Warm-Up 1/7/14
Take the next 15 minutes and complete the
“Electricity” portion of the concept map.
This is review from before break, so feel
free to grab your notes or a book (Sections
20.1 and 20.2)
20.3 Electric Circuits
Tuesday 1/9/14
Electric Circuits
A complete, conducting path through which
charge can flow
Parts of a Circuit
To use electrical energy, a complete circuit
must be made.
Circuits typically include a voltage source, a
conductor such as wire, and one or more
devices that use the electrical energy to do
Circuit Symbols
Symbols are used to represent parts of a
Bulbs behave like a resistor—they
limit the current passing through—
and can be drawn both ways
Series Circuits
Have only one path through which charge
can flow
If one part stops working, the whole circuit
goes out! (like flashlights and some
Christmas lights)
Parallel Circuits
Have 2 or more paths through which
charge can flow
If one part stops working, rest of the circuit
can still work (like the circuits in your
Your Job
Complete the circuit sketches on the back
of the notes. Be careful to notice when I
ask for series or parallel!
Tomorrow we will check the answers for
this AND the Ohm’s Law (V=IR) from
before break.
TEST NEXT Wednesday 1/15