Vocabulary Survey - the Northfield Township English/Language Arts

Vocabulary Survey
1. How often do you pre-assess students’ vocabulary knowledge prior to reading
a selection to determine vocabulary understanding?
Most of the time
2. How often do you consider students’ prior knowledge when instructing in
word learning?
Most of the time
3. How often do you consider students’ learning styles when providing
vocabulary instruction?
4. How often do you pre-teach vocabulary for a reading selection?
5. How often do you teach vocabulary via direct instruction using prefixes, roots,
suffixes, and compound words to unlock meaning?
6. How often do you assess vocabulary taught?
7. How often do you provide opportunities to use newly learned vocabulary?
8. How often do you use discussion to promote new vocabulary?
9. My classroom reflects a rich vocabulary learning environment, such as word
walls, new vocabulary words highlighted in the room, etc.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
10. My students use technology in vocabulary learning.
11. I use formal and informal assessments for determining word knowledge.
12. I teach my students strategies to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words in
13. I use specific vocabulary strategies for English Language Learners.
14. My students understand that value of understanding, learning, and applying
new vocabulary in speech and writing.
15. My students read widely in a variety of genres, which results in increased
vocabulary learning.