muriel Bebeau, Marilyn Lantz, and Kathy Faber-Langendoen.
Ethics and Professionalism—Approaches to
Assuring Student Competency and Compliance
with New CODA Standards
Because the Commission on Dental Accreditation
recently adopted language on the topic of ethics and
professionalism for each discipline as a new discipline-
American Society
for Dental Ethics
Mission Statement
dedicatedtotheongoingstudyofethical issues,
10 April2012
specific standard, these standards and intent statements
are now incorporated into discipline accreditation standards for implementation within the next two years. The
second ASDE-sponsored program focused on a description of teaching, learning and curricular approaches
currently in use in predoctoral dental, dental hygiene
and advanced dental education programs to assure
student competency in ethics and professionalism. Participants in the session gained an understanding of the
variations of these new standards among the disciplines
and were presented with strategies to help achieve
compliance. Participants were also invited to share their
own curricular approaches as resources for others. This
program was presented by Phyllis Beemsterboer, Kathi
Shepherd, James Swift and Pamela Zarkowski.
Ozar-Hasegawa Award Recipient Announced
The ASDE Section was also pleased to announce at their
ADEA meeting the winner of this year’s Ozar-Hasegawa
Award as Ms. Athena deBrouwer, BMSc (Honors), DDS
Candidate (2015) from Schulich School of Medicine and
Dentistry, University of Western Ontario, Canada. Ms.
De Brouwer’s submission was entitled, “Ethics Case
Analysis: Culturally diverse patients and professionalism in dentistry.” ASDE was also pleased to recognize
her advisor, Dr. Barry Schwartz, for his continued
mentorship. Her paper will be available shortly at www. under the Awards link.
Upcoming Events and Presentations
ASDE Summer Board and Planning Meeting
Members of the ASDE Board and Planning Committee
will meet at The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, Michigan,
August 10-12, 2012. As has been our practice over the
past four years, we will present a continuing education
course as the first activity of the meeting. This year the
course is titled: “Ethics Around the Table: A Model for
Discussions” and has been organized by our host, and
Section member, Pamela Zarkowski, Esq. The remainder
of the weekend will continue with our annual planning
and revisiting of our directions and priorities. The ASDE
summer planning meeting is a tradition that was initiated by our late colleague Dr. Thomas Hasegawa, Jr. and
has been held each year since 2005.
New Seven-hour Ethics Course at
ACD Annual Meeting and Convocation
Honorary ACD Fellows and ASDE Members Bruce
Peltier and Pamela Zarkowski will present a new 7-hour
ethics course on Wednesday, October 17 in San Francisco. This course will build on the two previous courses
that have been offered at annual sessions (“Introduction
Ethics Matters
to Dental Ethics” and “Dental Ethics Facilitator Training”) and is titled “Analyzing and Responding to Ethical
Dilemmas: Addressing the Challenge and Managing the
Conversation.”The main objective of the course will be to
understand the concepts of professional ethics and their
role in addressing ethical issues that present conflict.
The morning session led by Pam Zarkowski will focus on
ethical principles and values, sensitivity and the decision
process. The afternoon component of the course will be
led by Dr. Bruce Peltier and will focus on principles of
communication and confrontation in dealing with and
managing conflict. The course will be organized around
real cases and will include significant participant discussion and role-play activities to practice the skills for resolving issues that result in ethical dilemma. This course
will be open to all and separate from the LeaderSkills
workshops. Registration and a nominal fee of $185 will be
required for attendance. Full details about this course can
be found in the Annual Meeting Brochure included in
this issue of the ACD News.
Recent Member Activities
ASDE Executive Director Anika Ball and colleagues at
the Loma Linda University (LLU) Center for Christian
Bioethics recently hosted Dr. Gabriel Bosslet, a noted
authority on the ethics of social media in medicine. Dr.
Bosslet, a faculty member at the Indiana University
School of Medicine and the Charles Warren Fairbanks
Center for Medical Ethics of Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, holds degrees in medicine and bioethics. His
presentation, “Professionalism in 140 Characters: Health
Care Providers and Online Social Networks,” was given
to a university-wide audience including students and
faculty of the LLU School of Dentistry discussed the
explosion of social media impact in medicine and the
professional and ethical implications of this new technology and social means of human interactions.
ASDE member and ACD Fellow Robert B. Stevenson
described the “Ethics in Dentistry” course that just concluded at the end of the winter term at The Ohio State
University College of Dentistry. This ethics elective will
be offered again during the spring quarter to third and
fourth-year dental students. Each of the sessions of this
course is 90 minutes long and begins with a short review
of basic ethical principles and guidelines followed by
breakout groups in which students discuss and report
on hypothetical dental situations involving conflict and
tension between two or more ethical ideals. An average
of two or three cases are discussed per session.
In addition to his monthly editorial column in The
American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics entitled “Ethics in Orthodontics,” ASDE member
Peter Greco just completed a Guest Presentation entitled
“Ethics in Orthodontics—Do the Right Thing, Even When
No One is Looking” for Practical Reviews in Orthodontics.
Practical Reviews is a continuing education series which
is available by subscription and is accessed mainly by
academic and practicing orthodontists. Dr. Greco’s hope
was that his presentation would sensitize orthodontists to
the topic of ethics, and, specifically ethical advertising.
ASDE member and ACD Fellow David Chambers reports multiple publications related to ethics:
Chambers, D. W. Confusions in the equipoise concept and the alternative of fully informed overlapping rational decisions. Medicine Health Care and
Philosophy, 2011, 24, 133-142.
Chambers, D. W. Ethical fundamentals. Journal of the
American College of Dentists, 2011, 78 (3), 41-48.
Chambers, D. W. How to make moral choices. Journal
of the American College of Dentists, 2011, 78 (4), 56-63.
Dr. Chambers is a visiting scholar at the Center for
Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences at the London School of Economics through June 2012. He is also
working on a book on game theory and the creation of
moral communities.
ASDE Board member Toni Roucka, Marquette University School of Dentistry, reports that her first ethics
column for the journal General Dentistry came out in the
March issue. She will be doing a column every other
issue (3 times a year). Her first article was entitled “To
treat or not to treat... that is the question.”
ASDE member Joseph Graskemper reports that the Stonybrook University School of Dental Medicine was able
to start a Student Professionalism and Ethics Association (SPEA) chapter. Dr. Graskemper had been trying to
garner enough student support over the past two years
to start the SPEA chapter and they were finally able to
have their first organizational meeting. Dr. Graskemper
will be giving two presentations at the upcoming IDEALS Conference in Belgium in August.
ASDE member and ACD Fellow Margaret Wilson reports that the East Carolina University School of Dental
Medicine’s inaugural class has taken it upon themselves
to establish a SPEA chapter. Dr. Wilson will serve as the
faculty advisor and Dr. Wilson Jewell, a private practitioner from Wilmington, North Carolina and current President of the North Carolina Dental Society, will serve as
the community advisor. The young professionals at ECU
have begun their planning to help direct their interests
in ethics, professionalism, advocacy, and legislation.
The ASDE Section invites all Fellows to visit our website
ACD Travel Program
Danube Odyssey
in August 6-19, 2012
Last Call! A Few Spaces Remain!
[email protected]
2012 Annual Meeting
President’s Forum
Continued from page 1
Continued from page 2
ture lawyer Skip Ames who will present a program on
business ethics and Dr. David Chambers who will present a leadership program. John Naber, Olympic gold
medalist and former Sullivan Award winner, will present an ethically based leadership program on Wednesday afternoon. Joel Barker, noted futurist, will be our
keynote speaker on Thursday morning. The Convocation
takes place after the humorous lunchtime entertainment of Buzz Sutherland. George Zimmer, of the Men’s
Wearhouse (who you have probably seen on TV), will be
our Convocation speaker. He is noted for his presentations on business ethics. The meeting will also include
another special 7-hour ethics course on analyzing and
responding to ethical dilemmas presented by Bruce Peltier, PhD and Pamela Zarkowski, JD, MPH. This program
is described in more detail elsewhere in this issue.
those behaviors as demonstrated by “role models” and
“mentors.” All of us serve as role models and many as
mentors. It is my hope that these seemingly “tiny” lessons, which can have a “huge” impact on the public’s
confidence, might remind us role models and mentors
of the importance of our words and actions. The challenges that confront dentistry today are increasing in
frequency and complexity. Let us not allow these challenges, or all the rapid changes in dentistry, to deter us
from attending basic etiquette.
Our elegant dinner dance will feature the Kicks dance
band and troupe of Chinese Lion Dancers. We expect
a large attendance—make plans early. It’s going to be
a great event. Don’t miss it!
Since our inception over 90 years ago, the College has
championed the elevation of standards. Etiquette, in one
way of speaking, is about standards in dealing with people;
often in our case this means patients and other dentists.
Let it be the dentist who defines etiquette for the
healthcare profession-at-large and redefines the healthcare experiences for our patients. Further, let it be our
Fellows who play a major role and lead by example.
Patricia L. Blanton, DDS, PhD
12 April2012
News of Fellows
David A. Anderson (PA) received the 2011 National
Dental Association Foundation–Colgate-Palmolive Faculty Recognition Award. Dr. Anderson was recognized
in the category of Administration Service.
Patricia L. Blanton (TX) was inducted into
the Hall of Fame, Baylor College of Dentistry/TAMHSC on January 2012. Dr. Blanton
has always maintained a close relationship
with TAMHSC-BCD and the dental education community. She chaired the Department of Gross Anatomy in the ’80s, served
the BCD Alumni Association as president, CODA as a
site visitor and the National Institutes of Health as a study
section chair. She currently serves as president of the ACD
and as first vice president of the ADA.
Kenneth M. Clemens (OH) was the recipient of the
Ohio State Alumni Association’s 2011 Ralph Davenport
Mershon Award. The Mershon award is presented to
alumni who have demonstrated exceptional leadership
and service to the Ohio State University. Dr. Clemens
received the award on October 21, 2011 at the Association’s annual awards gala which was held at the Columbus Renaissance Downtown.
John I. Haynes (MO)
on March 14th during the UMKC Dental
Alumni Association
meeting was recognized by the Dean for
his 50 years as a member of the faculty. Dr
Haynes remarked “I
began at the school in April 1962. It was the best move I
ever made. Over these many years it has been a joy for
me. I have been privileged to see 6,000 graduate from
UMKC. I can’t wait to get down here in the morning.”
Lynn D. Mouden (MD) has recently been named Chief
Dental Officer for the Federal Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services.
Richard J. Reisman (NY) has been appointed to the
New York State Board of Dentistry by The Board of Regents of the NYS Department of Education.
Morton B. Rosenberg (MA) received the Horace Wells
Award on March 2, 2012 in Hawaii. The International
Federation of Dental Anesthesiology Societies (IFDAS)
awarded Dr. Rosenberg in recognition of International accomplishments in the field of Anesthesiology in Dentistry.
Terry T. Tanaka (CA) was awarded the 2011 California
Dental Association Foundation Humanitarian Award for
three decades of dedication to providing dental care for
underserved populations. In 1979, Dr. Tanaka began his
work with field surgical clinics in Mexicali, La Paz, and
Guaymas. Along with his Rotarian group, Dr. Tanaka
have established the Thousand Smiles Foundation and
created a two-story clinic in Ensenada, Mexico, which is
used for restorative, prosthetic, and orthodontic dental
treatment, as well as speech therapy and hearing testing.
Robert M. Trager
(NY) was honored by
the Converse Lodge
of the Ancient Order
of the Masons. Dr.
Trager was honored
for his 50 years of
service and presentDr.TragerandKennethSprague
ed with the Masonic
Medal of Service and
an honorary plaque at the Marriott Hotel in Burlington,
Massachusetts, earlier this year.
