Chapter 8 Reflection Describe the process of fixation. When you're

Chapter 8 Reflection Describe the process of fixation. When you’re reading a text and you read individual words, instead of reading individually you read them in clumps called fixation. Fixation helps you read faster and make reading easy. Why is comprehension more important than speed? You’re reading the material for a reason; if you don’t understand it then you’re not benefiting yourself. Comprehending the material at your own pace is more important than trying to read the material without understanding it. A lot of the time I find myself reading at a speed because I want to read the material and get it done and over with, if I don’t understand the material, I’ll have to end up reading it again until I can comprehend. It’s better to read it at my own pace and make sure I understand the material. Differentiate between passive and active reading. The attitude towards reading a material, if you have a positive attitude you become active and ready to accept what you’re reading. Passive reading is not caring about what you read; you’re reading it because you have to. Most students are passive readers, they read the material because they have to and get something out of it, and they don’t look at the big idea and think that it will help them succeed in class. Discuss three strategies for reading online material. Navigate your way around websites and check for needed additional programs. This can help you and help reading the website smoothly. Instead of waiting the last minute to read the material, it’s best to prepare yourself for the unexpected. Take notes, just like reading printed material; take notes with a computer or with paper. Make reading comfortable for you, if you can’t see the text, enlarge it so you can see it. Don’t let the screen of the computer ruin your sight, take breaks. What are some of the effective ways of taking notes while reading? Highlighting, annotating, charts, mapping, outlining, and keywords. There are many ways to take effective notes. It depends on which method is more effective. With highlighting you can read the material and highlight the things that interest you or that you think are important. Annotating is like putting emotion and questions next to the text. If you read a paragraph, you can add a little comment that summarizes the paragraph in your own words. Find an effective method that helps you comprehend easy to the reading material and to the notes that you took. How can you use tick marks to help you improve your reading ability? After reading a material, you can create a short summary of it and write it. In the end it will look like a summary and it’s in your own words, which can help comprehend easily. Instead of re-­ÔÇÉreading the material all over again, you have your notes you took to help. Why is recitation an important part of reading comprehension? It’s a reassurance that you know and understand the material you read. If you don’t know how to recite the material then it’s clear that you don’t understand it. You also have the material memorized to make it easier to study.