Russia's New Aerospace Forces- Effective at Countering the

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On! August! 1,! 2015! Russian! President! Vladimir! Putin! signed! decree! No.! 394.! The! document!
authorised! the! creation! of! a! new! branch! of! the! Russian! military! H! the! Aerospace! Forces! (AF).! The!
reformed! structure! is! unlikely! to! deter! threats! to! which! the! Kremlin! thinks! it! is! most! vulnerable! H!
could! benefit! from! cooperation! to! counter! a! jointly! perceived! threat! of! Chinese! ASAT! weapons.!
space!resilience!effort. 2 Russia’s'New'Aerospace'Forces:'Effective'at'Countering'the'Kremlin’s'Key'Perceived'Threats?'
The! Soviet! Union! historically! treated! air! and!
space! operations”! (Bodner).! In! part! the! move!
space! as! separate! theatres! of! war,! and!
has! resonated! in! Washington.! The! U.S.,!
delineated! command! authority! for! the! Air!
Force,! air! defence,! and! space! assets! among!
test,! has! commi\ed! to! increasing! space!
different! command! structures! with! limited,! if!
any,! overlap! (Bodner).! Worried! that! such!
responses! to! homologous! perceived! threats!
division! was! “absolutely! obsolete,”! and!
increasingly! concerned! about! countering! the!
U.S.! Prompt! Global! Strike! Program! (PGSP),!
new! Chinese! antiHsatellite! weaponry! (ASAT)!
and,! to! a! lesser! degree,! North! Atlantic! Treaty!
Organisation! (NATO)! forces,! Russian! military!
of! the! air! force,! air! defence,! antiHmissile,! and!
space! forces! under! a! single! command.! In!
defence! and! space! forces! (Bodner;! Bodner;!
explaining! the! reorganisation! Russian! Defense!
Minister! Sergei! Shoigu! cited! the! need! to!
enhance! coordination! and! efficiency! in!
countering! emerging! and! novel! threats!
a! new! branch! of! the! military,! the! Aerospace!
(Una\ributed).! While! some! analysts! concur!
Defence! Forces! (ADF).! The! ADF! was! tasked!
with! the! official! logic,! others,! such! as! military!
with! “defending! Russian! airspace! from!
expert! Aleksandr! Golts,! argue! that! the! main!
airborne! and! spaceHborne! a\acks”! (Bodner).!
“advance”! of! the! development! rests! in! the!
Further! consolidation! occurred! on! August! 1,!
“generals! receiving! posts! in! the! new!
2015! when! Russian! President! Vladimir! Putin!
structure”! (McDermo\).! The! truth! likely! is!
signed! decree! No.! 394.! The! document!
authorised! the! creation! of! a! new! branch! of! the!
Russian! military! H! the! Aerospace! Forces! (AF).!
Although! the! reformed! structure! may! be! less!
The! newlyHcreated! AF! will! be! responsible! for!
to! deter! threats! to! which! the! Kremlin! thinks! it!
force! arsenal! and! managing! air! and! missile!
is! most! vulnerable.! These! include! hypersonic!
d e f e n c e s! [ a s! we l l! a s! h a ve ]! c o m p l e t e!
missile! a\acks,! a! capability! the! U.S.! is!
Program.! Hypersonic! missile! a\acks! could!
existing! Joint! Space! Operations! Centre! (JSOC)!
render! obsolete! Russian! air! defence! systems,!
because! the! la\er! are! “deterrent! against! longH
range! bombers! armed! with! conventional!
California! (Clark).! Like! their! Russian!
weapons! traveling! at! supersonic! and! subsonic!
counterparts,! American! defence! planners! fear!
speeds”! (Beckhusen).! By! contrast,! hypersonic!
that! China’s! growing! ASAT! capabilities! could!
missiles! H! launched! at! distances! that! exceed!
Russia’s! ability! to! shoot! back! H! could! “smash!
they! ever! leave! their! silos”! (Beckhusen).!
There! is! cause! for! concern.! Beijing! has!
Although! Moscow! is! developing! its! equivalent!
conducted! a! series! of! tests! in! space! of! at! least!
one,! and! possibly! two,! of! their! own! ASAT!
systems.! At! least! three! of! these! tests! included!
the! destruction! of! a! target! (Weeden).! Most!
significantly,! the! January! 2010! ASAT! test,!
“went! nearly! to! [geostationary! Earth! orbit]!
