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 What
the issues of the 1992
presidential campaign?
 What was Clinton’s domestic
and foreign policy agenda?
 What were the political events
surrounding Clinton’s
 Recession
 Lack of Job Creation
George HW Bush ( R)
William J. Clinton ( D)
H. Ross Perot ( Reform Party)
 Interest
rates were cut , taxes
were raised on middle and
upper incomes, taxes on gas,
oil, natural gas.
 Budget surplus-1 time in 30
years, Businesses expanded
 Unemployment fell, stock
market took off
Clinton appointed Hillary Clinton
to head a health-care reform plan
 Clinton had promised affordable
health care
 The bill never made it
through Congress
Family Medical Leave Act – 12 weeks unpaid
leave for birth or adoption of a child
Ameri-Corps Program – Students work in low
income areas as Doctors, teachers, and
cleaning up the environment.
 1996
– Limits were put on how
long people could collect
 “Block Grants” given out to
 People moved from Welfare to
 Strong Economy helped
Contract with
America –
Promised term
limits, a balanced
amendment, tax
cuts, tough crime
laws, and welfare
Newt Gingrinch
Clinton (D) vs Dole ( R)
Strong Economy and
Welfare Reform helped
The Clinton’s were
investigated for the
White Water land
deal in Arkansas in
 Did Illegal $ go
towards Clinton’s
run for Governor?
 Independent
Investigator Kenneth
Starr led the
Starr discovered
Clinton had an
relationship with a
White House Intern
 Clinton was charged
with lying under
oath and obstruction
of justice
 Senate could not
convict him
Oklahoma City Bombing -1995
Columbine HS – 1999
World Trade Center 1993
1992- US peace keepers come under
fire in the African Nation of
Somalia ( Black Hawk Down)
 1994- Clinton dispatches troops to
Haiti, to force the military leaders to
step down’ ( Haitian Immigration)
 1999 – NATO with US participation
launched air strikes against Serbia
Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin & PLO
leader Yassar Arafat signed a Declaration of
PLO recognizes Israel’s right to exist
Israel recognized the PLO as the reps of the
Palestinian people.
256 bombed in Israel by radicals
Rabin assassinated by a right wing Israeli
In July 2000, PLO rejected the all of Gaza, and
90% of the West Bank – New Palestine
Uprising & No Peace
1994 -NAFTA- North American Free Trade
Agreement – Canada, US, Mexico