Master Seminar in Prishtina 26 - The World of Positive Psychotherapy

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Report from KCPP
Master Seminar in Prishtina 16-18, September 2011
„Therapeutic Relationship in Positive Psychotherapy“
This was the ninth module seminar of Master Course in PP that is running in education
program organized from Kosovo Center for Positive Psychotherapy.
The seminar was held in the KCPP office in Prishtina.
The seminar was conducted by Master Trainer, Enver Cesko and two Co-trainers Prof. Dr.
Afrim Blyta and Dr. Jusuf Ulaj
In the seminar were 21 participants, mostly from Kosova, three from Albania, and one from
Macedonia, mainly psychologists, family medical doctor, psychiatrists and pedagogue.
The theme of this module was “Specific disorders: mental, behavioral, psychosomatic”.
Following topics were learned during this module; Organic mental disorders. Alcohol and
other psychoactive substance abuse related disorders. Schizophrenia. Mood disorders
(depression, mania). Neurotic disorders. Stress-related and adjustment disorders. Personality
disorders. Psychosomatic disorders. Other disorders. Psychiatric emergencies. Case studies.
Etiology. Therapeutic approaches. Psycho-Pharmacology. Positive interpretation, conflict
reaction, and five stages strategy in various disorders.
Because of specific theme of this module, as mental disorders and psychiatric diseases, it was
asked that first and second day of this module to lecture by our two local trainers, Prof. dr.
Afrim Blyta and Dr. Jusuf Ulaj, both neuro-psychiatrists in Clinical University Centre of
Kosova. The last day it was issue of diagnosis in psychotherapy lectured by Enver Cesko.
Feedbacks of students for the learned subjects during three days of training seminar was
showed that all participants were very much satisfied especially they learned using of
different ways and methods in making the relationship in therapy situations.
Our next seminar will be in November with international trainer Dr. Arno Remmers about
Conflict and using the WIPF in positive psychotherapy.
The report is following with some photos of the group at the end of the seminar.
Protocol was done from
Mr. Sci. Enver Cesko,
21.09. 2011
First day with Prof. Afrim Blyta
Second day with Dr. Jusuf Ulaj
Third day with Enver Cesko
Group photo