Roger W. Triftshauser (NY) (take PHOTO from December newsletter page 17) received the ASDA Paragon
Award from the American Student Dental Association
(ASDA) on March 3rd during the association’s 42nd Annual
Session in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dr. Triftshauser was
with this
award in
for excellence in
advocacy on
behalf of the
to the lives
of dental
students, innovation in progressing dental education, and dedication
to organized dentistry.
Thomas F. Winkler III (MA),
Immediate Past President of
the ACD, was awarded the
Distinguished Service Award
of the International College
of Dentists (USA Section)
during the Annual District
One Award luncheon held at
the Seaport Hotel in Boston
on January 27th. ICD President Dr. Michael Kenneally
presented the award.
Section Spotlight – Oregon
In 2011 the executive board of the Oregon Section set
a goal to be an active and leading organization in the
dental community so that we might best reflect the talent and abilities of our Fellows. In looking through the
roster we have many Fellows of national note.
We have been working to increase visibility on both the
state and national level. First, after our dinner meeting
in January 2011, a few Fellows became interested in the
Oregon Encyclopedia and are writing submissions. I
Did You Know?
would like to congratulate Dr. Louis Terkla
for his entry on OHSU
School of Dentistry. If
you would like to see it
go to:
I would also like to
congratulate Dr. Rick
Asai for his election to
the Board of Regents. We
look forward to working
with him and having him
as our representative to
national leadership.
Dr. TimCarpenter
We also had a presence at OHSU School of Dentistry
Convocation where we presented newly minted Dr. Tim
Carpenter the ACD Outstanding Student Leader Award.
And on July 17th Dr. Asai and I attended the White
Coat Ceremony at OHSU where 75 second-year dental
students donned white coats as a symbolic passage into
the world of clinical dentistry. In addition I participated
with the fourth-year class in a dental ethics session
taught by Fellow Dr. Phyllis Beemsterboer. I plan to help
her develop a training program for ACD Fellows.
Toothdecayisthe2ndmostcommon diseasein
14 April2012
In October 2011, three dentists from Oregon were
inducted at the annual ACD meeting in Las Vegas.
A number of our members were in attendance and
Dr. Phyllis Beemsterboer was one of the primary presenters. We would like to welcome and congratulate
our new Fellows: Dr. May Chang, Dr. Don Sirianni,
and Dr. Lorin Rice.
On Saturday, January 28, 2012 we had our annual dinner
meeting at the Multnomah Athletic Club. We began our
year with our annual banquet that is done in conjunc-
Section Spotlight – Oregon
tion with Oregon ICD. We had a lovely evening where
we honored three of our Fellows with notable 50-year
recognition medallions. Dr. Paul Kunkel, Jr. and Dr.
Louis Terkla earned their medallions last year, but we
were not able to award them at the last banquet. Dr.
Walter Johnson, who is recognized this year, spoke to
the group recalling the enthusiasm of the Oregon Section and inspiring us to be more active in our Section.
Our keynote speaker for the evening was the knowledgeable and entertaining Mr. Kerry Tymchuk, Director
of the Oregon Historical Society, top aide to politician
Bob Dole and biographic writer for Oregon notables
such as Gert Boyle, CEO of Columbia Sportswear. Mr.
Tymchuk regaled us with humorous political anecdotes
and amazing historical facts about Oregon.
In April Oregon ACD had a visible presence at the
Oregon Dental Conference. We sponsored our first
of hopefully many ethics lectures. This presentation
entitled “Ethics in the Business of Dentistry,” was presented by Fellows, Dr. Phyllis Beemsterboer and Dr.
Gary Chiodo, the latter is currently Interim Dean of
OHSU School of Dentistry. In addition to the lecture
we also had
a table in the
main hall
the conference which
acknowledged Fellows and
about ACD
and our
In addition
to all these
events and programs, the Oregon Section will be
working on improving our communication tools and
Connie Masuoka
Immediate Past Chair, Oregon Section
Planned Giving
ACD Quiz
Remember the Foundation
in Your Estate Planning
a. AnActiveFellowpaysregularnationaland
b. AnActive-RetiredFellowhasbeenaFellowfor
c. ALifeFellowachievesthatstatusonJanuary
d. AnAssociateMembercategoryisanon-Fellowmembershipclassfordentiststhathavean
e. AnAffiliateMemberisanon-FellowmembershipclassthatisrestrictedtoSectionsauthorizedbytheBoardofRegentstohaveAffiliate
[email protected]
Section News
Hudson-Mohawk Section hosted a dinner meeting
on November 21st at Saratoga Springs, New York, and
almost 60 guests attended. Dr. Tom Connolly, Regent
for Regency 1, was a special guest. Congressman Chris
Gibson of Kinderhook, New York, spoke on leadership
and current events in Washington. Dr. Robert Westcott
was honored for his many years of service to the profession. Fellows were asked to consider new nominations
and becoming Gies Fellows of the ACD Foundation. A
planned Section project involves having Fellows from
the Section serve as judges at table clinic presentations
at both Third and Fourth District Dental Society meetings. The Section has been in communication with Dr.
Frank Barnashuk of the Western New York Section to
begin planning mutual summer activities.
the importance
of ACD to dental careers and
why they have
kept their ACD
membership. Dr.
Stephen Ralls
presented the
ACD videos to the
audience. Dr. Ralls and his Executive
Assistant, Karen Matthiesen, attended the luncheon and
the earlier Regency 1 conference. The Section sponsored
an ethics speaker, Mr. Patrick J. Kuhse, at the Yankee
Dental Congress.
Missouri Section welcomed three new Fellows, Dr.
Cheryl D. Haley, Dr. Gerald W. Ogilvie, and Dr. William W. Seaton, at the 2011 ACD Annual Meeting in Las
Vegas. The Section recently had its ACD lunch meeting
at the Midwest Dental Conference on April 12-15, 2012
and is preparing for its luncheon during the Mid Continent Dental Congress next November in St. Louis. The
Section‘s annual meeting was held on January 20th at the
Holiday Inn Executive Center in Columbia, which began
with a very thoughtful prayer by Dr. Robert Butler. Dr.
Kenneth J. Weinand, Secretary-Treasurer, gave a report
after dinner that included a budget review. Photos of
the four dental students who received scholarships from
the Missouri Section for 2011 were shared. Dr. Robert
Butler’s motion to give six $1,000 scholarships in 2012
was approved. Dr. Daniel E. Waite was honored by the
Section and presented with the ACD Lifetime Achievement Award and Medal in recognition of 50 years of
membership. (Photo on page 8)
One student
from each
dental school in
was introduced
by their respective deans who
summarized the
students’ acDr.RobertL.Kittredge
The four students were each honored with a certificate
and cash award from the New England Section. Dr.
Robert L. Kittredge was the 2012 recipient of the Thomas
Winkler Leadership Award for his years of dedicated
service to the profession.
Dr. Marsha Pyle, Fellow and Dean of UMKC School
of Dentistry, was the Section’s guest speaker for the
meeting. Dr. Pyle spoke on dental school activities, the
need for alumni contributions, new information on oral
surgery residency education, and closed by extending
an invitation to Fellows to attend this year’s White Coat
Ceremony at the school in June.
Dr. Barbara Kay Winkler was recognized for her many
years of service as Editor of the Section’s award-winning
newsletter. Dr. Howard Hill presented Dr. Thomas
F. Winkler III, ACD Immediate Past President, with a
certificate announcing the establishment of the Thomas
F. Winkler III Named Fund in the ACD Foundation. He
acknowledged contributions from Fellows of the New
England Section toward the establishment of the fund.
Dr. Weinand asked Fellows to view the ACD videos on
the ACD Web site and urged them to nominate new
prospects for Fellowship.
New England Section held their
winter meeting during the Yankee
Dental Congress on January 28th at
the Seaport Hotel in Massachusetts.
ACD President Patricia L. Blanton,
Regent Thomas J. Connolly, and Executive Director of the ADA, KathDr.PatriciaL.Blanton leen T. O’Loughlin, spoke briefly on
16 April2012
Section News
New York Section held its annual meeting on January
17th which included the presentation of Outstanding
Senior Student Awards to students at dental schools at
Columbia, NYU, and SUNY Stony Brook. New Fellows
were recognized and the 25 and 15-year members were
honored. Dr. Leo Stern, Jr. was also honored for 50 years
of Fellowship in the ACD. Regent Tom Connolly addressed the group and new officers were assigned. The
Section held this year’s organizational meeting on February 15th in Manhattan. Activity goals were reviewed
and nominating and membership committees were also
discussed. Plans were made to expand the ethics programs and develop a mentoring program at the three
dental schools. This year’s meetings are planned for
April 17th and September 11th at the Penn Club.
Quebec Section conducted its annual social event on
March 7, 2012 at Le Rendez Vous du Thé. The Section
had a large number of attendees and was very pleased
with the entertainment and service. The Section had
reviewed their goals to fulfill the Model Section criteria and appointed committees to achieve this goal. As
a result, the Section was able to achieve Model Section
status. They also discussed goals for ACDF support of
ethics courses and the upcoming ACD Annual Meeting
and Convocation in San Francisco. The Annual Herb Caplan black tie dinner and meeting is scheduled for June
5, 2012 at the University Club. The featured speaker will
be Mr. James Cherry, CEO of the Aéroports of Montréal.
Dr. Tom Connolly, Regent, will also be in attendance.
Wisconsin Section will hold its dinner and meeting
on May 11th during the session of the Wisconsin Dental
Association. The Section has been asked by the Dean
Lobb and Dr. Cliff Hartmann to support the White Coat
Ceremony at Marquette University School of Dentistry.
The Section has previously supported the ceremony
with a $500 contribution. Dr. Thomas Raimann, Chair,
attended a program at Marquette University by Dr.
Evelyn Donate-Bartfield and Dr. Toni Rouka entitled
“Revisiting Professionalism: What Does It Mean to You?”
Dr. Raimann represented the ACD at the Student Research Day on February 15th. Two students were awarded
the American College of Dentists Research Award for
Students, Amanda Olejniczak and Carolyn Gardiner.
The students will receive their awards at the dinner on
May 11th; they also received a trip to the ADA Annual
Session to present their research.
Practice Ethics Assessment
and Development Program
10 C.E. Credit Hours Available
[email protected]
American College of Dentists Foundation
2011—A Year in Review
The American College of
Dentists Foundation (ACDF)
is a nonprofit, charitable
501(c)(3) public foundation supporting educational and programmatic efforts of the American College of Dentists
and collaborating organizations. The Foundation
was established in 1972 to raise tax-deductible
support for educational, literary, scientific, and
charitable initiatives to advance oral health and the
dental profession. Most of the funds of the Foundation are provided by annual donations from Fellows,
their family and colleagues, and other friends of
the College. Other sources of support are obtained
from private organizations interested in oral health
and dentistry. (A list of donors to the Foundation
for 2011 is published in this issue. Donors to the
ACDF Endowment Fund and Gies Fellows and Gies
Benefactors will be published in the August issue of
ACD News.)
Foundation Activities
The Foundation provides support for a variety of
initiatives, many implemented by its partner, the
American College of Dentists. Activities over the
last twelve months include:
Professional Ethics Initiative—supported meetings of the Professional Ethics Initiative steering
committee, beginning with the initial meeting July
16-17, 2007 through more recent meetings. PEI, as
it is called, is a professional collaboration of dental organizations to improve the ethical climate of
dentistry. Besides the College, the steering committee currently includes representatives from the
American Dental Association, the American Dental
Education Association, and the American Society
for Dental Ethics Section. A brochure has been
published describing PEI and it can be downloaded
from the ACD Web site, The latest developments from PEI include the PEAD and IDEA®
programs described below.
