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Death in Gaza
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Theme: Major conflicts often arise from a desire for self-determination, religious identity, and political
Need to Know Vocabulary:
1.self-determination – _________________________________________________________________________
2. martyr – __________________________________________________________________________________
3. Bedouin Arabs - ____________________________________________________________________________
Discussion Questions:
1. In the opening scene, the Israeli military targets a suspected militant by destroying the car he is
driving. Describe the reaction of the young Palestinians in the time that follows.
2. Describe the conditions in the Palestinian territories of West Bank and Gaza.
3. Why do the young Palestinians risk danger by throwing rocks at Israeli tanks?
4. What does the lesson being delivered by the Palestinian teacher indicate about the relationship
between Israel and the Palestinians?
5. What words does she use that provide evidence of this?
6. How do Palestinian resistance groups recruit new members into their organizations?
7. What role do children play for resistance organizations?
8. What type of propaganda is used by the Palestinians (both people and militant groups)?
9. How does the Palestinian mother interviewed seem to contradict herself regarding her son’s future?
10. What role do Bedouin Arabs play for the Israeli government?
11. Has your view of either of the groups involved (Israeli or Palestinian) changed throughout the course
of this documentary?
12. Do you support the Israeli or Palestinian side of this conflict more strongly? Explain.
Student Generated Questions
Directions: Compose (2) questions that you have based on the documentary Death in Gaza.
Question #1 -
Answer -
Question #2 –