Mr. Diveny
Career Exploration Coin Workbook Assessment Rubric
Our Coin Workbook is divided into Rings/Chapter/Sections. Each new ring will introduce
us to new concepts and new vocabulary that will become part of our daily work and
discussions. Students will be required to keep this workbook up to date by completing each
ring when it is assigned. Class time will be dedicated to this task and students that do not
complete the work in the time provided are recommended to take it home to do so. The
following scale will be used to assess each ring and reflect the quality of the completed ring.
All directions must be followed and the answers must be neatly done so that they can be
read. Only students that have a valid reason for not being up to date will be given
permission to turn it in one day late.
97-100 points= Excellent responses all areas neatly done and directions fully followed.
94-96 points= above average in response with all sections completed.
90-93 points= Student completed many areas with quality.
85-89 points= Student followed most instructions with all areas completed
80-84 points = Student completed all areas but several may be difficult to read and in some
areas directions were not followed.
75-79 points = Student failed to complete some sections or student failed to follow
70-74 points =Less then a quality effort given for this section. Several parts were not
69 points or less = this score will be determined based on how much of the ring was
completed and at what level of quality was presented. Students that score in this range will
discuss with Mr. Diveny how they can do better on the next section.
Student _________________________________________
Ring # ___________________________________________
Grade _____________________________________________