Practice Ethics Assessment and Development
(PEAD)—supports this series of online activities (part of PEI) whereby a dentist can self assess
the ethical climate of his or her practice. PEAD is
described elsewhere in this issue. The beta version
of PEAD is now online and can be tried at www. If desired,
PEAD can be taken for 10 hours of C.E. credit.
18 April2012
Interactive Dental Ethics Application (IDEA®)—
provides support for this comprehensive, interactive
resource (PDF) that functions much like an electronic
textbook. IDEA® includes ethics information, ethical
dilemma cases, articles, self-assessment activities,
and more. It is designed for both schools and individuals. The beta version is now available for download
at our Web site,
Dental History, Multimedia Dental History
Resource—supported the development of Dental
History, our multimedia dental history resource. The
resource has been updated and can be downloaded
Ethics Handbook for Dentists—provides support
to print and distribute annually copies of the handbook; 5,500 copies were distributed in 2011. Copies
are provided on a complimentary basis to dental
students in the United States and Canada.
Ethics Wallet Cards—provides support to print
and distribute annually 5,000 or more Ethics Wallet
Cards to senior dental students and Fellows. These
are usually distributed with the Ethics Handbook for
Dentists above.
Courses Online Dental Ethics (CODE)—provided
support to develop and produce the 29 courses in
dental ethics available at This
program is supported by a generous gift from Dentsply International.
Dental Leadership—provided support to develop
and produce this comprehensive online leadership
resource, including 27 leadership courses, seen at
Ethics and Professionalism Award—supports our
national ethics and professionalism award, which
was made possible by a contribution from The Jerome B. Miller Family Foundation. The most recent
award was presented to the International Dental
Ethics and Law Society (IDEALS).
Meet & Greet—these social events at the ACD Annual Meetings are in part supported by funds in the
Dr. Samuel D. Harris Fund that was restricted for
that purpose.
ACD Web Site—underwrites costs associated with
the ACD Web site,
Silent Auction—supports continuing education efforts of the ACD associated with its Annual Meeting
and Summer Conferences.
American College of Dentists Foundation
2011—A Year in Review
LeaderSkills Workshops—underwrites costs associated with producing typically three to five LeaderSkills workshops at each Annual Meeting.
Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry—supports this national museum of dentistry,
which displays the original ACD Mace and Torch.
Symposia and Keynote Presentations—supports
Annual Meeting keynote presentations and symposia at the ACD Annual Meeting.
Dental Lifeline Network—supports and promotes
the Dental Lifeline Network, including the Donated
Dental Services program.
Friends of NIDCR—supports the Friends of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.
Online Donations—Fellows can now make donations to the Foundation online using a link in the
Members section of the ACD Web site,
Friends of the National Library of Medicine—
supports the Friends of the National Library of
Oral Health America—supports Oral Health
America and its oral health initiatives.
ADA Health Foundation—supports the ADA
Health Foundation.
Contributions and Planned Giving. If you like
what the Foundation is doing and want to help
ensure that its work continues, please consider a
contribution to the Foundation and also remember
the Foundation in your estate planning! You can now
contribute online in the Members section of our
Web site, You will need your username and password.
2011 ACD Foundation Donors
Anderson, Bryan D.
Anderson, David A.
Anderson, Frederick E.
Anderson, J. Martin
Anderson Jr., John A.
Anderson, Michael E.
Anderson, Steve F.
Anderson, Wayne C.
Andolina, Richard F.
Andrews, John D.
Angelici, Dino R.
Angowski, Richard J.
Anson, David
Antenucci, Eugene L.
Anthony, Robert A.
Antoon, James W.
Appleton, Stanton S.
Arace, Renee M.
Argerakis, George P.
Armen, Chris T.
Armstrong, B. Denise
Armstrong, Edward B.
Arnoux, Jean-Pierre
Arsenault, Peter
Arutt, Daniel
Arvantides, Stergeos G
Asahina, Sanford S.
Askinas, Samuel W.
Atkins Jr., Carl O.
Attaway, Hugh E.
Atwood, William E.
Augsburger, Robert A.
Auvenshine, Ronald C.
Avendano, Estela V.
Aveni, Steven V.
Azama, Ann T.
Baynes, R. Gordon
Bays, Donald J.
Beach, Kenneth E.
Beadnell, Steven W.
Beall, William A.
Beard, Darryll L.
Beasley, William Lee
Beauchamp, Karyl J.
Beaver, Robert C.
Beavers, Scott
Beckley, Michael L.
Beeman, Cynthia S.
Behnke, Sherill L.
Behrman, David A.
Beirne, O. Ross
Bell, Colin S.
Bell, Lester J.
Bellohusen, Ronald M.
Beltrane, Sheryl A.
Benhamou, Veronique
Benivegna, Vincent V.
Benjamin, Neal U.
Benjamin, Paul L.
Bennett, Mark A.
Bennett, William J.
Bennett, Willie R.
Benson, Gary P.
Bentley, Geoffrey D.
Berger, Daniel J.
Berlanga Ray, Pam
Berlocher, William C.
Berman, Louis H.
Bernier, William E.
Berry, John W.
Bertoch, Daniel A.
Bettinger, John S.
Bettis Jr., Robert A.
Bianco Jr., Henry J.
Biddle, Harold H.
Binder, David S.
Binkley Jr., Lesley H.
Bird, Gerald W.
Bird, William F.
Birdwell, William R.
Bishop, Deborah S.
Bitler, Glenn F.
Bitter, Robert N.
Bitzer, Bruce W.
Black, William M.
Blackburn, Mark W.
Blaes, Joseph A.
Blake, Marielle
Blanton, Patricia L.
Blicher, Michael M.
Blincoe, Glenn R.
Block, Stanley E.
Blockley, Thomas E.
Bloom, Gene S.
Blosser, C. William
Blum, Samuel
Bober-Moken, Irene
Bober-Moken, Irene G.
Bocciarelli, Paul A.
Bodo Jr., Joseph P.
Boelstler, Roy
Bohaty, Brenda S.
Bohlin, Dennis P.
Bolender, Charles L.
Bolton, Cynthia A.
Bond, John S.
Bonds, Philip W.
Bonness, Bryce W.
Bonnevie, David R.
Boran, Thomas L.
Abbott, Paul V.
Abraham, Gerald D.
Abrahamson, Paul R.
Acheson, Guy E.
Ackerman, Marc B.
Ackley, Eva F.
Adamo, Arthur K.
Adams, Anne C.
Adams, George A.
Adams, Randy
Addabbo, Frank M.
Aguirre, Alejandro M.
Ahern, Donald E.
Ahlstrom, Robert H.
Aichelmann-Reidy, Mary E.
Ailleo, Robert L.
Ainslie, Patrick T.
Akseizer, Stephen
Albicocco, Paul S.
Alexander, David L.
Alexander, Richard G.
Alford, Timothy J.
Alibhai, Karim Z.
Allen, Andrew L.
Allen, Jack M.
Allen, James D.
Allen, Stanley L.
Alley, Nader E.
Allison, Paul J.
Allison, William H.
Alman Jr., Ralph W.
Alsobrook, Stephen C.
Altiere, Eugene T.
Altschuler, Gary I.
Amberman, B. Douglas
Baggett, Jeff D.
Bahcall, James K.
Bailey, L’ Tanya J.
Bailey, Ruth E.
Baird, C. Bruce
Baker, Arnold
Baker Jr., Elbert W.
Baker, John Thomas
Baldassarre, Marshall A.
Balkin, Burton E.
Banach, David A.
Banker, Cynthia A.
Banwell, Lance E.
Barabas, Paul A.
Barer, Philip G.
Barkmeier, Wayne W.
Barley, Martin A.
Barlow, Jeffrey M.
Barnes, Bradley W.
Barnett, Kelly
Barr, Vincent A.
Barrett Jr., Harold J.
Barrett, Kathleen E.
Barrett, Robert W.
Barrick, Thomas G.
Barriga, Bertha
Bartee, Barry K.
Bassett, Darlene T.
Batastini, Paul J.
Bates, Bruce D.
Battistoni, Richard A.
Bauer, F. Scott
Baughman, Gary R.
Bauguss, Jack T.
Bauman, Mark A.
2011 ACD Foundation Donors
Borlas, David P.
Botto, Ronald
Bottone, Paul W.
Bouressa, Philip R.
Bourgeois, Maureen H.
Bowen, Charles R.
Bowman, Robert W.
Bowser, Ellsworth T.
Box, Richard A.
Boyle, Ann M.
Bradey, Barbara J.
Bradley, Richard E.
Brady, Robert E.
Bragdon, William H.
Bragg, Leon D.
Brain, Eugene
Brandenburg, Charles L.
Brandt, Stephen K.
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Breault, Michael R.
Brewick, Terry L.
Bridges, Carl T.
Britton III, Bloyce H.
Brock, George M.
Brode, Donna M.
Broderick, Thomas R.
Brodoski, Richard V.
Bronson, Fred J.
Bronson, Mark E.
Brooks, Dwyte E.
Brown, Donald F.
Brown, Kim A.
Brown, Ronald S.
Brown, William Paul
Brown, William C.
Browne, Clark C.
Browne, Gregory G.
Browning, William D.
Bruce, Gretchen J.
Bruner Jr., Hugh H.
Brunson Jr., W. David
Bryan, John M.
Bryant, Ronald A.
Brysh, L. Stanley
Buchanan, John G.
Buchanan, L. Stephen
Buchanan, Philip M.
Buchanan, Richard N.
Buchholz, Robert H.
Buck, Jack B.
Buckley, Michael F.
Budenz, Alan W.
Buehler Jr., Edgar L.
Buehler, John A.
Buhite, Robert J.
Burge, J. Fletcher
Burk, James R.
Burk Jr., Jim L.
Burk, Roy N.
Burke, Alban C.
Burton, Bruce A.
Busse, Richard
Butcher, Paul S.
Butler Jr., Corydon B.
Butler, Donald G.
Buttram Jr., Charles J
Butz, Donald J.
Cadle Jr., Donald I.
Caldwell, Charles R.
Caldwell, Robert B.
Calnon, William R.
Cammarata, Rita M.
Camp, Bruce A.
Campassi, Robin H.
Campbell, Jean E.
Campbell, Matthew J.
Campbell, W. Lynn
Canfield, Dale E.
Cantwil, James K.
Capaldi, George J.
Caplanis, Nicholas
Cappetta, Emil G.
Capps, W. Jerry
Carden Jr., Zachary F.
Carl, Michael J.
Carlson, Fredrick D.
Carlson, Timothy J.
Carmona, Donald S.
Caron, Gerard A.
Carr Jr., Richard H.
Carranza Jr., Fermin A.
Carrell, Allen F.
Carson, Philip C.
Carter, Bruce E.
Carter Jr., Robert S.
Carter, Ronald T.
Caruso, Joseph M.
Cash, Jerry F.
Cassat, D. Douglas
Cassella, Edmund A.
Cassidy Jr., James L.
Cassidy, Kevin M.
Castellano, Joseph B.
Castillo, Enrique C.
Castro, Daniel
Cavalaris, C. J.
Cavallaro, John S.
Cayouette, Scott R.
Cazares Jr., Jose L.
Ceen, Richard F.
Cerine, F. Carl
Cerminaro, Michael J.
Cerrato, John A.
Chalfin, Henry E.
Champagne, Jason L.
Chanatry, Michael A.
Chance, Kenneth B.
Chancellor, James W.