GEO,”! the! location! of! many! U.S.! national!
Regardless! of! whether! Russia! is! correct! to!
security! satellites! (Clark).! Appreciating! a!
perceive! a! threat! from! NATO,! the! purpose! of!
common! threat! in! China’s! developing! ASAT!
capabilities! could! offer! an! area! of! cooperation!
Rather,! the! exclusion! of! Russia’s! Strategic!
to! Moscow! and! Washington.! However,!
measures! would! need! to! be! taken! to! foster!
the! country’s! landHbased! intercontinental!
ballistic! missiles! H! “suggests! a! defensive!
These! could! include;! bilateral! information!
orientation! to! the! new! force”! (Bodner;! Gady).!
sharing! within! defined! parameters! and!
Despite! not! being! best! suited! to! repel! the! key!
t e c h n i c a l! s p e c i a l i s t s ’! e x c h a n g e s .! T h e!
perceived! threats! facing! the! country,! the!
cooperation! could! be! further! hindered! by! the!
creation! of! the! AF! in! Russia! has! not! gone!
other! factors! driving! the! U.S.! effort! to! enhance!
Despite! the! common! threat! of! Chinese! ASAT!
to! streamline! its! spaceHoriented! forces! under! a!
capabilities,! bilateral! cooperation! on! the! issue!
single! command.! Similarly,! seeking! to! ensure!
between! Moscow! and! Washington! may!
space! resilience,! the! U.S.! defence! community!
encounter! additional! hurdles.! Namely,! in!
addition! to! fearing! Chinese! ASAT! capabilities,!
a! backHup! H! the! Joint! Interagency! &! Coalition!
Washington! also! is! worried! by! “rising! Russian!
4 Russia’s'New'Aerospace'Forces:'Effective'at'Countering'the'Kremlin’s'Key'Perceived'Threats?'
Jr).! Moreover,! U.S.! officials! are! concerned! by!
threat! by! the! Kremlin.! Similarly,! the! AF! is! not!
“Russia’s! recent! use! of! ‘hybrid! warfare’! to!
annex! Crimea! and! undermine! Ukraine,! and!
counter! potential! NATO! airstrikes,! another!
o t h e r w i s e! a n t a g o n i s e! N AT O ”! ( C l a r k ;!
critical! perceived! threat! by! Russian! officials.!
Zolotukhina).! Although! there! is! ample!
However,! its! creation! in! part! prompted! U.S.!
evidence! to! back! the! la\er! worry,! support! for!
authorities! to! enhance! space! resilience.! In! this!
the! former! is! less! evident.! Moscow,! which! is!
sphere,! both! Moscow! and! Washington! share! a!
reportedly! developing! ASAT! capabilities,! has!
common! threat! H! vulnerability! to! increasingly!
recently! “launched! an! undeclared! object! into!
sophisticated! Chinese! ASAT! weapons! which!
countering! the! mutual! threat! would! be!
important! to! ascertain! Russia’s! intentions! as!
advisable.! However,! such! a! course! of! action! is!
likely! to! be! stymied! by! other! factors! fuelling!
a\ack! U.S.! satellites.! Certainly,! unlike! Beijing,!
Moscow! has! not! yet! tested! ASAT! weapons.!
Nevertheless,! however! wellHfounded,! these!
additional! concerns! fuelling! the! U.S.! effort! to!
augment! space! resilience! may! undermine!
The! newlyHformed! Russian! Aerospace! Forces!
potential! RussianHAmerican! cooperation! to!
are! not! intended! as! an! offensive! force! to!
counter! the! jointly! perceived! threat! of! Chinese!
counter! NATO.! Instead,! the! exclusion! of! the!
Washington! and! Moscow! and! Moscow! could!
benefit! from! collaborating! on! the! mutually!
Russian! defence! planners! had! hoped! that! the!
perceived! threat! posed! by! Chinese! ASAT!
creation! of! the! AF! earlier! this! month! would!
weapons.! ConfidenceHbuilding! measures! and!
foster! enhanced! coordination! and! efficiency! in!
additional! information! regarding! Russia’s!
countering! key! perceived! threats.! These! aims!
development! of! its! own! ASAT! capabilities!
have! been! dashed.! The! AF! likely! would! be!
ineffective! against! a! hypersonic! missile! a\ack.!
However,! such! cooperation! is! likely! to! be!
impeded! by! the! RussoHphobic! factors! fueling!
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