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Becoming Human – Interactive Documentary – For each of the segments in the documentary, check off each section after completely watching/re-­‐watching the segments of the documentary until you have a good understanding of the information explained. Then answer the questions for each segment. Name of the Check off Questions that can be answered from watching each segment. segment watched after watched Prologue (introduction) Evidence: Hadar Evidence: Lucy Evidence: Reconstructing Environments Anatomy: The Common Ancestor Anatomy: Walking Tall Anatomy: Turkana Boy Lineages: Cave Man Lineages: Extinction What question does the narrator ask right at the first? In what country did Don Johanson begin his digging for fossil hominids? Who was Lucy? What does a paleoecologist do? In 1871, naturalist Charles Darwin proposed that apes and humans must have shared a ____________________________________ Some footprints were discovered in a bed of rock created some 3.5 million years ago named the Latolii footprints. What did these footprints show? What was significant about the Turkana Boy skeleton? In other words, how was this fossil of the species homo erectus different from earlier hominid fossils? How were Neanderthals (cave man) distinctly different from modern humans? What happened to the Neanderthals?