EE 3222 Electrical Circuit Analysis II

EE 3222 3 Credit Hours
Spring 2009 EE 3222 Electrical Circuit Analysis II Contents Sinusoidal Steady State Analysis. AC Circuit Power Analysis. Polyphase Circuits. Complex
Frequency, Circuit Analysis in s-domain, Frequency Response. Magnetically Coupled Circuits.
Prerequisite EE3221 (Electrical Circuits I) Text Book Engineering Circuit analysis, Hayt, Kemmerly, and Durbin, 7th edition. McGraw‐Hill Course webpage Update class schedule, homework assignment, homework solutions, and additional material will be posted online at: Grading Policy Homework, Quizzes(in class, 10%
announced and unannounced), and attendance Two in‐class midterm exams
50% (25% each) Final exam
Class Policy Regular attendance of the class is required. When having a conflict with a scheduled exam, pre‐
announced quiz, or scheduled homework, one must notify the instructor by email in advance so that suitable arrangement can be made Office Hours and Location (subject to change) Mon Tue Wed Thu 11:00‐12:00pm (EE446)
Instructor Dr. Yazan A Alqudah Office: EE446 Phone: (962 6) 5344701 Ext 339332 Email: [email protected]