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Senior English: Literary Analysis
2015 - 2016
Teacher Room Phone Email -
Genelle M. Campeau
799-5790 x-8210
[email protected]
Course Description: This year-long course covers fiction and nonfiction authors whose universal themes
define the era. Through class discussions, written responses, speeches, and exploration of ideas and issues in
both the fictional and nonfictional accounts, students will gain deeper insights into themselves and the
challenges of the time periods.
(Subject to change based upon book availability) The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, Tuesdays
with Morrie by Mitch Albom, Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, Hedda Gabler by
Henrik Ibsen, Kite Runner by Khaled Hossini, and Hamlet by William Shakespeare
(Various supplementary texts)
Grading Scale: Grades will be weighted according to the following categories: 60% Assessments (quizzes,
tests, projects); 30% Activities (work to prepare for assessments); 10% Daily Work (successful student skills
such as brining required materials, asking questions, answering questions, etc.)
94-100% = A
90-93% = A-
87-89% = B+
83-86% = B
80-82% = B-
77-79% = C+
73-76% = C
70-72% = C-
67-69% = D+
63-66% = D
60-62% = D-
0-59% = E
Semester Grade = 1st Marking Period (40%) + 2nd Marking Period (40%) + Final Exam (20%)
Major Assessments
At the end of semester one, all students will be required to complete a brief IOC (Individual Oral Commentary).
Students will receive a random section from a text we read in class. They will have approximately 10 minutes to
study this section and take notes; next, the students will meet with Mrs. Campeau where the student will discuss
a theme, nuances in the language, and literary devices found in the selected portion of the literature. Finally,
Mrs. Campeau and the student will briefly discuss this section together.
At the end of semester two, all students will be required to write an extended essay covering two of the texts read
during the term. The writing will focus on style, form, author’s purpose, and intended audience.
Absent/Late Work:
 Students with excused absences will be given the same number of days to complete make-up work (ex.
2-days out = 2 days to make it up).
 It is the student’s responsibility to find out what work he or she has missed. I am available to answer any
questions about make-up work before or after class.
 Following the policy established by the English Department, late work will be accepted as follows:
 One day late = 50%
 Two or more days late = 0%
 Some assignments (i.e. major projects and papers) will have date-specific deadlines and will not be
accepted past the due date. This will be explained to the students when the assignment is introduced.
 Students with an unexcused absence will receive no credit for any assignment that was due the day he
or she was absent.
Academic Dishonesty: Included below are some common examples of academic dishonesty (Please refer to
the Student/Parent Handbook for more details).
 Copying answers from worksheets, tests, and other assignments
 Giving another student a worksheet, test, or assignment to use
 Talking during a test
 Calling out an answer in class
 Using “cheat sheets” during an assignment or test
 Failing to cite another’s ideas or words
Consequences for academic dishonesty can include receiving a zero for the assignment, school suspension,
and losing credit for the marking period.
Hall Passes
 You may request to use a hall pass two times during the semester. A semester is twenty weeks – use them
 I must sign your planner before you leave my room or it will be considered skipping.
 I will not make exceptions to this practice unless you have a signed doctor’s excuse stating a medical
necessity for your departure. This class is based in large part upon participation of all students at all times.
If you are regularly out of class for any reason, it affects the learning process of your peers. Therefore, hall
passes are limited.
Make up Time:
 You may make up missed tests or quizzes before school or after school. However, you must schedule the
make up quiz or test ahead of time to make sure I do not have a meeting or other obligation. (Remember:
you only have five days from the day you return to make these up!)
Classroom Expectations
1. Listen to instruction.
2. Enter and exit prepared.
3. Always try your BEST!
4. Respect yourself and others.
5. NO excuses!
Extra Help:
I am more than willing to help anyone. It is vital that there is open communication between students and
teachers. Please see me right away if you have questions, concerns, etc. I am available before and after
school. If I am not in my room, please leave me a note in my mailbox in the office, leave a voicemail, or send an
e-mail and I will help you. Do not wait until the last minute.
Please detach this course agreement page and return it to MRS. CAMPEAU 
Course Agreement and Movie Permission Slip:
Please note: Throughout this class, clips or entire videos may be shown to enhance the curriculum. If you do not
want your child to watch one or more of these films, please write a note to me below, and I will give him/her an
alternate assignment. We will NOT watch all of these films. The following videos MAY be shown (clips or
entire film):
The Color Purple
Patch Adams
Nightline Interview
Hedda Gabler
Their Eyes Were Watching God
Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam
Mona Lisa Smile
The Kite Runner
The War
I have read the above Course plan and stated rules. I understand and will honor the rules.
Student’s Name (Please Print)
Student’s Signature
Student’s e-mail
I have read the syllabus. I understand it and will support this plan to the best of my ability.
Parent/Guardian’s Name (Please Print)
Parent/Guardian’s Signature
It is important to know how to contact you! I like to call/email for many reasons (positive feedback and
helpful comments in addition to student struggles). Please fill out the bottom portion, too! (Email is
best for me because I can send you information directly and it is quicker, however, I can call after
school if need be.)
I prefer that you contact me by (telephone / email / either).
My phone number(s) is/are:__________________________________________________
Parent/guardian email address is:_______________________________________________
Please note, you can contact me at anytime at [email protected] or by calling 799-5790 ext. 8210
(please call before 7:30 or after 2:45 so that I can keep class disruptions to a minimum!) 
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