Project Finance

Course Code
Course Title
Project Finance
Course Objectives
This course is designed to impart a basic introduction to the principles and practice of project finance
andappraisal. The learning’s from the course will come handy even for those who plan to be
entrepreneurs in the future.
Course Description
Course Outline
Introduction to Project Finance - Description of Project Finance Transaction, difference
between corporate finance and project finance, Structuring the Project, Limited Resource
Structures- BOT, BOO, Leasing Techniques
Risks in project Financing-Risk Identification, Risk management, Risk Assessment, Sensitivity
Analysis, Scenario Analysis
Valuing Projects- NPV, IRR, MIRR, Real Options, Decision Trees and Monte Carlo Simulations
Financing Projects- Raising Capital In international Markets, Project financing structures
Social Cost Benefit Analysis- Shadow Prices and Economic rate of return
Environment Appraisal of the project and Detailed Project Report
Course Delivery
Lectures, Case Discussions, Simulations and Practitioners sessions
Prasanna Chandra, Projects, Planning Analysis, Selection, Financing, Implementation
and Review, Tata Mcgrah Hill, 7th edition
Reference Books & Additional Reading Material
Benjamin C. Esty, Modern Project Finance: A Casebook
Frederik Pretorius ,Project Finance for Construction and Infrastructure: Principles and Case
Esteban C. Buljevich, Yoon S. Park, Project Financing and the International Finance
E.R. Yescombe ,Principles of Project Finance