Temperate rain forest pp

By: Noor Al Thani & Shaikha Fakhroo
How the temperate rainforest looks
How the animals adapt in the
temperate rainforest
 Adaptation can take many years. However, since
each animal is born with different traits, the ones
with an advantage survive. For example, birds
with smaller beaks might survive more easily in
the new condition. In addition, each animal has its
own way of adapting, whether it is to change its
time of the year that it hibernates, or the time that
it picks its food. There is no real pattern of
adaptation, it varies on the species.
 2
Map of the rain forest
Animals that live in the temperate
rain forest
 The Abiotic factors are:
 The temperature
 The soil
 Light
 Moisture
 dense foliage
Human activities that affect the
 The effects on the tropical rainforest because of human activities are:
 They chopped down the trees that block the sunlight, and they take minerals,
flowers, and other things to make beverages and medicine. They kill animals in
order to get food, and when they do this, they throw the food chain and the
society off. E.G if they killed snakes, more frogs can live and eat more grass
and plants, then there will be no grass and plant left. I believe they are bad
because it will affect the food chain and then animals will die and we wont have
food to eat.
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