Name Plant Adaptations Use the website

Name __________________________
Plant Adaptations
Use the website Go to each one of the listed biomes and
answer the following questions.
1. Plants that store water in their stems or leaves are called ___________________.
2. Root systems in desert plants are ________________ or ________________________.
3. Spines are an adaptation of what plant part? _____________________ What are some
advantages to spines?
4. How can leaves adapt to reduce water loss?
Temperate Grasslands
5. How have grasses adapted to fire? (Hint: at least 2 ways)
6. Water loss is reduced by __________________________________________________
7. Wind is a constant factor. Name two ways plants have adapted to windy conditions.
Tropical Rainforest
8. Rainforest soil is thin and shallow. What root adaptations help hold plants up?
9. Water run-off is encouraged by at least 3 adaptations:
10. How do plants on the forest floor pollinate?
Temperate Rain Forest
11. What is an epiphyte? (Hint – look back at the rainforest)
12. Give 2 examples of Temperate Rain Forest epiphytes.
13. What is a “nurse log”?
Temperate Deciduous Forest
14. What does deciduous mean?
15. Describe the life cycle of the leaves of a deciduous tree.
The Taiga
16. What is the advantage of being evergreen?
17. How do conifers’ shapes help them?
18. What makes the needle a good adaptation for this climate?
19. How has the climate affected the size of tundra plants?
20. Name 3 adaptations that tundra plants have to protect against wind and cold.
Water Plants
21. How has floating in water affected the dispersion of chlorophyll in the leaves of water plants?
22. Why are aquatic plants not as rigid as many land plants?