Electricity Extra Resources and Ideas

Electricity Activities KS2
Starter Activities (Year 3 to 6)
L3 – know that a complete circuit is needed for
electrical devices
L4 – Able, with help, to draw circuit diagrams
to represent circuits
L5 – Able, independently, to draw circuit
diagrams to represent circuits
- Draw an electric component diagram with
your finger in the air
Mistakes of circuit component diagrams and
how should be done
- Pass the electron around the circle no gaps
then a gap to show how it can’t travel around
incomplete circuit
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Electricity Activities KS2
Steady Hand Game (Year 5/6)
L3– To be able to construct simple circuits to
make electrical devices work.
Give the children the following resources: cells
and holders, wires with crocodile clips, bare
wire ,base boards, blu-tack, buzzers, short
dowelling rods, old coat hangers. Tell them they
are going to make a steady-hand game and try
it out to see if it works.
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Useful Websites
- www.coxhoe.durham.sch.uk/
Electric Circuits N Childs
Learning Circuits J Cooper M Jenner
- www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/ changing circuits