Chang, Russell E.K.
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Cleary, Patrick T.
Cleghorn, Blaine M.
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Clinton, Jack W.
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Cloyd, G. Thomas
Cobb, Andrew C.
Cobb, Bryan
Coccia, Chester T.
Cochin, Arnold M.
Cochran, John D.
Coggin, C. Celeste
Cohen, D. Walter
Cohen, Paul D.
Cohlmia, Jeff T.
Cohlmia, Ray
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Coleman, James P.
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Collins, Kenneth M.
Collins, R. Ron
Coluzzi, Donald J.
Comport, William J.
Compton, Duane E.
Conard, George D.
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Connolly, Thomas J.
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Conrardy, James J.
Cook, Stephen A.
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Cooper, Howard I.
Corbin, Philip J.
Cornell, R. William
Corns, Robert A.
Cortez, Santos
Cottrell, John E.
Cournot, Colleen
Courrier, James W.
Courson, Richard C.
Coury, Kirk A.
Couture, Michel M.
Cowan, David
Cowan, Edward B.
Cox Haymaker, Karen A.
Coyle, James D.
Crabtree, Mark A.
Craddock, Roger D.
Crall, James J.
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Crompton, Mark E.
Crooks Jr., Robert M.
Crossley, Harold L.
Crowley, Joseph P.
Crowson, Steven C.
Cuenin, Robert M.
Cullum, Paul E.
Culotta-Norton, Margaret M.
Cumbus, Benjamin J.
Cumby, Dunn H.
Cummins, David M.
Cundiff, E. James
Cunningham, Bruce E.
Curcio, F. Blaise
Curry, Lynn D.
Curry, Robert L.
Curry, Timothy J.
Curtis, David K.
Curtiss, James W.
Deutsch, Allan S.
Devlin, Donald H.
de Vries, Johann
Deyton, Guy S.
Di Stefano, Joseph S.
DiBiaggio, John
DiFiore, Peter M.
DiMango, Anthony L.
DiPonziano, John P.
DiStefano, Joseph M.
DiVincenzo, Giorgio T.
Dickinson, Terry D.
Diederich, R. Craig
Dietz Jr., Gerald C.
Diggens, John S.
Diggs, D. Briar
Dillehay, J. Kendall
Dimond, Desiree S.
Dinmore, Robert G.
Dishler, Bernard P.
Ditto, Roland R.
Doan, Thai-An
Dodge, Jeffrey E.
Doerr, Harold A.
Doerre, David L.
Dombrowski, Charles J.
Donato Jr., Michael J.
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Donohoo, Michael W.
Dore, Edward M.
Dorfman, Jeffrey D.
Doring, Charles A.
Dorn, Samuel O.
Doroshow, Susan Becker
Doswell II, John C.
Dougherty III, William V.
Dover, Dean G.
Downey, Ronald G.
Drew, Howard J.
Drew, Stephanie J.
Drumwright, G. Wells
Dryden, James A.
DuBose, William Jones
DuPont, Glenn E.
Dube, V. Kayron
Ducar, John P.
Duffy, Christopher J.
Dufresne, Joseph V.
Duncan, J. David
Dunn, Mary Beth
Dunsky, Joel L.
Durbin, Michael G.
Duret, Francois
Durtsche, Timothy B.
Dusek, Joseph J.
Dusek, Mark W.
Dushkin, Gerald L.
Dyck, Richard G.
Dyer, Dean P.
Dzitzer, Michael A.
20 April2012
D’Angelo, Daniel J.
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Davidson, David W.
Davidson IV, H. Bradley
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Davis, John S.
Davis, Ronald R.
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Dawson, Thomas W.
Day, James A.
De La Vega, Edgardo
De Steno, Cosmo V.
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DeLuke, Robert K.
DeWald, Ernest J.
Deal, J. Ben
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DerKazarian, Alan K.
Determan, Amber A.
Eberhart, M. Gilbert
Eckles, Terry A.
Edgar, Bryan C.
Edgar, Linda J.
Edgington, Marvin B.
2011 ACD Foundation Donors
Edmonds, Thomas R.
Edwards, Wallace S.
Eggleston, David W.
Eggnatz, Michael D.
Einhorn, Bernard I.
Elliott, Anita W.
Ellis, Michael B.
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Flamer-Caldera, Lorna G.
Flavin, Thomas C.
Fleischner, Stuart A.
Fleming, Michael E.
Flermoen, Ann M.
Flynn, Paul M.
Foley, Gerald L.
Fong, Don J.
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Forbus, Bill K.
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Forman, Jerome S.
Formicola, Allan J.
Fournier, Victor E.
Fowler, Michael S.
Fox, Robert G.
Fox, Troy A.
Foy, Charles B.
Frani, Frank L.
Frank Jr., Peter A.
Fraser, John G.
Fraser, William M.
Frates Jr., Robert C.
Fratzke, James P.
Fraysure Jr., Paul W.
Frazier, Jill K.
Freccia, William F.
Freeman, Mark A.
Frenzel, Winston W.
Frey, John T.
Frick, John R.
Fridley, Arthur C.
Friedel, Alan E.
Friedman, Mark J.
Fritz, Shelly L.
Frost, David E.
Fugetta, Terry F.
Fujimoto, Lynn K.
Fujimoto, Patsy K.
Fulton, Thomas E.
Funakoshi, Eiji
Funderburk, David C.
Fuqua, Tonya K.
Furlong, Robert F.
Furusho, Cissy K.
Furuyama, Jean G.
Fussell, Randy G.
Futrell, Harry C.
Garland, Raymond O.
Gates, Gustav E.
Gaul, John V.
Gawley, John
Gaylord, William C.
George, Gregory F.
Gerlecz, Joseph M.
Germain, Suzanne S.
Gerstenmaier Jr., John H.
Gerstner, Roger B.
Gesek Jr., Daniel J.
Gesenhues, Elizabeth K.
Gewartowski, Daniel E.
Geyer, Richard J.
Ghareeb, Sami M.
Ghisalberti, Luciano A.
Giap, Dat P.
Gibbs, Micaela
Gibilisco, Joseph A.
Gibson, Kathy T.
Gietzen, Timothy H.
Gillespie, M. Joan
Gillis, Edward R.
Gillis, Martin
Gilmore Jr., Richard F.
Gilpatrick, Russell O.
Ginsberg, Edward L.
Glasband, Gary L.
Gloag, John
Goad, Jamie D.
Goede, Daniel J.
Goldberg, Kenneth M.
Goldin, Joel
Goldsmith, James P.
Gooch, Barbara F.
Good, David L.
Goodday, Reginald H.
Gordon, Newton C.
Gordon, Robert C.
Gorham III, Matthias J
Gottschalk, Jack W.
Goulding, Michael J.
Gradeless, Michael R.
Graham, David R.
Graham, Richard F.
Grant, Leslie E.
Gray, John A.
Gray, Sarah A.
Green, Barry L.
Green, John T.
Greenbaum, Larry
Greenbaum, N. Robert
Greenberg, Richard A.
Greenblatt Jr., Charles L.
Greenspan, Richard J.
Greenspoon, Arthur J.
Greer, James R.
Grenevicki, Lance F.
Grider, Joseph A.
Griffin, Randall G.
Groh, Lawrence P.
Grote, Mary A.
Grove, Randall
Gruber, Haskell
Gunn, John C.
Gutentag, Herbert N.
Guthrie, Frederick V.
Gutierrez, Peter M.
Gutweniger, Charles A.
Gyuricza, James L.
Haber, Viviane S.
Hacker, Christopher N.
Hackler, James W.
Haddad, Abraham W.
Hadfield, Kenneth I.
Haffner, Richard J.
Haga, Carl Shoichi
Hagearty, Michael B.
Hagenbruch, Joseph F.
Hagopian, John M.
Haley Jr., John B.
Halikias, John R.
Haljun, James A.
Hall, Charles R.
Hall, Gaylord L.
Hall, Glen
Hall, Robert S.
Hall Jr., Robert S.
Hallett, Robert
Hallman, Robert R.
Halpern, Jerry L.
Halpert, Lawrence F.
Halsema, Nancy Z.
Halvorson, Jeffrey P.
Hamel, David L.
Hamerink, Howard A.
Hamilton, Douglas E.
Hamilton, Priscilla H.
Hamlin, Daura C.
Hammer, Henry S.
Hammer, Wade B.
Hampel, Anna T.
Hancock, Richard B.
Handy Jr., T. Gordon
Hanley, James B.
Hans, Mark G.
Hanson, Jonathan G.
Hanson, Michael D.
Hanstein, Mark T.
Hapcook, Charles P.
Harbison, Charles E.
Hardy Jr., Leslie B.
Hardymon, Stephen A.
Harmsen, Nora K.
Harnett, Barrie E.
Harper, William G.
Harre, Paula L.
Harrell Sr., James A.
Harrington Jr., John F.
Harris, Ann D.
Harris, E. Flynn
Harris, James M.
Harris, Joel R.
Harrison, Thomas C.
Harrison, V. Paul
Harrison, Wayne S.
Harrison, William G.
Hart, Richard I.
Harte, David B.
Harvey, Hayley L.
Hasson, David M.
Hatasaka, Harry H.
Hatcher Jr., Edgar C.
Hatt, Holly D.
Hatton, Michael N.
Hauer, Michael R.
Haught, W. Richard
Hausauer, Heidi K.
Hawke, Robert F.
Hawkins Sr., Benny F.
Hawkins, Victor L.
Hawksford, Kay
Hayes, Mary J.
Haynes, Danny R.
Haynes, John I.
Hays, D. Alan
Hayslett, James R.
Hazlewood, Arthur I.
Hearn, Joel P.
Hebl, Monica M.
Heier, Ronald K.
Helsabeck, James R.
Henderson II, Bryan
Henley, Peggy Jan
Hennessy, Rhonda M.
Hennon, David K.
Henson, John L.
Henson, Robert B.
Herbert, Richard A.
Herman, Marc W.
Herrera, Carl M.
Herrera, Michael J.
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Hertz, Paul M.
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Herzog, John A.
Herzog, Robert J.
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Hildebrand, Larry K.
Hill, Howard D.
Hill, Margaret
Hill Jr., Maurice B.
Hill, W. Dulany
Hilton, Irene V.
Hines III, Franklin B.
Hinkle, Robert M.
Hipp, Charles W.
Hite, D. Stanley
Hitti, Fuad R.
Hjorth, N. Peter
Hochberg, Mark S.
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Hoediono, Harry F.
Hoffman, Larry K.
Hoffmann III, George
Hoffmann, Michael J.
Hogan, Timothy D
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Holland, James W.
Hollander, Craig S.
Hollar, Steven C.
Hollembeak, Perry W.
Hollinsworth, Susan M.
Holly, Jack L.
Holm, Steven J.
Fadjo, D. Lawrence
Fain Jr., Charles W.
Fain, Walter D.
Fair III, Julian H.
Fairbanks, Marcus A.
Famili, Pouran
Farone, Egidio A.
Farrell, Charles V.
Farrell, Scott J.
Farringer III, John L.
Farrington, Frank H.
Feder, Barry A.
Fegan, Steven E.
Feinberg, Edward M.
Feinberg, Maxine A.
Feinmann, Paul B.
Feldman, Brian N.
Feldman, Cecile A.
Feldman, Mark J.
Feldman, Melvin M.
Felts Jr., Alvin L.
Felts III, Charles B.
Fenton, Aaron H.
Ferber, Steven C.
Ferencz, Jonathan L.
Ferguson, Anderson D.
Ferguson, Brett L.
Ferguson, Larry J.
Ferguson, Lucian M.
