County of Santa Barbara

County of Santa Barbara
November 14, 1997
John Patrick Dolan
Three Point Drive Brea,
CA 928213651
Dear Mr. Dolan:
I am writing on behalf of the Santa Barbara County Executive Association to express our sincere appreciation for
the outstanding seminar Negofiate Like the Pros that you presented to our management team last month.
Life at work as well as at
home seems to involve ongoing negotiations—with our bosses, our peers, our spouses and our kids. Judging from
the enthusiastic feedback I have been receiving
from the seminar attendees, they have taken their new negotiating skills and techniques and utilized them on a
regular basis (and having fun while doing so).
Once again, thank you from all 120 of us who attended the seminar which, by all measures, has been the most
effective training session we have received in the seven years I have been at the County.
Very truly yours,
Gary A. Hengstler
Editor and Publisher