24 April 2015 Dear Parent/Carer Year 12 study leave 2015 and

24 April 2015
Dear Parent/Carer
Year 12 study leave 2015 and arrangements for the rest of the term
I am writing to clarify arrangements for all Year 12 students who will be taking study leave later this term
for their AS exams. Study leave will commence on Monday 11 May with Friday 8 May being the last day
of lessons, and students will return to lessons after the exams on Monday 8 June. There are a small
number of exams in the week commencing 8 June but we would ask that all students attend school from
Monday 8 June, so that A2 courses can begin in earnest as soon as possible, with students taking only the
necessary time away from lessons to sit their last AS examinations.
As work towards the A2 element of the courses commences immediately as students return from study
leave, it is vital that all Year 12 students attend as normal for the rest of the term. We also ask that all
students continue studying all of their courses until the end of the summer term as they cannot be expected
to make a final decision on any subject ‘drops’ until after the AS examination results in August.
It is important that students refrain from booking holidays or taking any time off until after the last day of
term (Friday 17 July). This is particularly relevant in the case of students who are repeating Year 12 who
may anticipate going away with friends currently in Year 13. This half term of learning is vital, not only to
make a thorough start to the A2 courses but also to begin the process of applying for university places for
2016 entry or alternative post-18 options. On 8 June periods 1 and 2 will be used to launch UCAS to
Year 12, having already been introduced to the options in post 18 education. Students may also wish to
begin an EPQ, Extended Project Qualification, for which there is a preparation day planned for Friday
12 June.
The only exception to this is agreed absence for pre-booked university open days which are a valuable
source of information for students intending on applying through UCAS for 2016. Many open days fill up
quickly and therefore students should book online with the relevant institutions as soon as possible. If
students wish to attend an open day during term time they should complete an open day form, available
from their tutor and return it in advance of the date of absence. It will also be the student’s responsibility to
see their subject teachers before each day of absence and to catch up on any necessary work.
Following their return from study leave each student in Year 12 will have a ‘futures’ meeting with a senior
member of staff to discuss their plans for Year 13 and beyond and we will be arranging practice interviews
for those students who may be interviewed as part of the selection process for university places later in the
year. Students are currently completing an intentions form to inform their ‘futures’ meeting.
We are holding our annual Sixth Form Induction Day on Wednesday 17 June for all of our students who
are starting Year 12 in September 2015. In order for this to happen, and so that these students can
experience the full range of subjects they have chosen for A Level study, it will be necessary to collapse the
timetable for the day for our current Year 12 students. As such, Wednesday 17 June will be a study day,
and Year 12 students are asked not to come into school on that day. Staff will provide work for students to
do at home which is relevant and which will support their A2 studies so that the day is productive.
Work experience week is 6th to 10th July for current year 12 students. This is a new initiative to provide
students with the opportunity to gain a valuable insight into a potential career and inform further their
future choices. Forms for work experience should already be returned to the office, if however these are
outstanding please ensure they are returned as soon as possible.
Finally, we realise this is a crucial time of the year for our year 12 students, we thank you for supporting and
encouraging them and we wish them well in their examinations.
If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please feel free to contact me through the usual main
school office number.
Yours faithfully,
Rachel Hopwood
Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form