Personal Narrative Ring

Personal !
Narrative !
I want to tell you about When
step #1
step #2
step #3
why it happened
OR how you felt
and then
and then
Personal Narrative Ring Directions:!
Goal: To help students share personal narratives so that their information is sequential and includes !
the needed details for a peer or adult listener to follow what they are trying to share.!
Materials: Print the Personal Narrative cue cards, laminate, cut, punch a hole in the upper left hand !
corner of each card and put them on a ring.!
Ways to use: the ring:!
1. Practice using the ring with sequencing cards to help the student share a narrative with picture!
support. !
2. Model for a student how to share a personal story with the ring, have them share their narrative !
and then practice it with a variety of listeners (teachers and peers) to encourage multiple practices !
and generalization.
by Amy Federer, April 2012