Compression First a little more bending

First a little more bending - elastic theory
The elastic section modulus
First and second moments of area
Radius of gyration
Short compression members - struts and their design based on cross sectional area and strength
Long slender members
Buckling and length of member - Eulers Buckling Formula
Slenderness ratio
Design of compression members as an iterative process
Elastic theory of bending
General sections in elastic bending
First moment of area
a measure of the distribution of the area of a shape in relationship to an axis
used to find the centroid of an object
The second moment of area
Two types of members are considered
Design of short members is simple
Similar to a cable
we consider cross section area and strength of materials
and in addition quality of product and workmanship
Buckling and slender columns
Unlike short columns where area of cross section and strength are the main factors
LENGTH is the significant factor
So how do we use this