ASSIGNMENT 1 Example Problem

Department of Accounting and MIS
College of Industrial Management
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
MIS401-01 TERM: 072
System Development Project
The DB development project is designed and aimed to improve student’s practical skills
in Database design and development. The project is based on a type of business database
application drawn from real business organizations. The project is designed to be done by
a group of two students only.
Example Problem - Book store ordering System
The purpose of the textbook inventory system at a campus bookstore is to supply
textbooks to students for classes at a local university. The university’s academic
departments submit initial data about courses, instructors, textbooks, and projected
enrolments to the bookstore on a TEXTBOOK MASTER LIST.
The bookstore generates a purchase order, which is sent to publishing companies
supplying textbooks. Book orders arrive at the bookstore accompanied by an invoice,
which is checked and verified by the receiving department. Once the received order is
verified, a payment is made to the publishers.
Currently, the textbook system uses an old file system which is not effective, and the
bookstore is interested to develop a database information system and integrate it into their
existing computer operations environment. The systems owner is interested to explore
the use of Internet technology for advertising for textbooks, and to allow those students
who are connected to the Internet, to make their orders from their own PC computers.
The user is interested to store data about the following:
Course details; book details; what books are used by what course; publisher details; what
books are published by what publishers;
Author details; what authors wrote what books; Purchase orders details; books ordered;
Payment details; and other data which may be considered important to support the book
ordering process.
You are required to develop a full functional system using SDLC as methodology
and ACCESS or SQL/SERVER as back end database. Please refer to syllabus for
deliverables and deadlines.