Ferrell, Bonnie C.
Ferry, Edward T.
Feuille V, Frank
Fielder, Fred C.
Findley, John S.
Fine, James B.
Finkbine, Dale F.
Finken, Thomas H.
Finney, Debra S.
Fischl, Paul L.
Fisher, Howard E.
Fisher, James W.
Fisher, John P.
Fisher, Ollie C.
Fitzgerald, Richard D.
Fitzpatrick, Edward L.
Gafford, William L.
Gagne, Charles A.
Galati, James E.
Galvis, Diana L.
Gamble, Howard R.
Gandy, Stephen
Ganeles, Jeffrey
Gapson, Bryan
Garcia, D. Georgina
Garcia, Faustino G.
Gardiner, Mitchell J.
Gardner, Kim L.
Gardner, Michael A.
Gardner, Steven E.
Gardner Jr., Thomas V.
Gardy, H. Hugh
2011 ACD Foundation Donors
Holman, Brent L.
Holt Jr., Charles E.
Holt, Robert L.
Homicz, Alphonse J.
Homitz, Karen E.
Hongo, Jonna E.
Hoofnagle, Dennis L.
Hooker, William J.
Hooper, Kenny A.
Hoopes, Bradford B.
Hoover, Jeffrey
Hopf, Frank R.
Horn, Bruce D.
Hornbuckle, G. Conrad
Houfek, Scott W.
Houston, Glen D.
Hove, James C.
Howard, Berta I.
Howard, Lisa P.
Howe, Donna M.
Howe III, John Prentice
Howell, J. Barry
Howell, Maria Lopez
Howerton, David W.
Howley Jr., Thomas A.
Huck, Jurgen H.
Hudis, Stephen I.
Hudsmith, Stueart L.
Hudson, James D.
Hughes, Betty N.
Hughes, Mark B.
Hume, John D.
Humenik, Mark J.
Hunt, Howard L.
Hunter, J. Andrew
Hunter, Patricia A.
Hunter, Richard F.
Hunter, Ronald K.
Huntington, Robert E.
Hurowitz, Donna B.
Hutton, John E.
Icyda, Teri-Ross
Impaglia, Michael A.
Iovino, Robert P.
Isaacs, Roger L.
Isaacson, Bernard
Isler, Paul Gustav
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Ito, Koichi
Iverson, Paul H.
Kegler, Daniel G.
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Kelly, Kathleen A.
Kenison, John B.
Kenneally, Joseph R.
Kennedy, K. Carroll
Kennedy III, Paul A.
Kenney, Jeffrey N.
Kenney, John P.
Kennon, J. Branch
Kent, John N.
Kenworthy, Paul F.
Kerkhove Jr., B. Charles
Kerpen, Steven J.
Kerr, Edward J.
Kerry, Gloria J.
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Kessler, Brett H.
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Kincheloe, Allen C.
King, Kevin A.
Kinney, Bruce P.
Kinzel, Timothy R.
Kirk, Ann B.
Kirk, Paul F.
Kirshen, Ira R.
Kiser Jr., Hubert E.
Kleiman, Michael A.
Klein, Paul E.
Klein, Robert H.
Klement, Robert J.
Klemmedson, Daniel J.
Kline, Terry
Knight, Robert S.
Knoll, Frederick E.
Knutson, Larry B.
Kochenour, William L.
Kodama, Beverly A.
Koelbl, James J.
Koerber, Anne
Kohler III, Joseph J.
Kohn, Shari C.
Kois, John C.
Kokai, John A.
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Kollmann, Kirk B.
Kondis, Stephen L.
Konzelman, Joseph L.
Koorbusch, Gerard F.
Koppel, Hal J.
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Kormylo, Matthew J.
Kornblau, Donald J.
Kornitzer, John
Kosinski, Timothy F.
Kostohryz, John G.
Kottemann, George J.
Kramer, Jeffrey A.
Kravecs Jr., Robert A.
Krist, Stephen M.
Krivohlavek, Bradley J.
Kruger, Tristram C.
Kubik, Gregory F.
Kugar, Jennifer R.
Kuhn, Steven T.
Kukunas, Steven J.
Kula, Katherine
Kulbersh, Richard
Kulbersh, Valmy P.
Kumamoto, David Paul
Kumar, Akshay
Kuntz, Darmon D.
LaPorta, Alfred
Laco, Edward P.
Lahiffe, Brian J.
Lail, Wallace C.
Lainson, Phillip A.
Lamb, Robert M.
Lambert, Douglas L.
Lancaster, William S.
Landa, Lloyd S.
Landy, Frederick S.
Lange, G. Robert
Lange, Kenneth E.
Langford, Thad
Langley, Barry L.
Langsten, Robert E.
Lannan, William G.
Lanphier, Terry F.
Lantz, Marilyn S.
Lanzetta, John J.
Lapp, Thomas H.
Largent, Beverly A.
Laro, Jeffrey J.
Larsen, Noel
Larson, Nancy Y.
Lash, Steven M.
Laskin, Daniel M.
Lastra, Idalia
Law, John Michael
Lawrence, Mark A.
Lawton, Maureen E.
Lax, Bennett I.
Laxineta, Robert M.
Layman, Thomas A.
Lear, Lisa A.
Lebovics, Irving S.
Lee, Gabriela N.
Lee, Henry Y.C.
Lee, Raymond J.
Leffler, William G.
Lefkoff, Maureen H.
Lefler, Thomas B.
Leifert, Melvyn M.
Leizer, Joel E.
Lemieux, Peter G.
Lengowski, Thomas G.
Lenkinski, Lionel
Letkemann, Cary D.
Levi, Alan S.
Levin, Linda G.
Levin, Roger P.
Levine, Nolen L.
Levitt, Neal R.
Lewis, Andrew M.
Lewis, Daniel V.
Lewis, James M.
Lewis Jr., Jasper L.
Lewis, Michael R.
Lewis, William L.
Libby, Lewis S.
Licari, Frank W.
Lieb, Howard I. A.
Lieblich, Stuart E.
Lien, Arthur
Lim, Jong S.
Limberakis, Cary J.
Limchayseng, Louie R.
Linck, Kenneth J.
Lindemann, Michael B.
Lindquist, Kimberly A.
Lindsey, Robert D.
Lindstrom, Steven R.
Linebarger, William G.
Lingle, Scott D.
Link, Michael J.
Lippert, Jacob J.
Lipton, James A.
Litteken, Eugene A.
Little, David A.
Lloyd, Patrick M.
LoGuercio, Richard
Lockard, John T.
Lofstrom, Lennart H.
Long, Alfred C.
Long, S. Jerry
Long, William J.
Longmire III, John P.
Losert, Robert E.
Lott, Kaneta R.
Love, Melanie R.
Lovell, Rob R.
Lowe, John C.
Lowe, Oariona
Lowe, Robert A.
Lubman, Richard G.
Lucas, Alan D.
Ludwigsen Jr., Lawrence R.
Luechauer, Helyn
Luks, Eric
Lund, Bruce A.
Lunday, Jeff A.
Lunn, Donald M.
Lutes, Don A.
Lynch, Richard J.
Lytle, John J.
Lytle, John L.
Jacks, Scott T.
Jackson, Lois A.
Jacobs, Allan
Jacobson, Theodore E.
Jaeger, John
Jaffrey, Brett J.
Janke, Gordon H.
Janson, Richard W.
Jaques, William C.
Javed, Tariq
Jawor, Ronald W.
Jee, Arthur C.
Jefferies, Steven R.
Jennings, Mary
22 April2012
Jensen, J. Dean
Jensen, Mark E.
Jeter, Thomas S.
Jewell, E. Smith
Johns, Laurence E.
Johnson, Christine M.
Johnson, Gregory P.
Johnson Jr., James D.
Johnson, M. Kenneth
Johnson, Warren K.
Johnston, Jon J.
Johnston Jr., Lysle E.
Johnston, Mark W.
Johnston, Paul B.
Jolly, Robert L.
Jones, Archie A.
Jones, James M.
Jones, James E.
Jones, Jerry L.
Jones, Kenneth F.
Jones, Michael
Jones, Paula S.
Jones Jr., Thomas L.
Jordan Jr., Andrew B.
Jordan, David M.
Jordan Jr., John R.
Judy, Kenneth W.M.
June, Richard P.
Junge, Thomas
Juriga, Raymond M.
Jusseaume, Michel A.
Justice, Michael G.
Justman, Bruce C.
Kahn, Bernard A.
Kahn, Richard B.
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Kallstrom, Charles C.
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Kane, Michael J.
Kane, William T.
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Kao, Richard T.
Kaplan, Barry A.
Kaplan, Claudia Beth
Karamitsos, Athanasios
Karczewski, Michael B.
Karr, Gerald R.
Karr, Gregory M.
Karsh, Fraya I.
Karsten, Robert
Kaspar, Dan W.
Kassube, Thomas L.
Kastrop, Marvin C.
Katkow, Eric A.
Katz, Jerry P.
Katz, Nathan
Kaugars, Claire C.
Kawamura, Randall M.
Kay, Barbara A. C.
Kay, Lewis A.
Kays, B. Thomas
Keagle, James G.
Keegan, John A.
Keels, Martha Ann
Keene, Donald M.
Mabrito, Craig A.
MacDonald, Gary R.
MacDonald, Gerald B.
MacDonnell, William A.
MacFarlane, Donald E.
MacGregor, Robert
MacInnis, William A.
MacLean, Scott
MacLeod, David E.
Macilveen, Robert B.
Mackler, Stephen B.
Madden, Philip W.
Madden, Robert D.
Maddox, David L.
Madorsky, David M.
Maes, P. Joel
Maestrello, Christopher L.
Magaziner, Frederick
2011 ACD Foundation Donors
Maggio, Frank A.
Maguire, Kerry
Maher, Ashraf M.
Maihofer, Michael G.
Makins, Patrick C.
Makowski, Martin J.
Malamed, Stanley F.
Malmstrom, Hans S.
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Manga, Robert K.
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Mann, Sheldon R.
Manning, Dennis E.
Maples, Susan S.
Maplethorp, F. Amanda
Mar, Roy S.
Marchetta, Charles A.
Marcotte, Lawrence R.
Margolis, Fred S.
Marinakis, Nicholas G.
Marinkovich, Steven P.
Markle, Taylor L.
Markman, Stanley
Markowitz, Paul
Marks, Gregory P.
Marks, Robert T.
Maroda, Stephen J.
Marsh, Samuel J.
Marshall, Bryan T.
Marshall Jr., Edward T.
Marshall, H. Richard
Marshall, John P.
Marshall, Steven D.
Martin, Harry Edward
Martin, Joel O.
Martin Jr., Max M.
Martin, Rise’ L.
Martin, Thomas A.
Martyn, David G.
Mash, Lana Kay
Mason, Craig A.
Massad, Joseph J.
Massler Jr., Charles F.
Mast, Lawrence E.
Mastromatteo, Joseph A.
Masuoka, Connie L.
Matheson, John D.
Mathiesen, Christian E.
Matsui, Rollin M.
Matteson, Robert D.
Matthews, David N.
Mattingly, John B.
Maxwell, Austin W.
Maxwell Jr., James A.
May Jr., A. David
Maybury, Joseph E.
Mayeda, Daniel T.
Mayhew, Michael J.
McBride, Michael A.
McCabe, Charles T.
McCallum, Charles A.
McCambley, John R.
McCamish, DeWayne B.
McCarthy, Terrence F.
McCasland, John P.
McCaslin VI, Alston J.
McClung, Richard E.
McCown, Gary M.
McCoy, Wm. Chadwick
McCoy-Collins, Renee A.
