Decision Making Lesson Plan KS2

Decision making – Staying Safe on the
Thames - Literacy / Citizenship
National Curriculum Reference: KS2 speaking and listening 4a, 4c Citizenship 2f
KS3 speaking and listening – role play activities 4a, 4b Citizenship 2b, 3a
Aim: To make informed decisions and explain choices.
To make pupils aware of the moral dilemmas involved in some situations.
To encourage pupils to consider different choices and make decisions based on the information given
Assessment/Success Criteria: Most pupils will be able to explain their decisions using the evidence given.
Some pupils will not have progressed so far, will be able to make decisions and begin to explain their choices.
Others will have progressed further and will be able to explain their decisions and the alternatives that they
considered, using the evidence given.
Teacher Notes: Establish ground rules for class discussion before the session. Give each group the same
dilemma but a different ending –See Dilemmas worksheet.
Resources: Internet access to
Worksheet: Dilemmas
Key Vocabulary: Dilemma
Hot seat
Decision making – Staying Safe on the
Thames - Literacy / Citizenship
Lesson Plan:
5 mins
Establish ground rules. Explain that pupils will be working in groups to act
out a dilemma. They will take turns to act out their drama which will then be
open to discussion.
Activity 1
20 mins
Group work
Split the class into groups and give each group a dilemma and an ending to
work on.
Ensure that each dilemma will be acted out at least twice with two different
endings to compare. Tell each group not to share the details of their dilemma
or ending with the other groups.
Ask them to organise themselves into the different roles and practise their
Take turns to act out drama in front of the whole class.
With older groups use hot seating technique to explore different characters
and issues - explain that when a person is questioned they must remember
they are still in character and respond to questions accordingly.
Activity 2
15 mins
Paired work
Explain that the pupils are now to work in pairs to discuss each role-play
and the different endings. Ask them to identify safe and less safe choices and
discuss possible consequences.
Activity 3
15 mins
Ask each pair to write a new dilemma offering at least two alternative endings. If there is time choose one or two dilemmas and ask the groups to get
back together and act out as before.
10 mins
In light of the role-play activities discuss what could be learned about staying safe by the river. Use the decision making game (
uk/Shorething/Youth/Games/Quiz/game.aspx) from Shorething to discuss the
same type of safety choices in a beach context and assess whether pupils can
apply the thinking skills they have learnt.
Decision making – Staying Safe on the
Thames - Literacy / Citizenship
What operation? Problem solving
Dilemma 1
While walking along the Embankment with your friends you notice a group of youths drinking alcohol and
messing about on the pier. One of the youths grabs the lifebelt and hurls it into the river. They all laugh
hysterically. Just then one of the youths loses their balance and falls headlong into the Thames. The current
is strong and it is obvious the youth can’t swim very well. The rest of the gang panic. What do you do?
There are four possible endings.
a) Find a responsible adult and get help as quick as you can.
b) You are a good swimmer so you jump in and attempt to rescue the youth.
c) You watch as another youth jumps in to help but also gets into difficulty.
d) You use your mobile to call 999 and get help.
Dilemma 2
You go down to the foreshore with a group of friends to explore. Most of you stay close to the steps but
some go further along to see what’s round the corner. The mud there is thicker and two of them get stuck.
One makes it back far enough to shout to you and tell you what is going on. The tide is rising and they are
stuck in an area that will soon be under water. What do you do?
There are four possible endings.
a) Rush round the corner as fast as you can and try to free them from the mud.
b) Find the nearest Public Rescue Equipment and throw them a rope.
c) Leave them to it; they should have stayed near the steps like you.
d) Get to safety, call 999 as soon as possible and then try to find an adult.
Dilemma 3
It is a really hot day and some people from school are jumping off the bridge into the river to cool down
and have a swim. You are walking over the bridge to get to the cinema. As you are passing you see one girl
get caught in an undercurrent and carried downriver. She struggles against the current but soon gets tired
and is struggling to stay above the water. Most of the people in the river haven’t noticed yet but from on
the bridge you can see what has happened. What do you do?
There are four possible endings.
a) Your friend is in the river and he is on a swimming team, you shout to him to swim after her.
b) You jump in to the river to help her.
c) You ring 999 on your mobile and get help.
d) You keep walking over the bridge, you don’t want to be late do you?