Music Terms Quiz

Music Terms Quiz
1) Match the terms on the left with their correct definitions on the right.
______ Interval
A) The number of beats in a single measure of music
______ Meter
B) Two or more consonant or dissonant pitches which often accompany a melody
______ Rhythm
C) The unique quality of sound produced by a particular instrument or voice
______ Harmony
D) The space between two pitches
______ Measure
E) In music notation, the space between two bar lines
______ Timbre
G) A strong, often repeated pattern of sound which has a meter
2) In your own words, define MELODY.
3) Describe the difference between a PITCH and a CHORD.
4) Describe the difference between a MAJOR and a MINOR harmony.
5) For the following examples, identify whether the harmony is CONSONANT (C) or DISSONANT (D).
a. _______________ b. ________________ c. _______________ d. _______________
6) For the following example, come up with THREE words to describe the TIMBRE of the singer’s voice.
7) For the following example, choose two elements of music from the list below. Then describe the example
using those particular elements. Please write at least three sentences for each term you choose.
Term #1 ______________________
Term #2 ______________________