EOSC 114 Course Textbook

EOSC 114
Course Textbook
The REQUIRED textbook is:
Keller, E.A., R.H. Blodgett, and J.J. Clague. 2010. The Catastrophic Earth, Natural Disasters
(3rd Ed). Pearson Custom Publishing.
2nd Ed. Will be acceptable ISBN-13: 978-0138000622 (textbook + CD + coupons)
ISBN: 978-0558258474 (used textbook)
This is a custom textbook published specifically for our EOSC 114 course.
Our Course textbook was chosen because of its content, readability, and appropriateness for our
target student audience. We know that you will learn much and enjoy reading this newly adopted
textbook by Keller, et al.! It is very well written, is very informative, and is especially focused on the
Canadian scenario. It treats each topic as both a natural phenomenon and a human hazard. It also
features personal accounts of the disasters as well as profiles of scientists and technicians who
study these hazards.
The Course Textbook may be purchased at:
Discount Textbooks is one block off campus, above the McDonald's restaurant in the
University Village shopping mall.
Contact info: Discount Textbooks, 206-5728 University Blvd., Vancouver, BC V6T 1K6
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 604-221-1822.