BIOPOEM for Frankenstein (Point of View)

BIOPOEM for Frankenstein (Point of View)
Directions: Use what you have previously learned to complete the following Biopoem. This assignment requires
higher order thinking skills by requiring you to apply the terms you have already learned and use them to create
your own poem.
You are to complete this as the Monster or as Victor. Each section of the poem must correctly use examples of the
literary terms listed after the line. If you are unsure of the definition of a term look it up online or ask someone in
class! All terms have been previously studied in previous or the current English course 
Line 1: First name:____
Line 2: Four traits that describe character: ____,____, ____,____ characterization
Line 3: Relative(brother, sister, daughter, etc.) of __________
Line 4: Lover of ___,___, ___(list three things)
Line 5: Who feels ___,___,___(three items)
Line 6: Who needs ___,___,___(three items)
Line 7: Who fears ___,___,___(three items)
Line 8: Who gives ___,___,___(three items)
Line 9: Who would like to see ___,___,___(three items)
Historical themes/issues
Line 10:Resident of _____
Romanticism/Gothic/Science Fiction
Line 11:Last name:____
You can work on this project with a partner or alone. Once you have written your final copy we will be using
digital storytelling software to animate your poem.
Final copies of your poem are due Friday, May 20. Final copies must be typed.