Blender Models

DT228 Graphics & Image Processing
Lab 7: Blender Modelling & OpenGL
In this lab we will take a look at modelling 3-D objects in the blender tool, shown in
figure 1 below. In this lab we will model a simple character in blender, export this
model and view it within OpenGL.
Figure 1: A screenshot of a character being modelled in Blender
Task 1: Begin by installing Blender from the website This will
require Python to be installed also which should be possible.
Task 2: Begin by reading the blender interface and window tutorials available at:
Interface tutorial:
Window tutorial:
Task 3: There are a selection of fantastic Blender tutorials available at:
should follow the first step of the “Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Modeling a Simple
Person” tutorial to create the simple man shown in figure 2.
Figure 2: A simple man modelled in Blender
Task 4: Save your model as a .blend file and export your model as Lightwave .lwo
file. There are a many other choices for export formats, including your own custom
format, but the .lwo format is relatively easy to read into OpenGL.
Task 5: Use the project LightwaveLoaderNet (based on code from Ultimate Game
Programming) to load your model and display it in OpenGL.
Task 6: Continue through the rest of the Simple Man tutorials, or try the army jeep!