English 10 final exam study guide 1. BIG IDEAS • tragedy-

English 10
final exam study guide
• tragedy--what is it? A definition is on your Antigone background lecture
• tragic hero
• tragic flaw
• Who are the tragic heroes of Antigone and The Tragedy of Julius Caesar? What makes
these characters tragic heroes?
• elements of fiction: plot, character, theme, point of view, setting
• poetry: alliteration, allusion, dialogue, dramatic poetry, epic, figurative language,
foreshadowing, free verse, hyperbole, imagery, lyric poetry, metaphor, narrative poetry,
personification, repetition, simile, speaker, stanza
For elements of fiction, remember the smaller items that fall under plot, character, point of view,
and setting. For example: setting is made up of time and place. Characters can be round, flat,
static, and dynamic.
You will have a writing portion to your final. You do not need to study anything for this other
than support paragraph structure.