children’s diabetes foundation at denver — summer 2015
Brass Ring Luncheon
The Carousel Ball Kickoff
at the BDC
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Brass Ring Luncheon Kickoff photos: © Merideth Harris Photographers
Carousel Ball Kickoff photos: © Glenn Janssen
Brass Ring Luncheon Kickoff
Save the
Brass ring
Friday, November 13
9:30 AM
Marriott City Center
For tickets and information
call Susie Hummell
Eva Schoonmaker, Brass Ring Luncheon Chair and Sharon Gelt, Kickoff Chair
Brass Ring
he Guild held a
fantastic kickoff
for their Brass
Ring Luncheon on
July 22 at Epernay
in downtown Denver. The
evening was full of delicious
food, an exciting fashion preview,
and heartfelt speeches.
Sharon Whiton Gelt, the Kickoff Chair, thanked everyone
for coming and introduced Eva
Schoonmaker, Chair of the Brass
Ring Luncheon. Eva excitedly
announced that BCBGMAXAZRIA
will be presenting the luncheon’s
fashion show this year and a
video gave a wonderful preview
of the beautiful designs yet
to come. Dana Davis, Interim
Executive Director, and Shane
Hendryson, thanked everyone for
their continued support of the
Children’s Diabetes Foundation
and the Barbara Davis Center
(BDC) whose efforts make a real
difference in people’s lives and
Don and Debbie Frei
Kelly Meagher
in the future of diabetes care.
members of The Guild. These
speeches were a wonderful
testament to the difference the
BDC has made in the lives of
diabetics and their families.
As the highlight of the evening,
four Barbara Davis Center
patients (Christina Finch, Hanna
Fey, Julie Sklar, and Kelly
Meagher) gave speeches about
their experiences with diabetes
and the BDC. Diabetes adds
difficulty to growing up, feeling
normal, and socializing in new
situations, but these patients
were not deterred by the disease
at all. They have clearly risen
above the complications thanks
to the BDC doctors, nurses, and
The Brass Ring Luncheon will
take place on November 13
at the Denver Marriott City
Center. For information on
the event, please visit www.
On the Cover:
1. Christina, Larry & Lori Finch
2. Julie and Betsy Sklar
3. Emma, Andrea and Hannah Fey
n May 27, the
Foundation held a
kickoff for the
infamous Carousel Ball, which
will take place on October 2 at
the Hyatt Regency in Denver.
This exciting evening will honor
Paige and John Elway for their
philanthropic efforts in the
Denver community. The event
will also include entertainment
by Usher and David Foster.
The kickoff was held at the
Barbara Davis Center for
Childhood Diabetes (BDC) at
the Anschutz Medical Center
Children’s Hospital Aurora
campus. Attendees were able to
take tours of the facilities led by
Dr. Satish Garg. Everyone was
amazed by the intensive research
and specialized clinical care
provided by the BDC. Dr. Marian
Rewers and Dr. David Maahs
spoke about their research,
including the advances of the
closed pump system, which will
be an incredible breakthrough
for diabetes management.
Dana Davis and Shane
Hendryson are the Carousel
Ball’s chairs and Dana’s mother,
Barbara Davis, will serve as the
honorary chair. Dana Davis is
the Interim Executive Director
for the Children’s Diabetes
Foundation, as well as Marvin
and Barbara Davis’s daughter
and inspiration for creating the
Barbara Davis Center due to
her diagnosis as a child. Dana
spoke about the incredible work
the BDC is accomplishing and
expressed her thanks for the
passionate staff whose efforts
make the BDC one of the leading
diabetes centers in the world.
The center has never turned a
patient away despite financial
needs and they are continually
going above and beyond the call
of duty.
Neil Diamond generously
donated two front row seats to
his concert held in Denver, which
were sold in a rousing auction.
Additional thanks go to Jay’s
Valet for their valet services,
Michael Jultak Floral Designs for
donating the floral centerpieces,
and Occasions Catering for a
fantastic meal. Peteybird Ice
Cream was another fantastic
supporter of the event as they
provided dessert for attendees
outside of the BDC, providing a
sweet ending to a sweet night!
