Good Evening, I wanted to reach out to you all. We have scheduled

Good Evening,
I wanted to reach out to you all.
We have scheduled a parents meeting for Sunday, Sept 30 at 4 pm at the Clinton Arena. The purpose
of this meeting will be informational and to discuss fund raising.
It is VERY important to attend this meeting if your daughter plans to try out for the varsity girls hockey
team in Nov.
Please contact me in advance if you are not able to attend.
As you know Clinton is our new lead school. Soon Clinton will be sending the formal invitation along
with a detailed information packet to all area's School Superintendents and Athletic Directors. This
invitation and information will provide the details of how the program will be implemented.
It is critically important, at this point, that each and every one of you ( outside of Clinton) take the time
to write a letter or email to your schools Superintendent, School AD and any school board member you
have a connection with. Additionally, please find out when the school board will have this program on
their agenda. If possible, your attendance at this board meeting would help support a vote in favor of
your district participating in the varsity girls hockey team.
The team will exist this season, but unless your home school agrees to allow their students to join,
your daughter will not be able to try out. It is VERY important that you take the time and make known
your interest in your daughters participation.
Key background info:
-The team will be administered and supervised by Clinton Central School.
-All cost will be paid by Clinton
Sports Boosters including: Transportation, coaching staff, ice time, uniforms and game
officials. There is no cost to any school district for this team
*It is important to note that a portion of the estimated $25,000 budget has already been secured.
-The CNY Bobcats will continue to be a main feeder program with over 75 registered players.
-We anticipate playing 12-14 games our inaugural season, with 8 games already scheduled.
-All home games and practices will be played at the Clinton Arena.
Please continue to spread the word about this exciting and positive opportunity for our area girls.
I am available at any time at the number below to answer any questions that may arise.
Thank you!!
Scott Hughes