The Earliest Human Societies Chapter 2 Lesson 1

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The Earliest Human Societies
Chapter 2 Lesson 1
1. Why were early humans known as “hunter-gatherers”?
2. Describe the different ways early humans sheltered themselves. Why was it different in different
3. A band is a group of people or animals acting together. What determined the sizes of bands that
early humans traveled with?
4. What is a nomad?
5. What is a “community”? (the definition is on page 50)
6. What is migration? Why did early humans migrate?
7. Give an example of both a good and a bad outcome that might happen when migrating people
moved into the territory of another group.
8. Why was the ability to make and control fire important to early humans?
9. What is the definition of technology? What advantage did the development of technology give to
10. What led to the development of language?
11. Describe the religion of early humans.
12. What does prehistoric art help us to understand about early humans?