Teva Case Study V1

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Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Company: Teva Canada
“I would
not hesitate
them to others.”
- David Boughner,
Director Strategic
Teva Canada
Services Provided: Business Integration Review and Health Check
Teva Canada had acquired a competitor, making them the second largest
manufacturer of generic drugs in Canada. They assumed responsibility
for integrating and rationalizing the products, processes, premises,
people, and technology for the Canadian operations.
Teva themselves stated that,
“The information was clear,
concise, insightful and very
well presented. They were
honest, balanced and their
findings were well supported
by facts and figures. Recommendations made were
reasonable, achievable and
based on solid experience.
Despite an aggressive time
table, all milestones of the
review were met on time and
on budget. Equally important,
everyone we worked with was
a pleasure and I would not
hesitate recommending them
to others.”
A broad based, independent review was needed to ensure the initiative
was aligned with overall corporate success criteria. Teva needed to identify the key reasons for the integration’s success, find the areas that were
less successful and why, and guarantee early successes would remain
Solution & Value:
A team of senior consultants experienced with mergers and acquisitions,
as well as conducting initiative reviews, worked with Teva to produce a
customized Health Check. During the discovery phase they examined:
• A large sample of communications and selected project
management documentation.
• A comprehensive online survey.
• One-on-one interviews with key leadership of the integration.
A comprehensive report was prepared including an executive presentation.
The Health Check identified areas working well, areas needing improvement, and the underlying causes in both cases. Recommendations were
action oriented and considered:
• Immediate Improvement
• Medium Term Improvement (for the current initiative)
• Long Term Improvement (for future initiatives)
Teva Canada attained a
significant achievement in
organizational growth. Independent insight, experience,
thoroughness, and flexibility
allowed for a more thorough
understanding of stakeholder
perspectives, a fast and accurate review, a spotlight on
gaps in the integration
process, and a focus on high
quality outcomes.