Young Place Shapers participation model

Young Place Shapers participation model
Creative Leaders
Advisory group who support YPS
project development and delivery
2 Creative Leaders represented on
Board of Trustees
Hit Squads
Groups of young people who
come together to deliver
Could also accompany staff/trustees to practical action in communities –
meetings and events to share their
can be one off and/or day
activities or medium to longer
May recruit to be Creative Leaders but term projects. Each hit squad will
could also emerge from hit squad
be mentored/supported by one
activity. Will encourage new young
people to join in order to ensure group or two YPS Creative Leaders. May
be interested in becoming a
is evolving as members move on.
Creative Leader.
Young people who dip in and out
of activity depending on their
interests and time. May progress
onto being regular members of
the YPS Hit Squads and/or
Creative Leaders.
Progression can occur from either end of the model
What do young people do and gain
from their involvement?
Creative Leaders
Work with YPS staff and trustees to shape
creative approaches for young people to
get involved and improve their
communities through environmental and
social lens. Will represent charity at key
meetings and events and influence local
decision making.
Hit Squad
Practical action such as conservation or
guerrilla gardening, environmental
projects e.g. informing adaptation
planning, research on environmental
problems, repairing, integrating creativity
e.g. bench painting, sculpture making into
improvements, campaigning, attending
local events.
Environmental and social issues
Local community
Key decision makers
Environmental and social issues
How to influence local decision making
Local community issues
Tasks: Helping out on an ad-hoc basis,
supporting hit squads with their
Environmental and social issues
Local community issues
Community members and decision makers Team working
Applying creativity within a project model
Communication skills
Translating ideas into action
Team working
Practical skills
Project development and management
Communication skills
Communications and recruitment
How to improve/care for the local
Ways to improve/care for local
Public speaking
Project management/delivery
Interacting with the public/residents
Interacting with the public
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