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Case Study
Scooter’s Ch icken
“ establishing the brand
and elevating it
for success”
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A bout the Brand
Scooters Chicken is a new, quick service, family-friendly chicken restaurant
originating in the Metro New Orleans area. They differentiate themselves with
great tasting, juicy chicken, friendly service, quality side items, and an ever
evolving menu. In the past 2 years, Scooters Chicken has grown from their
flagship store 20 miles outside of New Orleans to 7 locations throughout the
metro area.
The Opportunity
Scooters Chicken is an out-of-the-box thinking restaurant that aims to be the
family place for great food at a better price. The owner of Scooters Chicken
takes a holistic approach to creating a brand experience that is cultural (like
taking kids out for ice cream after a game, or getting your favorite finger
food for tail-gating or a Mardi Gras parade). The key was to differentiate the
company from international/local powerhouse Popeyes Chicken, the national
chains Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Churches, and the growing regional
restaurant Canes by utilizing a unique brand identity, interesting and delicious
product offerings and superior service delivery.
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The Challenge
Louisiana, and especially New Orleans, has already birthed the likes of
Popeyes and Canes, and is nationally renowned for chicken recipes by Dookie
Chase and Jacquimo’s. Since Scooters Chicken was a startup company with
international competitors boasting decades of experience (and complacency),
it had to position itself differently/strategically by not selling “Louisiana,”
but by selling their unique style of food. Once locally established, Scooters
management planned to expand nationally by selling franchises, and
this called for a well-planned brand strategy to maintain consistency and
standardization for marketing materials and customer service touch points.
Design the Planet’s Solution
Design the Planet was challenged to build the brand so that it did not appear
to be “locally owned.” Since our design and marketing team knew franchising
would be the key to Scooters Chicken long-term growth and profitability,
we felt the brand needed to portray a national look for credibility and broad
acceptability. In order to facilitate easier franchising, Scooters Chicken could
not be branded as “locally owned,” and because the Popeyes’ brand is positioned
as “Louisiana flavor and spices,” they could not sell “Louisiana flavor.” (In
2009, Popeyes developed a new marketing plan positioning itself as Louisiana’s
Kitchen with Louisiana spices & cooks cueing to New Orleans and Mardi Gras.)
Design the Planet assisted Scooters with establishing and building its brand
identity by creating a website to rival the major food chains, developing and
designing high-quality in-store POP marketing pieces, and establishing an
overall look-and-feel that did not reflectLouisiana’s culture or represent a
“local look.” Additionally, Design the Planet created an impressive array of
collateral materials such as the kid’s-meal bag and cup, and tray inserts that
are designed to engage customers in company’s brand experience.
The Results
Design the Planet created a brand identity and brand marketing materials
for Scooter’s Chicken that exceeded the look of its rival national chains. Each
month, Scooters Chicken gets over 30 requests for franchise information from
their website alone, and this is directly related to the powerful and compelling
branding the company offers.
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Often, when discussing Scooters Chicken with prospective clients, industry
friends, and family, we are asked how we came by Scooters Chicken as a client.
Each time, the listener is amazed that Scooters is a local company with only 7
stores currently operating. Many assume there are just 7 locations of Scooters
Chicken in the New Orleans area with many other stores located nationwide.
While directing a photo shoot at the Barataria Blvd. location with the owner
of Scooters Chicken, we were asked why we were using that particular store
for a photo shoot and why the owner would be in New Orleans. Customers
are shocked when they learned the owner is from the New Orleans area and
actually went to high school just up the road from this Marrero, Louisiana
Testimonial –
What Scooter’s Chicken has to
say about their Design the Planet experience:
“You make us look great! Every time you send a new proof,
it’s like a Christmas present.”
Brandon J. Hidalgo – Owner/President – Scooters Chicken
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