National Anthem Vocabulary Words hailed

National Anthem Vocabulary Words
hailed-to welcome with a shout; cheer
streaming-to float or fly
gleaming-a faint light or one that lasts only a short time
twilight-the dim light just after sunset or sometimes just before sunrise
spangled-a small, shiny pieces of meatal, especially any of a number of these sewn or glued
on cloth for decoration
dawn-to begin to grow light as the sun rises
broad-large from side to side
gallantly-brave or noble; daring
glare-to shine so bright that is hurts the eyes
perilous-dangerous; risky
ramparts-a bank of earth, often with a wall along the top, surrounding a place to defend it
banner-a piece of cloth with an emblem or words on it; a flag
bursting-a sudden or outbreak; explosion