On the Cover:
1. Dr. Marian Rewers
2. Cameron, Tracy, Madeline and
Ashley van Orman
3. Shane Hendryson, Dana Davis,
Paige & John Elway
4. Dr. Satish Garg, Mrs. Linda Chase
& Dr. Peter Chase,
Arlene Hirschfeld, Steve & Cindy
Farber, Brent Farber
and Diane Huttner
This Page:
1. John Elway, Dana Davis,
Steve Farber
2. Kim Durand and Parker Durand
3. Russ Frerichs, Nancy Cowee,
Sally Frerichs, Linda Broughton
The Carousel Ball Kickoff
Carousel Ball
Kickoff 2015
Barbara Davis Center
CU Anschutz Researchers Leading the Way in
Telehealth Innovative approach for young
adults with type 1 diabetes
— Ryann Nickerson, University Communications
esearchers from
the Barbara Davis
Center at the
University of
Colorado Anschutz
Medical Campus have launched
a major clinical study using
telehealth to target youth with
type 1 diabetes (T1D) with the
help of over $1 million in gifts,
including $960,000 from The
Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley
Charitable Trust.
The focus is on patients aged
18-25 who often experience
a significant lapse in routine
diabetes care that can result
in poor glycemic control that
doesn’t improve until their
mid-20s. This can cause acute
complications including frequent
hospitalizations, increased risk
for long-term complications and
higher medical costs.
“Young adults struggle more with
management of their diabetes
than any other age group, and
we must find a better approach,”
said primary investigator
Jennifer Raymond, MD,
assistant professor of pediatric
endocrinology at CU Anschutz.
“Unless things improve, this
population will continue to be
at high risk for hospitalizations,
early complications and death.”
Research has shown patients
aged 18-25 are not meeting
hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)
targets, not checking blood
sugars as recommended and
routinely miss insulin doses.
Building on the successes of an
existing high school age study
group framework called ‘Team
Clinic’ – a program also run
at the Barbara Davis Center –
researchers view telehealth as a
valuable tool for intervention and
education of older youth in this
Colorado Youth Type 1 or CoYoT1
(said: coyote) study.
Using the Team Clinic model
to streamline clinical care
delivery to this often-challenging
patient population, this study
will determine if telehealth can
provide solutions for a slightly
older demographic without
placing additional burden on
youth, families, or clinics. Like
the Team Clinic approach,
CoYoT1 is designed to maximize
the benefits of peer support by
delivering care in a technologydriven, young adult-focused
shared medical appointment
(SMA) model to mitigate the
sense of isolation that often
accompanies chronic illness.
“Telehealth has offered
major transformations and
innovation in the health care
delivery system to address
patients both in urban and
rural communities,” said coinvestigator Fred Thomas, PhD,
assistant professor of psychiatry
and epidemiology at the CU
School of Medicine. “For youth
with diabetes, especially those
leaving home for the first time
and/or going to college, we hope
using telehealth will result in
better care coordination and
care management, reducing
barriers such as the necessity
to travel for follow-up care
preventing future complications,
thereby lowering the costs of
Thomas, who is also director
of telemedicine at Children’s
Hospital Colorado, said
Children’s is engaged in dozens
of telehealth projects impacting
pediatric clinical practice and
education and he is optimistic
that it will allow physicians to
monitor not only patients with
T1D but also youth with other
chronic diseases.
“The transition of pediatric
patients into the adult world
is a major medical issue and a
high-risk time period, especially
for those with a chronic illness,”
said Raymond, who also works
at Children’s Hospital Colorado.
“We know that young adults have
many competing demands, like
work, school, friends, and social
activities, and management
of their diabetes is, very
understandably, not at the top
of their list. Our goal is to meet
young adults where they are, by
use of resources they already
have, such as iPads, smart
phones and laptops. Telehealth
can help us provide the standard
of care in diabetes without
significantly disrupting their
daily lives.”
Along with the $960,000 from
the Helmsley Charitable Trust,
the Barbara Davis Center
at CU Anschutz contributed
an additional $190,804 to
the program for a total of
Barbara Davis Center for
Diabetes (BDC) at CU Anschutz
and Children’s Hospital Colorado
have collaborated closely for
several years. Over the last three
years, the BDC and Children’s
have successfully used telehealth
for BDC patients with diabetes
mellitus living in Wyoming
and communities in Western
at Risk for
Show Immune
After Oral
CU Anschutz researcher says
finding may lay groundwork
for future vaccine.
Medical Campus say could
possibly lay the groundwork for
a vaccine against the chronic
The pilot study, published
Tuesday, April 21, in the Journal
of the American Medical
Association (JAMA), was carried
out in the U.S., Germany, Austria
and the United Kingdom.
