District Mandated PD required Portfolio for the “Others”

District Mandated PD required Portfolio for TAs
A Reflecting on Practice (Reflection is accurate and perceptive, citing specific
examples.) Choose one.
 Summary of responsibilities
 Reflective journal explaining how you helped a specific student to achieve
success throughout the year
B Collaborating with Teachers and Administrators OR Communicating with
Families (Coordinates projects with others, proactive in reaching out to others)
Choose one.
 Parent communication log (only if applicable to your position)
 Articles for building newsletter
 Log of collaboration meetings with teachers and/or administrators
 Parental invitational events (i.e. college night)
C Maintaining Accurate & Timely Records/Data Management Choose one.
 Budget submitted on time
 Copies of sign in/sign out sheets for students
 Attendance taken (checked for accuracy and frequency at which class attendance
is being recorded)
 Copies of forms given to students/parents for completion
D Participating in a Professional Community (Makes a substantial contribution to
school and district events and projects, may assume a leadership role with
colleagues) Choose two.
 Grade level/department level meeting minutes
 PTA membership
 Club advising
 Coaching
 Voluntary school service (i.e. science fair judge)
 Community volunteer work, outside of the school day that positively impacts
Clinton Central School District (i.e. Dollars for Scholars, Letters to Troops, Ride
for Missing Children participation)
 Participation in school initiatives (committees, activities, events, etc.)
E Engaging in Professional Development (Actively pursues professional
development opportunities and makes a substantial contribution to the profession)
Choose two.
 Participating in professional development workshops and conferences
 Attending special events, lectures, and workshops outside of the school day to
stay current in content area (completion certificate required)
 Taking college courses
Professional organizations and memberships to the teaching profession not
including PTA or CTA except for Executive Board Members
Faculty presentations (pedagogy, newly learned instructional techniques, NYS
updates in content area, etc.)
Mentoring of new faculty member
Presentations for professional educationally relevant organizations
Professionally represents the district at BOCES, Regional, State or Local Levels
(Clinton Music Parents group, guidance network meetings, etc.)
Working on a PLC
F Showing Professionalism (including integrity, advocacy, and maintaining
confidentiality, holds the highest of standards of honesty and integrity) Choose one.
 Participation in CSE meetings (if applicable)
 Presentation to the Board of Education about educational program
 Team leader/department leader
 Log indicating advocacy for students
 Log showing how you support RTI (behavioral/academic)