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ITEC 3220 3.0A Using and Designing Database Systems
Fall 2014
Course Logistics
Class Information: Tuesday 11:30am -2:30pm – ACW 205
Name: Prof. Z. Yang
Office: TEL 3049
Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00 - 11:00am
Office Phone:
Required Text: Database Systems. Design, Implementation, and Management, 10th
Edition- Peter Rob & Carlos Coronel
Reference Texts: tba
Course website:
Important Dates
Midterm Date:
No Class (Reading Week)
July 9, 2013: Last day to drop the course without receiving grade
July 29, 2013: Last day of class for your course
Course Description
This course broadly examines databases, trends in database management systems
and their application in a wide range of organizational areas. The course will
provide an overview of database processing, both historical and discussion of recent
trends in database management. The importance of databases in modern organizations
will be emphasized and the course will illustrate the range of choices available for
data and knowledge management. Examples will be provided of application of
various approaches to managing data and knowledge in a variety of different types of
organizations. Students will be exposed to a range of tools, including a relational
DBMS. The course will provide the students with exposure to a number of topics
relevant to modern information systems and management.
Course Evaluation
Assignment 1:
Assignment 2:
The evaluation is based on the letter-grade system below:
90 – 100: A+ Exceptional
60 – 64: C
80 – 89: A Excellent
55 – 59: D+
75 – 79: B+ Very Good
50 – 54: D
70 – 74: B Good
40 – 49: E
65 – 69: C+ Competent
<40: F
Fairly Competent
Marginally passing
Marginally failing
Class Policy
Academic honesty: Academic Integrity Tutorial results required – See Class Schedule.
Timelines: Deadlines are firm; no late submissions allowed.
Communication: All course participants must use the valid York University E-mail
accounts via Moodle Messages. email accounts may not be used in this
course - Be sure that your Moodle profile is appropriately set. All participants are also
required to activate the York University student "Web Page" account (not to be confused
with WebCT) , via Manage My Services –
Attending classes: All participants are individually responsible and accountable
for staying current with all material covered in classes and updates, announcements and
communication forum threads disseminated online.
Medical certificates: Only York University's Attending Physician's Statement Form is
accepted as valid medical documentation.
Content covered during exams: (TBA)
Accommodations for students with special needs: Students with York approved
accommodations must communicate with the Instructor and provide support
documentation – scanned document attachments to email messages are acceptable.
Courtesy in classroom. Everyone is expected to conduct themselves with decorum and
respect for all participants.
Tentative Schedule
Sept 9
Database concepts and the relational
database model Sept 16
Entity relationship model
Assignment 1 starts
Sept 23
Sept 30
nt 1 is due
nt 2 starts
Oct 7
SQL + lab
Oct 14
SQL + lab
Oct 21
Assignment 2 is due
Oct 28
Database design & case study
Nov 4
Transaction management and concurrent control
Nov 11
Transaction management and concurrent
control (cont’d) Data warehousing
Nov 18
Oriented database Nov 25
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