“This is the first time we have
seen a healthful immune
response from any therapy used
in children who are at a high
risk of type 1 diabetes,” said
Georgeanna Klingensmith, MD,
professor of pediatrics at the
University of Colorado School of
Medicine at CU Anschutz, who
led the U.S. side of the research.
“The results showed that it was
safe and none of the children
developed diabetes, insulin
antibodies, or hypoglycemia.”
— David Kelly
hildren at risk
for type 1
diabetes, who
were given daily
doses of oral insulin, developed
a protective immune response
to the disease that researchers
with the Barbara Davis Center
for Childhood Diabetes at the
University of Colorado Anschutz
Klingensmith said children
receiving the highest dose of
oral insulin showed the greatest
immune response.
Type 1 diabetes is a chronic,
life-threatening disease. Children
who have the disease must inject
insulin several times a day for
the rest of their lives because
their own immune system has
killed the cells in their pancreas
that create insulin.
In this study, children who had
a strong family history of type 1
diabetes were given oral insulin
or a placebo once a day for three
to 18 months to determine if the
insulin could provoke an immune
response without side-effects.
The children were between two
and seven years old.
Only two out of 10 children
treated with a placebo showed
any immune response.
But among those receiving oral
insulin, the immunity increased
with the dosage.
16.7 percent of children who
received 2.5 mg of insulin a day
saw an immune response.
33 percent of children who
received 7.5 mg of insulin
showed an immune response.
83.3 percent of children
taking 67.5 mg of insulin a
day demonstrated an immune
“The results show that the oral
insulin was safe,” Klingensmith
said. “They also tell us that we
need to do a larger trial with
more children to see if these
findings hold up.”
While Klingensmith is reluctant
to read too much into the
findings, she said under a best
case scenario, they could lead
to the development of a vaccine
for type 1 diabetes.“That is the
ultimate goal,” she said.
Barbara Davis Center
The program has allowed these
patients to schedule follow up
appointments at facilities closer
to home while maintaining
continuity with the pediatric
endocrinologists at the BDC. The
use of telehealth technology has
led to decreased travel, less time
off from work and school and
improved follow up with their
diabetes providers.
The study was funded by the
Juvenile Diabetes Research
Foundation. It was led by
Ezio Bonifacio, PhD, of the
DFG Center for Regenerative
Therapies, Technische
Universität Dresden, Germany.
Andre Tarver
Barbara Davis Center
Dr. Philippa Marrack and husband John Kappler, PhD
John Kappler, PhD,
Professor of
Immunology and
Microbiology and
Interim Scientific Director of
the Barbara Davis Center for
Childhood Diabetes, has been
awarded the prestigious Wolf
Prize in Medicine in Israel.
Founded by Dr. Ricardo Subirana
y Lobo Wolf and his wife
Francisca, the Wolf Foundation
awards prizes to outstanding
scientists and artists “for
achievements in the interest of
mankind and friendly relations
among peoples.”
The 2015 Wolf Prize in Medicine
honors three immunologists
for their contributions to the
understanding of key antigenspecific molecules and their role
in immune response in health
and disease. Dr. Kappler and
his wife, Dr. Philippa Marrack,
jointly lead the Kappler Marrack
Research Lab at National
Jewish Health. The $100,000
prize was divided between the
Kappler Marrack team and Dr.
Jeffrey Ravetech of Rockefeller
Drs. Kappler and Marrack have
made numerous important
discoveries regarding the
functioning of the immune
system. They were the
first to isolate the T cell
receptor. Together, they have
contributed extensively to
our understanding of the
nature of antigen processing
and major histocompatibility
complex (MHC)-restricted
peptide presentation. They have
explored positive and negative
selection of T cells in the
thymus, T cell superantigens,
and the evolutionarily conserved
structural relationship between
T cell receptors and MHC
For the past six years, Dr.
Kappler has collaborated with
investigators at the Barbara
Davis Center on the nature of the
peptide/MHCII complexes that
drive islet autoimmunity leading
to type 1 diabetes. In 2015, he
was named the Interim Scientific
Director of the Barbara Davis
Center and has established
the Dr. John Kappler Research
Laboratory at the Center. In
addition to his own research and
providing scientific direction,
Dr. Kappler will play an active
role in recruiting the permanent
Director of the Division of Basic
and Translational Research at
the Barbara Davis Center.