McCracken Jr., Ralph S.
McCully, George A.
McDaniel, James W.
McDermott, Bernard K.
McDonald, John S.
McDougal, Tom M.
McDougall, Robert W.
McGee, Robert J.
McGill, Eugene F.
McGinty, Charles C.
McGivern Jr., Bernard E.
McGregor, Cathryn E.
McGuire, Eugene J.
McGuire, Fred P.
McLaughlin, Kevin S.
McLaughlin, Jr., Francis X.
McLeod, Bruce C.
McLeod, Carlton J.
McManus, Geraldine A.
McMullen III, Albert F.
McNee, Evelyn D.
McNeely Jr., David E.
McNerney, James M.
Mead, Glenn A.
Mead, Ronald B.
Meadows, J. Thomas
Medel, Mark S.
Medrano-Saldana, Lauro F.
Meeske, Jessica A.
Megquier, Raymond J.
Meierhenry, Dwight W.
Melinger, Andrew S.
Mellado, Jose R.
Mellion, Joseph T.
Melrose, Raymond J.
Meng, Vincent W.
Menken, George
Menken, Norman
Mensor, Merrill C.
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Merker, Daniel S.
Merlino, Phyllis G.
Merritt, Grant W.
Merritt, Kennedy W.
Metz, James E.
Metzmeier, Frank J.
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Michanowicz, John P.
Michel, Michael E.
Middaugh, Dan G.
Miele, Frank
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Milgrom, Peter
Miller, Benita A.
Miller, Donna G.
Miller Jr., Edward J.
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Miller, Jerome B.
Miller, Larry C.
Miller, Mark P.
Miller, Michael R.
Miller, Michael E.
Miller, Norman M.
Miller, Raymond G.
Miller, Robert J.
Miner, Robert D.
Minoli, Guy N.
Mitchell Jr., G. Lewis
Mitchell, Orrin D.
Mito, Ronald S.
Mixer, John L.
Mixon, John Delano
Mobley, J. Robert
Mogle, Richard D.
Moiseiwitsch, Julian R.D.
Molak, Andrew J.
Moline, David O.
Moody, Dennis M.
Mooney, John J.
Moore, Cindy C.
Moore, David T.
Moore, Gene P.
Moore, Grahame J.
Moore, J. Tucker
Moore, William J.
Mopsik, Edward R.
Morea, Dennis N.
Morehart, Dennis P.
Morehead, Bonnie J.
Morgan, Mary Lynn
Morgan, Thomas E.
Morgan, W. Kenneth
Morledge III, George B.
Morley, Keith R.
Morris, Edwin L.
Morrison, Jack T.
Morrison, Scott L.
Morton, Leo D.
Mosca, Nicholas G.
Moser, John R.
Moser, Ronald F.
Moss-Salentijn, Aleida G.M.
Motokawa, Wataru
Mourino, Arthur P.
Mueller, Carl M.
Mullen, Robert A.
Mullens, Richard C.
Mulvehill III, Michael J.
Murakami, Raymond S.
Murcko, Laura J.
Murdock, William C.
Murphree Sr., Fred A.
Murphy, James C.
Murphy, Quentin M.
Murray, Rhett L.
Murtaugh, James N.
Myers, John W.
Myers, Kurt W.
Myers, Ronnie
Neary, Matthew J.
Needle, Stephen E.
Nelson, Donald H.
Nelson, Kenneth W.
Nelson, Kevin T.
Nelson, Robert L.
Nelson, William J.
Nester, Dale A.
Neuman, Ken A.
Nevins, Leigh-Anne T.
Nichols, Kathleen M.
Nichols, Tina
Nicholson, James S.
Nicolette, Jeanne M.
Nicoll, Alastair
Nielsen, Doug
Niver, Franklin D.
Noblett, W. Craig
Nofsinger, Roger B.
Norbo, Kirk M.
Norman, Edward M.
Norman, Kimberly C.
Norris, Lonnie H.
Nuckles, Kathleen J.
Nutter, Dennis Paul
Panzer, Michael R.
Paoloski, Susana B.
Papapanou, Panos N.
Pappas, William
Pappenfus, James M.
Paquette, David E.
Paramore, Jolene O.
Parkash, Hari
Parker, M. Alec
Parker, Melanie
Parker, W. Marshall
Parkins, Brian J.
Parlett, Kim G.
Pascuzzi, Joel N.
Patricelli, Ernest E.
Patterson, E. C.
Patterson, Garnet L.
Patterson, James D.
Patterson, Thomas C.
Patthoff Jr., Donald E.
Paulk, Glenn L.
Peace, Rush Abbott
Peacock Jr., Edgar H.
Pearce, William L.
Pearson, Gerald E.
Pearson, Susan M.
Pebley, Harry C.
Pellarin, Robert D.
Pellegrini Jr., August D.
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Perry, William Litt
Peshoff, Carl M.
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Peters, Debra A.
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Peterson, Janet P.
Peterson, Neil E.
Pettengill, Craig A.
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Pfeifer, William A.
Phair, Craig B.
Phair, Milton W.
Phaneuf, Andre
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Phillips, Alfred J.
Phillips, Robert L.
Phillis, Hugh R.
Pierpont, Hugh P.
Pirmann, Peter J.
Pisani, Gregory J.
Pitner, Leslie L.
Pittman, James L.
Pixley, Thomas R.
Plage, Robert G.
Player Jr., T. Carroll
Plessett, David N.
Plotkin, Norman
Poeschel, Charles F.
Poleson, Kathryn L.
Nable, R. Daniel
Nabors, Thomas W.
Nadler, Sheldon
Nagel, Norman J.
Nagy, Richard J.
Nakahata, Donald T.
Nalchajian, Greg C.
Nally, William D.
Namazikhah, M. Sadegh
Napier, Rocky L.
Nash, Richard W.
Naylor, Craig K.
O’Boyle, Kevin H.
O’Brien, Lloyd G.
O’Brien, Thomas E.
O’Donnell, David
O’Donnell, Robert J.
O’Neal, Robert B.
O’Neill, Daniel J.
O’Reilly, Paul
O’Shea, Terry
Oates, James R.
Ogata, Randall H.
Okihiro, Glenn M.
Olenyn, Paul T.
Olinger, Thomas J.
Olmsted, John S.
Olsen, Joe S.
Olson, Nils W.
Oneacre, Lee P.
Opsahl, Thomas L.
Orcutt, James R.
Ortego, L. Stephen
Orwick-Barnes, Susan M.
Osborn, John C.
Oswald, Michael T.
Otten, James F.
Owens, Walter R.
Oyster, Gary D.
Padukone, Maitreya
Pafford, Paul E.
Page, Lawrence R.
Paige, James R.
Paisner, Eliot L.
Palat, Milton
Palcanis, Kent G.
Paletta, Frank
Pallanca, Claude
Palm, Norman V.
Palmer, Debra S.
Palmisano, James L.
2011 ACD Foundation Donors
Pollack, Ralph P.
Pollan, Lee D.
Pond, A. Wright
Poon Woo, Carolyn
Porter, Thomas C.
Posey, Alvin R.
Powell, William D.
Pranikoff, Howard L.
Pratt Jr., Gordon A.
Pratt, Joel W.
Preisler, Scott A.
Presley, Donald A.
Presson, Scott M.
Presswood, Ronald G.
Pretel, Robert W.
Pricco, Donald F.
Price, Colin
Priddy, William L.
Pride, Jeffery B.
Prince, Randall P.
Principe, Gilbert A.
Pruden, Peter
Pruett, Timothy J.
Pryse, John C.
Pryse, Thomas D.
Purdy, John M.
Purifoy, William L.
Pyle, Marsha A.
Quarcoo, Stephen
Quick, Karin
Sakuma, Karen Debra
Salimeno Jr., Thomas
Salm, Clifford
Salzer, D. Milton
Sameroff, Jeffrey B.
Sanchez Woodworth Jr.,
Roberto E.
Sanders, R. Michael
Sandhu, Harinder S.
Sandilands, Richard D.
Sani, Ronald J.
Santiago, Arturo
Santiago, Robin M.
Santos Jr., Frank
Saporito, Robert A.
Sargent, Gene
Saroyan, Jack M.
Sarrett, David C.
Satz, Harvey S.
Sauchelli, Paul
Sauer, Edward H.
Saunders, Leonard E.
Savage, Michael G.
Savage, Rhonda R.
Scarola, John M.
Schafhauser, Michael W.
Scharfenberger Sr., Donald E.
Scheideler, Robert O.
Scheiner, Irving
Schell, William W.
Scheumann, Gary A.
Schinnerer, Donald M.
Schmakel, Timothy R.
Schmid, David A.
Schmidt, Ronald P.
Schmitt, Adrianne
Schmitt, Kenneth F.
Schneider, E. Karl
Schneider, Thomas F.
Schneider, Werner W.
Schneider, William H.
Schoen, Scott A.
Schoettger, Robert A.
Schonberger, Charles L
Schonfeld, Steven E.
Schreiber, Andrea
Schroeder, Kathleen A.
Schuler, John L.
Schuller, Paul D.
Schulte, Mark J.
Schultz, Darryl L.
Schulz, Joseph H.
Schumacher, Charles M.
Schutze, Jonathan M.
Schwartz, Timmothy J.
Schweinebraten, Marie
Schweitzer, Curtis E.
Sciarra, Joseph P.
Scott, Brian E.
Scott, David A.
Scott, Fred E.
Scott, Janice G.
Scott, John A.
Scott, Nile G.
Seaberg, Kenneth R.
Seago, Donald L.
Sebelius Jr., Carl L.
Section, Florida
Seeley, Ronald J.
Seidberg, Bruce H.
Seidler, Kevin L.
Sekiguchi, Eugene
Selcher, Samuel E.
Sellers, William W.
Sellke, Terry A.
Senda, Akira
Senzer, Jeffrey S.
Serflek, Joseph C.
Sertich, Louis R.
Severs, James J.
Sevor, Jeffrey J.
Sexton, James E.
Seybold, Susan V.
Seymour, Jack G.
Shames, Samuel M.
Shapero, Terance A.
Shapiro, Alan J.
Sharma, Prem S.
Sharp, Robert E.
Sharp, Robert H.
Shaw, Robert R.
Sheets, Cherilyn G.
Sheets, John L.
Sheff, Michael C.
Shekitka, Robert A.
Shellard, Edward R.
Sheller, Barbara
Shelly, Richard K.
Shemancik, Ellen D.
Shepley, George R.
Sheridan, Robert J.
Sherman, John A.
Sherman, Richard L.
Sherman, Robert L.
Shirley, Jack
Shoemaker, Eugene B.
Shroff, Deven V.
Shupe, Ronald J.
Shupik, Gregory M.
Sigler, Ernest W.
Silberstein, Robyn S.
Silfies, Dawn L.
Sime, Claude I.
Simkins, Alan B.
Simmons Jr., Heber S.
Simmons III, Henry C.
Simmons, Kent C.
Simms, Richard Arthur
Simon III, Denis E.
Simonian, Roger B.
Sims, Kevin M.
Sims, Thomas N.
Singer, Alan H.
Singer, David M.
Singley, Dan H.
Sitzman, Mark A.
Skolnick, Jay
Skripak, Richard A.
Slade Jr., Edwin W.
Slagle, William F.
Slapcoff, Edward
Slonecker, Charles E.
Smail, Douglas B.
Smiley, Christopher
Smith, Bradley R.
Smith, Charles E.
Smith, Charles L.
Smith, Curtis F.
Smith, Dale E.
Smith, Darryl R.
Smith, Jeffery W.
Smith, John E.
