Artifact Analysis Worksheet Name________________________ 1

Artifact Analysis Worksheet
1. What is the name of the artifact?_____________________________________________________
2. Date of artifact:_________________________
3. Where is artifact from?:_____________________________________________________________
4. Medium of artifact:________________________________________________________________
5. Special qualities of artifact: How does it look and feel? Shape, color, texture, size, weight, movable
parts, anything printed, stamped or written on it?
6. Function of the artifact:
a. What might it have been used for?____________________________________________________
b. Who might have used it?____________________________________________________________
c. Where might it have been used?______________________________________________________
d. When might it have been used?_______________________________________________________
7. What does the artifact tell us?
a. What does it tell us about the technology of the time in which it was made and used?
b. What does it tell us about the life and times of the people that used it?
c. Can you name a similar item today?
8. Print a copy of the artifact discussed in question 7 in the largest size possible that does not distort the
quality of the picture. (8.5 x 11 sheet of paper).
9. Works Cited Information: Using the MLA format, list in alphabetical order any source(s) you used to
complete this document