2015 ATDC
his year marked
the 25th
anniversary of the
ATDC (Keystone)
Along with celebrating this
fun and exciting milestone,
we also hosted nearly 600
participants (another record)
from throughout the United
States, China, Germany and the
United Kingdom. Our group of
world-renowned diabetes experts
was assembled by Conference
Director, Satish K. Garg who
has spearheaded ten of these
unique conferences. Timely
topics for both type 1 and type
2 diabetes, such as “Brain in
Children with Type 1 Diabetes:
DKA & Hypoglycemia”, and “Is
Hypoglycemia an Issue with Type
2 Diabetes” were presented to
the participants who were eager
to learn the most up-to-date
diabetes information.
We extend our special
appreciation to the following
Guest Speakers, Educational
Grant and Supporting Sponsors
and Exhibitors for sharing
their exceptional knowledge
and providing extraordinary
financial assistance to this year’s
Keystone Photos: ©Jeff Bergeon
Sanfi-aventis U.S.
Medtronic Inc. Diabetes
Eli Lilly and Company
DexCom, Inc.
Roche Diabetes Care
Sanofi Diabetes
Johnson & Johnson Diabetes
Solutions Companies Lifescan,
Animas and the Johnson &
Johnson Diabetes Institute
BD Medical/Diabetes Care
Abbott Diabetes Care
Tandem Diabetes Care
Novo Nordisk Inc.
Sir George Alberti, MD
Professor of Medicine
Kings College School of Medicine
University of Newcastle upon
Tyne, London, United Kingdom
Todd Alonso, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
& Pediatrics, Barbara Davis
Center for Childhood Diabetes
University of Colorado School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
Stephanie Amiel, MD
Professor of Diabetic Medicine
Kings College School of Medicine
University of Newcastle upon
Tyne, London, United Kingdom
Richard Bergenstal, MD
Professor of Medicine,
Executive Director
International Diabetes Center
Minneapolis, MN
Bruce Bode, MD, FACE
Associate Professor of Medicine
Atlanta Diabetes Associates
Atlanta, GA
Steve Clement, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Georgetown Diabetes Center
Washington, DC
Marian Rewers, MD, PhD, Satish K. Garg, MD, Dana Davis and H. Peter Chase, MD
H. Peter Chase, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Barbara Davis Center for
Childhood Diabetes
University of Colorado School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
Alan Cherrington, PhD
Professor of Molecular
Physiology & Biophysics
Professor of Medicine
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN
David D’Alessio, MD
Professor of Medicine
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH
Ralph DeFronzo, MD
Professor of Medicine
University of Texas
Health Science Center at San
Antonio, San Antonio, TX
Guido Freckmann, MD
Professor of Medicine
Institut fur Diabetes-Technologie
Forschungs, Universitat Ulm,
Helmholtzstr, Ulm, Germany
Samita Garg, MD
Assistant Professor of
Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
Satish K. Garg, MD
Director, Adult Clinic
Professor of Medicine and
Pediatrics, Barbara Davis Center
for Childhood Diabetes
University of Colorado School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
Allison Goldfine, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard
Medical School, Boston, MA
Kevan Herold, MD
Professor of Immunobiology &
Yale University, New Haven, CT
Irl Hirsch, MD
Professor of Medicine
University of Washington Medical
Center Roosevelt, Seattle, WA
Georgeanna Klingensmith, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Barbara Davis Center for
Childhood Diabetes
University of Colorado School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
David Maahs, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Barbara Davis Center for
Childhood Diabetes
University of Colorado School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
Barbara Davis Center
Naresh Mandava, MD
Professor & Chair
Rocky Mountain Lions Eye
Institute, Department of
University of Colorado School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
Aaron Michels, MD
Assistant Professor
Barbara Davis Center for
Childhood Diabetes
University of Colorado School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
Barbara Davis Center
2015 Keystone Conference Attendees
Trevor Orchard, MD, FAHA,
Professor of Epidemiology,
Pediatrics & Medicine
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA
Andrea Steck, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Barbara Davis Center for
Childhood Diabetes
University of Colorado School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
Sarit Polsky, MD, MPH
Endocrinology, Metabolism &
Diabetes Instructor
Barbara Davis Center for
Childhood Diabetes
University of Colorado School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
William Tamborlane, MD
Professor of Pediatrics, Deputy
Director, Yale Center for Clinical
Investigation, New Haven, CT
Mary Voelmle, FNP
Barbara Davis Center for
Childhood Diabetes
University of Colorado School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
Robert Ratner, MD
Chief Scientific & Medical Officer
American Diabetes Association
Alexandria, VA
Judy Regensteiner, PhD
Professor of Medicine, Director
Center for Women’s Health
Research, University of Colorado
School of Medicine, Aurora, CO
Marian Rewers, MD, PhD
Executive Director
Professor of Pediatrics and
Medicine, Barbara Davis Center
for Childhood Diabetes
University of Colorado School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
Satish K. Garg, MD
David S. Schade, MD
Professor of Medicine and Chief
Division of Endocrinology
University of New Mexico School
of Medicine, Albuquerque, NM
Elizabeth Seaquist, MD
Professor of Medicine
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
Viral Shah, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Barbara Davis Center for
Childhood Diabetes
University of Colorado School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
Gail Spiegel, MS, RD, CDE
Manager of Nutrition Services &
Senior Instructor
Barbara Davis Center for
Childhood Diabetes
University of Colorado School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
Darrell Wilson, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Lucile Salter Packard Childrens
Hospital, Stanford School of
Medicine, Palo Alto, CA
Phil Zeitler, MD, PhD
Professor of Pediatrics and
Endocrinology, Children’s
Hospital Colorado, University
of Colorado Denver School of
Medicine, Aurora, CO
We also thank the conference
staff at the Keystone Resort
and Conference Center whose
hospitality once again made
our group experience a fun and
memorable experience.
