Station 12 - Santa Barbara County Fire Department

Santa Barbara County Fire Department
Station 12 is located at 5530 Calle Real in
Goleta and can be reached by phone at
805 681-5512.
Station 12 services the area bordered by
Fairview Ave , Fowler Road, Cathedral
Oaks Rd and San Marcos Pass Road from
Calle Real North to Via Los Santos.
Station 12 apparatus include
• Type 1 Engine• Type 3 Engine • Reserve Type 1 Engine
Station 12 is staffed by one Captain, one Engineer and one Firefighter. Although through the
use of extension kits, Advanced Life Support (ALS) is capable when a paramedic is on duty.
Back in 1937 Fire Station 12 was located in a house and garage located at Tuckers Grove
County Park.
This continued until after World War II, when in 1949 county fire crews were relocated to the
property on the old Santa Barbara Marine Corps Air Station, which would eventually become the
Santa Barbara Airport.
As time progressed, the old Marine Corps building became untenable and firefighters were
housed temporarily and relocated to the now-demolished Pilot House Motel, which was located
south of the terminal building at Santa Barbara Airport. A station was built off of Hollister Ave
and the dual purpose of Engine Company 12 and Crash/Rescue 12 continued.
In 1996 a transition took place and the City of Santa Barbara would build the new Fire Station
8 to provide Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) service at the regional airport. To better
serve the public through faster response times, the county moved Station 12 to the new location
which has quicker access to the freeway and the City of Goleta and non-incorporated areas. The
theme of Station 12 embraces the rich agricultural past of the Goleta Valley and even has a small
orchard in the front yard.