Gilgamesh Questions Chapters 1 through 4

Gilgamesh Questions Chapters 1 through 4
Chapter 1
1. What were the walls of Uruk built on?
2. Describe the walls of Uruk.
3. Why did Gilgamesh leave the city of Uruk?
4. What was unusual about Gilgamesh’s parentage?
5. Describe Gilgamesh’s character as a young man.
6. What plan did the nobles of Uruk devise to bring about a change in Gilgamesh?
7. Describe Enkidu’s birth and appearance.
8. Why was the hunter upset with Enkidu?
9. What does the hunter’s father suggest as a way to make Enkidu more “human”?
10. What effect did being made more human have on Enkidu?
Chapter 2
1. What did Enkidu’s heart long for?
2. Why didn’t Enkidu eat the food in the shepherd’s hut?
3. After he finally ate, what did Enikdu do to make the life of the shepherds easier?
4. Which god did the woman say particularly loved Gilgamesh?
5. Who is Gilgamesh’s mother?
6. Gilgamesh told two dreams to his mother. What did she say they were really about?
7. Why did the people of the city of Uruk fear and resent Gilgamesh?
8. How did Enkidu and Gilgamesh become friends?
Chapter 3
1. Why is Enkidu sad at the beginning of this chapter?
2. What is Gilgamesh’s suggestion?
3. Who is the protector and preserver of the cedar forest?
4. Which of the two, Gilgamesh or Enkidu, is most afraid of beginning the adventure?
5. Which god does Enkidu say is in charge of the cedar forest?
6. Why is Gilgamesh so intent upon having this adventure?
7. How many men of the city of Uruk went with Gilgamesh?
8. What was Ninsun’s final act in this chapter?
Chapter 4
1. How many miles did the men walk each day?
2. What did Gilgamesh do that irritated Enkidu?
3. To what animal is Gilgamesh always compared?
4. Whose home was the Cedar mountain?
5. What happens to Gilgamesh nearly every night?
6. What did Gilgamesh do to get the monster’s attention?
7. Who does the monster call for help?
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