Smith Jr., John B.
Smith, Marc S.
Smith, Michael T.
Smith, Philip E.
Smith, Richard D.
Smith, Robert T.
Smith Jr., Robert L.
Smith, Scott D.
Snelson, Lee E.
Snelson, Ralph E.
Snyder, James A.
Snyder, Mark B.
Sobel, Richard S.
Sobottka, Hugh C.
Socher, Jeffrey C.
Soliday, J. Thomas
Solnit, Jay A.
Sommers, James H.
Sorenson, Dale A.
Sorrels, H. M.
Sowter, John B.
Spaeth, Paul
Spain, Ronald D.
Spears, Donna B.
Spencer, Craig W.
Spingler, Robert A.
Spira, Ernest B.
Spoon, Mike E.
Squire, Charles F.
Stalker, William H.
Stamper, Elgan P.
Stanich, Ronald
Stanislav, Leon E.
Stanleigh, Larry M.
Stark, Heidi J.
Starkey, Douglas L.
Starsiak, Mary A.
Startzell, James M.
Stasch, Jeffrey J.
Steffen, J. Michael
Stein, Chester M.
Stein, Jeffrey I.
Stein, William E.
Steinberg, Matthew
Steiner, Ann L.
Stevens, Roy L.
Stevenson, David
Stevenson, Richard A.
Stevenson III, Robert B.
Stewart, Bernard L.
Stewart, Larry R.
Stifter, Ronald P.
Stigall, Larry E.
Stiles, Dennis J.
Stinson, Walter D.
Stockwell, Karyn L.
Stokes, Robert E.
Stone, Thomas E.
Stoner, Donald A.
Storace, Anthony M.
Stout, Angela M.
Stover, Earl L.
Rabell, Jose E.
Racich, Michael J.
Rafeedie, Suhayl
Ragain, James C.
Ragsdale III, John R.
Raiber, Robert B.
Rainey Jr., Irvin M.
Rajczak, E. J.
Rakusin, Hedley
Ralls, Stephen A.
Ralstrom, Curt S.
Raman, Prabu
Ramirez, Jorge L.
Rams, Thomas E.
Ramus, Robert L.
Raphael, Barry D.
Rawal, Raj M.
Rawls, Douglas S.
Ray, Robert G.
Ray Jr., William S.
Reagan, James E.
Redmond, W. Ronald
Reece, Michael K.
Reich, Robin S.
Reidy, Edward T.
Reisman, James H.
Remien II, John C.
Rempell, Jeffrey H.
Reynolds, Elizabeth C.
Reynolds, Jerry L.
Reynolds, Mark A.
Rhea, Ronald L.
Ribary, James L.
Rice, Lorin
24 April2012
Rice, M. Elwood
Richardson, Marlene K.
Richman, Colin S.
Richter, Neal B.
Ries, William L.
Riggs Jr., Gary A.
Riggs Jr., Richard R.
Risk, William B.
Ritchie, John R.
Roane, James B.
Robbins, James W.
Robbins Jr., Morris L.
Roberson, Scott A.
Roberts, Donald L.
Roberts, John R.
Roberts, Matthew B.
Roberts, Michael R.
Robinson, James D.
Robinson, John T.
Robinson, Lindsey A.
Robinson, William F.
Rocker, William F.
Rodden, Jeffrey W.
Roddy, William C.
Rogers Jr., Raymond L.
Rohrer, Curtis A.
Romeo, Frank J.
Rooney, George E.
Root, Stuart A.
Rose, Lance Gregory
Rose Jr., William F.
Roseman, Irvin A.
Rosen, Harry
Rosenberg, Edwin S.
Rosenheck, Arnold H.
Roset, Gayle A.
Ross, James C.
Ross, Kenton A.
Rossoff, Lawrence P.
Rothwell, Richard A.
Rotondo, Joseph A.
Rouff, Lawrence N.
Roufs, Brett A.
Rowe, S. Phillips
Rozen, Jan B.
Rubin, Steven M.
Rubinstein, Richard A.
Ruderman, Howard J.
Rugh, John D.
Ruliffson, Franklin R.
Rummel, David G.
Runzo, Robert S.
Rupprecht, W. Erick
Russell, Tommy L.
Russo, J. Nick
Ruthven, Glenn A.
Ryan, Thomas N.
Ryding, Helen A.
Rynearson, R. David
Sabat, Michael R.
Saber, Mehdi
Sabri, Roy
Saccone, Nicholas D.
Sager, Christian B.
Sagman, Michael E.
Sajbel, Joseph L
2011 ACD Foundation Donors
Stratigopoulos, George J.
Stratton, Stephen G.
Strauss, Frank B.
Strauss, Howard R.
Strawn, James L.
Stricklin, Stephen R.
Stringer, Dale E.
Stronczek, Michael J.
Strutz, Judith M.
Strychalski, James T.
Studen-Pavlovich, Deborah A.
Studstill, Zack D.
Stukalin, Ronald S.
Stutman, Peter W.
Stutzel, William M.
Stymiest, Deborah N.
Styner, Daryl
Subject, Steven A.
Suchak, Atul
Sullivan, Andrew J.
Sullivan, Curry Dale
Sullivan, David M.
Summa, Joseph P.
Summerhays, Carol G.
Surasky, Eugene
Sutro, Henry
Sutton, Lawrence J.
Swain Jr., Edward K.
Swanlund, Cliff H.
Swanson, Kimberly S.
Swanson, Kris K.
Swanson, Loren C.
Swearingen, Lee B.
Swift, Maureen L.
Sykes, Murray D.
Syrop, Steven B.
Taylor, Gary E.
Taylor, John H.
Taylor, Keith A.
Taylor, Ross L.
Taynor, Leslie Z.
Teich, Sorin T.
Tenaschuk, Larry J.
Tenenbaum, Howard C.
Terry, Beatriz E.
Terry, Douglas A.
Tester, Ian W.
Thee, John H.
Theophilus, Don L.
Thomas, J. Mark
Thomas, Jeffery R.
Thompson, J. Barton
Thompson, Michael R.
Thompson, R. Wayne
Thompson, Robert W.
Thomson, William K.
Thorburn, David W.
Tibbetts, V. Roger
Tiersky, Terri S.
Tigani, Robert J.
Tilghman, Donald M.
Till, Michael J.
Tillery Jr., Don E.
Tilson, Jeffrey A.
Timm, Richard P.
Tippett-Whyte, Judee
Titunik, Ira R.
Tobias, David L.
Tofany, Bernard E.
Tognotti, William J.
Tolmie, Paul N.
Tom, Alan Y.J.
Tonelli, J. Steven
Tonne, William J.
Topf, Jeffrey S.
Torgan, Hillard L.
Torrese, Dante M.
Tota, Christopher M.
Townsend III, Wade H.
Trager, Robert M.
Trapp, Larry D
Trapp, Scott A.
Travis, Randy T.
Trice Borgia, Angela M.
Trinkner, Thomas F.
Trotman, Ronald
Trotter, T. Barrett
Tsutsui, Fred S.
Tucci, Nicholas
Tucker, Richard D.
Tunick, Steven J.
Turkel, Roger M.
Turner, Barry A.
Twist, John H.
Twomey, David W.
Tysowsky, George W.
Udell-Martin, Kathy A.
Umaki, Clyde S.
Ungar, Martin J.
Unland Jr., Raymond J.
Ura, Stephen C.
Urcioli, John Michael
Walsh, William P.
Wandell, Timothy E.
Wanker, Robert L.
Washington, Lyvonne M.
Wasserman, Albert
Wasserman, Michael H.
Watkins, James D.
Waugh, W. Scott
Wear, Charles K.
Weathers, Dwight R.
Webb, Carla D.
Webb, Russell I.
Weber, Michael H.
Webster, Emile M.
Weddell, James A.
Weddle, Dean T.
Weese, Carlisle
Weger, Robert E.
Weideman, Cynthia L.
Weinand, Kenneth J.
Weinberg, Arthur P.
Weiner, Arthur A.
Weinman, Richard A.
Weir, L. Thomas
Weisenfeld, Michael
Weisfuse, P. Deborah
Weiss, Eric C.
Weiss, Leonard P.
Wells III, Jay R.
Wells, Wavel L.
Welsh, Rowland Patrick
Wentworth, Rodney B.
Wentz, C. Edwin
Wentz, Lisa M.
Werbitt, Marvin J.
Werking, David H.
Werrin, S. Rand
Werschky, Martin W.
Wessberg, George A.
West, Brian L.
West, Brian D.
Wheat, Phillip N.
Wheatley, Bonnie D.
Whitaker, Steven B.
Whitcher, Bruce L.
White, Charles P.
White, Eli E.
White, Robert K.
Whitehouse, Michael J.
Whitman, Sidney
Wickliffe, Thomas J.
Wicknick, Fredrick W.
Wieland, James L.
Wiemann, Alfred H.
Wietecha, Scott C.
Wikle, Charles W.
Wilbanks, David S.
Wilbanks, John D.
Wilcox, Charles W.
Wilhite, David H.
Wilkerson, DeWitt C.
Willard, Fred B.
Willens, Sumner H.
Willey, James L.
Willhite, Corky E.
Williams, Arthur G.
Williams, Galen R.
Williams, James M.
Williams Jr., John N.
Williams, Ray C.
Williams, Richard M.
Wilson, Brian J.
Wilson, Nairn H. F.
Wilson III, O. Lee
Wilson, Robert J.
Wilson, Robert C.
Wiltz, Mauricio
Windell, Henry C.
Winder, Ronald L.
Wingard, Charles E.
Winkler III, Thomas F.
Winland, Roger D.
Winston, Mollie A.
Winter, Marvin R.
Wipf, Vaughn F.
Wolf, David H.
Wolff, Carol M.
Wong, Brian
Wong, Maurice K.
Wood, Alfred J.
Wood III, C. Rieger
Wood, Melanie R.
Wood, Walter R.L.
Woodruff III, Harvey C
Woods, William G.
Wright, John M.
Wright, Robert F.
Wright, William L.
Wyatt Sr., William E.
Wyckoff, Douglas A.
Wylie, Joy
Wynn, Mary E.
Tabor, Michael P.
Takei, Henry H.
Talbot, James E.
Taliaferro, Richard L.
Tamari, Joseph W.
Tami, Richard G.
Tanaka, Terry T.
Tanguay, Daniel
Tanita, Daniel S.
Tankersley, Ronald L.
Tanner, James H.
Tanner, William W.
Tarpley, Thomas M.
Tatum, Barbara M.
Tatum, Richard Carlos
Tawil, Georges
Taylor, Donald
Valentine, G. Bruce
Valentine, Richard E.
Valo, Thomas S.
van Dyk, William A.
Van Miller, James
Van Sicklen Jr., James H.
Van Zytveld, Eric W.
Vandenberghe, James G.
Varma, Ashok
Varner, David A.
Vaughan, Darlene K.
Vaughan, Olin B.
Vaught, Robert A.
Venezie, Ronald D.
Verna, James L.
Vernon, Michael O.
Vig, Katherine Dryla
Vigna, Edward J.
Vinci, Richard C.
Vinton, Jeffrey R.
Vitale, Mark A.
Volpe, Anthony R.
Vorhies, Carl
Vorrasi, Andrew G.
Vrabec, Thomas E.
Wachtenheim, Seymour N.M.
Wagoner, Joel M.
Wahlig, John B.
Wainio, John David
Waite, Stuart D.
Wakefield Jr., Charles W.
Waldrop, Howard L.
Waliszewski, Kenneth J.
Walker, Mary P.
Walker, Paul O.
Wallace, Gerald F.
