Article Summary Format

Article Summary Format – Science Research
Please format your summary EXACTLY as described below. Include all material
required. If you cannot find some pieces of information consider finding an
alternative article.
Number all sections to match the categories below
Type or NEATLY PRINT your work
10% off for each day the article is late
Name: ___________________________________ Due Date: ____________ Period: _______
1) Article Title
2) Article Sources: where did you get this, page number(s), date published, website url,
Note on website articles: make sure they are from a respectable site.
Try to stick with .edu, .gov or well known .com’s
3) Article Author(s): list all of the author(s) of the article in alphabetical order. If you
cannot locate an author’s name, find another article
4) Other Work Cited Information: this is just additional information to help you find this
article again should you need to re-examine it. This part is optional but strongly
5) Article Summary: in your own words (not cut and paste from the article), briefly and
clearly summarize the main points of the article. This part should be between 100-250
words in length.
6) 3 insightful and thought provoking questions: based on your reading and summary,
generate at least 3 questions about the article you had after reading.
7) Most Interesting: write a sentence or two describing what you found most interesting
from the article.
8) Other Notes: provide any additional information/ideas/thoughts that you would like.
Not required, but strongly suggested.