Wise Sage Arms (no picture) Tricep Stretch Shoulder Clock Series

Shoulder Opener Series (Continued)
Wise Sage Arms (no picture)
From previous pose walk the hands close together on the
strap or clasp the hands together.
Rotate the top arm into the head and lift straight back.
Hold for 10 breaths.
Tricep Stretch
From previous pose slide the bottom hand down and
press it straight back to stretch the tricep of the top hand.
Hold for 10 breaths.
Chakra Meridians
Triple Warmer
Vata (releasing tension); Pitta (heart opening);
Kapha (resistance stretching)
Shoulder Clock Series
Stand next to the wall with your
right arm in external rotation
and your palm on the wall at the
6 o-clock position (picture 1).
Engage mula and uddiayana
bandhas and retract the chin.
Hold for at least 5 breaths.
Move on to 5’clock, adjusting
your posture again and holding
for at least 5 breaths.
Continue moving the arm
around the clock in this same
Take a break when needed.
Before moving on from 3 o’clock,
(picture 2) extend the wrist as in the
3rd picture down to experience a
neural tension stretch for 5 breaths.
At 12 o’clock (2nd picture down on the
right), “claw” your fingers and move
your outside hip toward the center of
the room to focus the stretch on
the armpit.
When you are finished with the right
arm, do the left, moving from 6 to 7, to
8 etc.
Vata (tension relief)
Pitta (heart opening)
Kapha (energizing)