Career Development Plan

Career Development Plan
Table of Contents
Explanation of your job analysis information
To be able to win the market in new places such as Puerto Rico, the company must be able to
have the strategy of investing on its people. The job description of five people who will be
setting up the sales, marketing and operations for the new market must have a working
knowledge of the culture of Puerto Ricans in order to have a tight grasp of consumer needs. The
job analysis that must go with this requirement should include a detailed and accurate job
description inventory and an efficient and effective employee selection and recruitment to ensure
the best job fit possible. The five team grand plan must include a person who will focus on Sales,
After Sales, Marketing, Operations and Logistics Support.
Description of your workforce planning system
The heads of important departments must be able to size up their department in order to gain
an organizational tree for the company that is not too fat or too lean. For Operations for instance,
it must have the right numbers of forecasted consumer requirements in order to have the right
capacity, equipment and manpower planning. The planned and required people to work under
operations must be just enough to fulfill Service Levels to customers to avoid having the
company over-promise quality of service. The Sales and Marketing Heads must be able to
accurately size up the demand of the market in order to have the right manpower complement in
fulfilling their department’s goals. Since the company is just starting in Puerto Rico, these
departments must be able to pump up the pipeline of requirement and design a magnificent
marketing plan to have the people make InterClean a household name and commodity. The Sales
department, must in turn, is able to support marketing initiatives by ensuring that grass roots
customers are well taken into consideration in the Sales processes. The After Sales department is
where the feel of customer service and taking in complaints are focused on. This should be
properly equipped to ensure that the needs of the customers are addressed and provide feedback
to the company on how well they are doing in serving customers. The Logistics department must
be able to support all the requirements of other departments to ensure that each team achieves
Identification of selected employees, your selection method and its advantages
and disadvantages and a rationale for the choices
The need for experienced team members is very crucial in a setting up a business unit
especially if this will happen in a foreign land. Since the set-up is the start of something that will
surely have birth pains, getting experienced people on their own fields is crucial to ensure that
learning lessons would not be the main theme of this business activity given the big investment
and expected return on investment is expected. The pressure is on the team in ensuring that the
trust given is worth the risk that investors are putting into this endeavor. Therefore, it is very
important though that besides getting experienced people to do the job, they should have the
capacity of knowing the local culture. There must be an intersection between the global
standards of InterClean in doing the business versus the local expectations of the Puerto Ricans
in order to have a feel of the market that they are the top of the mind when the company is doing
their business. The demands of the market must be running in their blood stream and there
should be big self-motivating attitude in their working behavior that must fuel them in the startup process. Thus, having a strong and solid experience, knowledge of the culture and excellent
working attitude are the requirements and basis for the selection and recruitment process.
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