Cross Training Winter Church Education

Prayer for Beginners
Facilitator: Nick Loenen
January 12 ~ What is Prayer?
Is prayer delightful, the practice of the presence of God or an
irksome duty interfering with other more interesting
Cross Training
Winter Church
Sundays, January 12
February 23, 2014
Faith Unfolded
Facilitator: Ernst de Vries
The revised version of this book takes a fresh look at
the five points of Calvinism (traditionally summarized
by the acronym T.U.L.I.P.) using the helpful new
acronym F.A.I.T.H.
People who are investigating Christianity will
eventually encounter “deeper” truths about sin,
salvation and living the Christian life. These doctrines,
taught by the Reformed theologian John Calvin, are
sometimes called “the five Point of Calvinism”, or
In F.A.I.T.H. Unfolded, Jim Osterhouse takes a fresh
look at the doctrines of grace through the lens of
scripture. He emerges with a new acronym—
F.A.I.T.H.—and unfolds the riches of God’s truth for a
new generation.
(Quote/photo from Faith Alive Christian Resources)
Note: no class on January 19th.
January 19 ~ Why Pray?
Why, if God has plans and knows what we want and need,
should you spend hours asking him to change his mind?
February 2 ~ How to Pray?
“We cannot plan, organize or manipulate God; but without
careful discipline, we cannot receive him either” Henri Nouwen
February 9 ~ Unanswered Prayer and Physical Healing
Every morning I pray...and then I open the Vancouver Sun to
find a catalogue of unanswered prayers. How is that
possible when Jesus promised, “Whatever you ask in my
name, believing, you will receive”?
February 16~ The Prayer of Suffering
God is often nearer to us, and more effectively present with
us, in sickness than in health. Is that your experience?
February 23~ Prayer as Idol and Blasphemy
God is not always pleased with our prayers. Do your prayer
practices offend God?
What to expect?
Participants will receive Readings, one to two pages, for each
week by email. To receive these please let Nick know by
January 5.
Note: no class on January 26th.