'Which element am I?' poem challenge The poem below

‘Which element am I?’ poem challenge
The poem below includes a variety of references to chlorine and its properties.
The idea is for students to look at the text, firstly to identify the element and secondly, more
importantly, to work out what the references to properties and uses relate to.
The purpose is to put the concepts in a different form so that revisiting ideas becomes more
Ed Walsh
Some might call me a little obsessive,
the way I like to keep things clean,
I am bacteria’s biggest foe,
I am the king when it comes to hygiene.
Whenever you go camping
and you drink from a natural stream
just pop me in your water bottle;
one pill of me holds a germ-killing team!
I’m used in anaesthetics
and I help the pain to ease,
you can spread me round your kitchen
to avoid catching disease.
I’m used to clean your bathroom,
I can make PVC,
face it kids, you’d find it hard
to live your life without me.
If that’s not enough to convince
you that us elements are cool,
remember next time you go swimming;
that’s me who smells good in the pool!
Ellie Walsh