Wallace, Marshall Lynn
Wallis, Kenneth G.
Walsh, Douglas P.
2011 ACDF Personal Memorials
and Honorariums
In Memory or Honor of
Yamada, Jason M.
Yamashiro, Roger M.
Yano, Yoshito
Yarborough, Craig S.
Yasny, Malcolm
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President’s Dinner Snapshots
26 April2012
2012 ACD–AADE Prize for Dental Journalism
Call for Submissions
asequal,although the work must appear in an
AADE member’s publication.
notbeeligibleforconsideration.Onlyonesubmissionwill beacceptedperauthor;wholejournalor
a.Deadline for nominations is Friday, June 22, 2012.
work.A sentence must also be included that “the
nomination has not been submitted to any other
2009 dental journalism competition”.Thenominationmustalsostatethattheauthor,orauthors,
2009 ACD-AADE Prize for Dental Journalism
American Association of Dental Editors
750 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive, Suite 422
Milwaukee, WI 53202 USA
Fellows Forum
Student Professionalism and
Ethics Association
thedentalprofession.TheSPEAsegmentwill be
International Fellows
and the Gies Fellow and
Gies Benefactor Programs
Volunteers in Action
Unique Uganda
Exotic and intriguing Africa was the destination. I had
heard about Uganda, though I wasn’t certain where it
was. I had even had my excitement perked when, as a
dental student 40 some years ago, we had been assigned
to Nigeria, then Ethiopia, then Kenya, never to get there.
Rather, I was diverted to Bella Vista Hospital’s mission
dental clinic, when, even with Canadian Boards, a work
permit (Kenya dental license) could not be arranged
without a year of private practice. Being asked by Dr.
Koren Borland, (Vice Regent, USA Section, Academy of
Dentistry International) a few months ago, I didn’t have
to think twice about this.
After much preparation (visas, donations from dental
companies, instruments, materials, equipment, etc.), a
group of six (about half the team) departed Los Angeles on Thursday, November 17th, destination Entebbe
International Airport, outside the capital of Uganda,
The mission trip was sponsored by NEEPUganda (www. with the goal of correcting the oral
disease of students at a Christian school way out in the
Uganda is a smaller country in East Africa with 91,000
square miles and 32 million people. It is on the equator and bordered by Sudan to the north, Kenya to the
east, Rwanda and Tanzania to the south, and Democratic
Republic of Congo to the west. The monetary unit is the
Ugandan Shilling (USh) which yields 2,500 per dollar
(USD). A common wage is $50,000 USh/month ($20 USD).
Electricity has more demand than supply, so the power is
rotated around the country causing unannounced, very
inconvenient blackouts from time to time, several per
week. In some areas it is off more than on, so cold showers are the norm. I recall the temporary headache I got
as I gingerly stuck my head under the cold shower water
in my attempt to shampoo my hair. It surely saves water,
though! Taxis are riding behind a motor scooter driver,
and cost $1,000 USh (about 40 cents USD) to go from
place to place shorter distances. The time zone is GMT
+3, or 11 hours ahead of California.
English is the official language, though there are 33
indigenous local languages impossible to understand.
Luganda is the most popular and to the untrained ear,
sounds like chatter. Strange letter combinations exist,
such as Mz, Ny, Mw, etc. The former British rule left its
mark in word usage, such as: trash = rubbish, yield =
28 April2012
Volunteers in Action
give way, and turning off lights = extinguish lights, etc. HIV
infection has reduced,
but still high at 6%,
except for the Bodaboda (motorbike taxi)
drivers, at 9%. During
November there are
a couple of weeks of
“grasshopper season,” when they are caught for roasting
and eating. At night, bright flood lights can be seen with
the attracted swarms being funneled into collection with
corrugated tin roof sheets. Before you ask, yes, I did try
them, but only a few times! The climate is fairly constantly tropical, with latitudes from 4dN to 1dS: A small
monument designates when the equator is crossed.
Green is an understatement for the terrain of Uganda,
with verdant, fertile land. Almost 25% of the country’s
surface area is covered by water, including Lake Victoria (owned by Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania), Africa’s
largest lake and the world’s second largest fresh water
body. From
this lake as its
source, the Nile
River flows
through central
and northern
Uganda, Sudan,
and Egypt, on
its long 4,130
mile (6,650
KM), 3-month journey to the Mediterranean Sea. Gandhi’s ashes were scattered in this river near its source at
Jinja. We were able to travel the river onto the lake, as
well as see a variety of elephants, hippopotami, leopard,
bison, and a myriad of bird species in our safari through
Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda’s second largest
of ten Parks, along with its several other wildlife reserves and forest reserves.
Eighty-five percent of Ugandans are Christian, divided
equally between Protestant and Roman Catholic, and
11% are Islamic, although that number is growing.
Kampala (the capital) near Lake Victoria, is the largest
city of two million, and Jinja near the Source of the Nile
River, is second. Eighty-five percent of the people live
rurally, where the majority are born in a village, grow up
in a village, work in that village, and die in the village,
never knowing much else of Uganda nor the world.
No report on Uganda would be complete without
mention of Amin. Uganda gained independence from
Great Britain in 1962 and Milton Obote became the first
President of Uganda, for nine years until 1971. Idi Amin,
poorly educated and barely literate, took power while
Obote was away in Singapore. By 1974 Amin was fully
engaged in his reign of terror. During the eight years
he was in power, 300,000 Ugandans were killed, many of
them tortured to death in horrible ways. He was driven
into exile in 1979, and died from multiple organ failure
in a Saudi Arabian hospital in 2003.
As it turned out for Uganda, 30 years after Amin was
booted into exile, and over two decades of President
Museveni, the country bears few obvious scars of what
came before. Ugandan optimism says the dark days are
in the past, as it embarked on one of the most staggering economic and political transformations of our time,
to become, in the words of a recent Oxfan report, “an
inspirational economic success story, and a symbol of a
more vibrant, successful Africa.” This is the resilience
of the East African people in Uganda. Today, Uganda
enjoys one of the healthiest reputations of any African
country when it comes to crime directed at tourists.
In preparing for this adventure, friends and relatives
asked me if I was hesitant or afraid, if I was sure I really
wanted to go to Uganda. I confirmed I was steadfast
in going to help, I was not hesitant nor afraid, and as it
turned out, people are more friendly than expected. No
violence nor even hint of danger was evident, just lots of
smiles for us on Ugandan faces.
During our time in Uganda, that is what we observed—
friendly, smiling people who enjoyed conversing and
wanted a picture taken. Our assignment was to work on
nearly 400 students, primary and secondary, at Nyamabuga village (translation = place of springs of healing
water), operated by Sister Gertrude Kabatalemwa. We
were to screen everyone, treat first those with infection
or pain, complete the restorative challenge, then educate
Continued on page 30
Volunteers in Action
Continued from page 29
all in oral hygiene in
order to eliminate
gingivitis and provide for oral health.
With the oral and
systemic connection
so obvious nowadays, this would
give them improved
general health. As it
turned out, mission
was accomplished in
a week. Our teacher
in the group, Linda
McQuarrie, was superb at instructing and entertaining as she demonstrated
disclosing solution, brushing technique, and distributed
brushes to everyone. In my opinion and from a public
health standpoint, this likely was the most important part
of our impact there. We perhaps even motivated some to
get out of the cycle of village living in poverty, to pursue
education and strive to be more and break the cycle.
On the last day, before we packed up to leave, the entire
school thanked us with a farewell celebration. Music,
costumes, dance, poetry, were all directed at gratitude
for our visit and our help. My takeaway from the Uganga experience is what we were told upon arrival, as well
as every day we were there, “You are most welcome.” I
just wish you could hear it with that beautiful accent,
which is the memory I take home.
In all my travels to various countries of the world, I have
noted something interesting to me. Whether in India,
China, Latin America, or atolls in Micronesia, all of us
are alike in many ways. I am impressed that all human
beings, whatever the culture, wish for the very same
things in life: to find meaning, to be loved and appreciated, to touch and be touched. Indeed, we are more
30 April2012
alike than most of
us realize, though
for each can vary
My hat goes off to
the hard working
group of NEEPUganda and Dr. Koren Borland, who
organized and led
the dental team.
These are outerdirected people
who give and give,
and then give a
little more. Are
you outer directed, finding ways to help others, being
helpful in ways that bring joy and happiness to others?
Or are we inner directed only with concerns about our
own wants and comfort, an egocentrism of sorts? In the
words of my dental and public health classmate, David
C. Brodeur, “I have concluded that we are on this earth
to help each other.” Thanks, Dave, well stated. In the
words of one of my medical heroes, “I don’t know what
your destiny will be, but one thing I do know, the only
ones among you who will be happy are those who have
sought and found how to serve.” – Albert Schweitzer.
And in the words of Duane Hulse, “We make a living by
what we get, we make a life by what we give.” May we
be able to give more when the need appears.
For more information about this program, please
contact Dr. Ronald E. Fritz at [email protected]
Intensive Bioethics Course, Kennedy Institute of Ethics
Georgetown University, June 4-8, 2012
This course explores the theoretical framework
and practical issues of bioethics over five days, and
includes lectures and discussions by leaders in the
field, as well as special topics and small group discussion sections following each lecture. Attendees will
be: a) introduced to both the philosophical underpinnings of bioethics and the current major topics in the
field; b) able to define and describe various principles
of and approaches to bioethics and then apply these
principles to an enhanced understanding of medical
practice, law, and public policy; and c) able to understand and can demonstrate bioethical principles
within a solid framework of decision-making in clinical, research, and policy settings.
The library pro-seminar focuses on general search
strategies and tips to carry out effective and efficient
research in the field of bioethics (additional fee required). Plenary lecturers include Tom Beauchamp,
Christine Grady, Henk ten Have, John Keown, Rebecca Kukla, John Langan, Margaret Little, Edmund
Pellegrino, and Robert Veatch. Small discussion
groups follow each lecture. The cost is $1650 ($1,700
after May 1st). Beginning day 2, breakfasts and
lunches are included, plus an opening reception and
a closing banquet, see online at
To order call 888-ACD-1920 or e-mail [email protected]
American College
of Dentists
Analyzing and Responding to Ethical Dilemmas:
Addressing the Challenge and Managing the Conversation
Seven Hours of C.E. Credit
Plan on Attending in San Francisco!
The College is again
offering a 7-hour ethics
course entitled Analyzing and Responding
to Ethical Dilemmas:
Addressing the Challenge and Managing
the Conversation.” The
presenters will be Dr.
Bruce Peltier, Professor of Psychology and
Ethics at the Arthur A.
Dugoni School of DenDr.BrucePeltier
tistry at the University
of Pacific in San Francisco, and Professor Pamela Zarkowski, Academic
Vice President at the University of Detroit Mercy
and Professor at the School of Dentistry in Detroit,
Michigan. Due to space limitations, advance sign-up
is required. This course provides seven hours of C.E.
credit and is open to all dentists, dental students,
educators, and hygienists. Because this course is
distinct from the LeaderSkills workshops, a registration fee of $185 applies.
The purpose of this
course is to sensitize
practitioners to circumstances that may
produce ethical conflict and to provide a
framework to assist in
appropriate resolution.
Ethical principles and
values will be reviewed
to provide a foundation
for analyzing cases. Participants will be guided
in using ethical decision
making to address case
vignettes in which ethical dilemma is present. The
session will also focus on the challenge of actually
implementing actions that must follow from ethical
decisions, and will focus on practicing these skills.
To register use the registration page in the attached
Annual Meeting brochure or contact the Executive
Office by phone, 301-977-3223 or e-mail, [email protected]
org. Space is limited!
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