adding your student email to your ipad

Setting up your student email
on the iPad
Step 1.
From your “Home Screen”, touch the
“Settings” icon. Make sure you are
connected to a wireless network. FSCJSTUDENT is the designated wireless
network for students here at the college.
Check your Wifi indicator in the upper left
corner of your screen to confirm you are
If you are not connected, you won’t see the
indicator and you’ll need to connect to a
wireless network.
Step 2.
Touch “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” in the left
bar and then touch “Add Account...” to the
Step 3.
Touch “Microsoft Exchange” in the right
Step 4.
Add your college email address and
password, the same credentials you use to
access Blackboard and Connections.
Press the blue “Next” button to proceed to
the next step. Don’t worry about entering in
the Domain information.
Step 5.
Occasionally, you may need to enter in the
server, if so enter “”
into the box marked “Server.”
Press the blue “Next” button to proceed to
the next step.
Step 6.
Once added your screen will appear like
Step 7.
Press the blue “Next” button to proceed to
save your newly added email account.
Step 8.
Here, your email will show up in you
accounts. It is also on this pane, you can
modify the characteristics of your mail
accounts, like how many email messages
you’d like to display and how much you like
to preview.