“ An insurance broker needs to be knowledgeable, genuine

“ An insurance broker needs to be knowledgeable, genuine, compassionate, and accessible. I am proud
and delighted to say that I am a client of Ms. Amy Tong who is above and beyond these qualities.
Amy is very patient and diligent. She took the time to sit down with me on several occasions to explain
everything I needed to know about insurance plans, and helped me to find the best possible plan that
would suit my needs. Before submitting my application, Amy had an interview with me, and obtained
detail information for my case which she subsequently sent to insurance company for tentative
comments. At that time she clearly explained to me that the application did not contain any medical
information as a paramedical exam was required. Amy had done a lot of communication back and forth
with the insurance company during the underwriting period.
Not having enough knowledge of the application procedure, could lead to misinterpretation and
confusion. Amy makes sure everything is clear before finalizing the plan. She works very hard to
customize her services to her clients. She is passionate about her job and that’s what makes her
trustworthy. I highly recommend her as an insurance broker. Should you have any questions, please do
not hesitate to contact me”
- Dr. Somayeh Nourian