Mark your calendars!
The 2016
ATDC Conference
will be held
July 14-17.
Although not everyone was able
to make a catch for the day, the
day was filled with beautiful
weather and lots of fun for all
who attended. We hope everyone
will consider coming out next
year for the 4th annual event.
Fly Fishing Day for
Barbara Davis Center Kids
and Families
he Guild of the
Foundation and
the High Plains
Drifters joined together once
again for the 3rd Annual Reel
‘Em In Fly Fishing Day on
Sunday, June 14, 2015.
The event was originally
scheduled to take place at Lake
Lehow, but due to flooding in
the area, the fishers headed
up to the ponds at Buchanan
Recreation Center in Evergreen.
While there, they learned about
equipment, entomology, knot
tying, casting, etiquette and
practiced tying their own fly.
After a break to
recharge and eat
a picnic lunch,
the fishers spread
out across the two
ponds to practice their new
skills for the afternoon. Assisted
by the volunteer instructors,
the kids learned how to assess
which fly to use and how to cast
Some participants had instant
success, reeling in large, 14”-16”
rainbow trouts, while others had
to wait much longer for a bite,
learning that patience is the key
when fishing.
Families who are interested in
learning about other upcoming
social events hosted by The
Guild of the Children’s Diabetes
Foundation are encouraged to
like us on Facebook and follow
us on Twitter to get the most upto-date information.
Carousel Days
Carousel Days
TEDDY Science
Study (The
of Diabetes in
the Young), an observational
research study looking for
the causes of type 1 diabetes
mellitus (T1DM), recently hosted
a Science Day for participating
families. The day was a success
with over 260 people attending
the event at the Barbara Davis
Center for Diabetes. Children
were Jr. Scientists for the day
completing 6 experiments and
learning about the science
behind TEDDY, the study they
have been a part of since they
were born. Children had fun
making mini lava lamps, learning
about the different components
in blood, and extracting DNA
from a strawberry. TEDDY
scientist, Dr. Joe Petrosino
from Baylor University, spoke
to the families about how all
the different kinds of things
that grow in their bodies (the
microbiome) are related to their
Fifteen years is a long time
to participate in a research
study. By offering families fun
educational events TEDDY
hopes to keep children engaged
and interested in being a part
of this important study. Those
families that love participating
will be more likely to stick with
TEDDY all the way to the end
and will make a big difference in
scientific discovery.
Strawberry DNA – Photo: Rachel Karban
Dr. Joe Petrosino – Photo: Roman Prieto
Blood Components – Photo: Roman Prieto
Lava Lamp – Photo: Rachel Karban
— H. Peter Chase, MD
at age three? Why did I get
diabetes at
age ten while
person got it
That is a good
and we only
know part of the
answer. The
first part relates to genetics
(heredity). One HLA gene is
inherited from each parent. If
one parent contributes a DR-3
and the other parent a DR-4
HLA type, the offspring has
a DR3/DR4 HLA type. This is
the highest combination for
developing diabetes and might
result in an earlier onset. In
contrast, a combination of DR3/
DR3 or DR4/DR4 might result
in a slower onset. We also know
that people who have three isletcell antibodies develop diabetes
more rapidly than people with
two antibodies (and more
rapidly than people with one or
no antibodies). It is likely that
factors in the environment, such
as some viral infections, may
also lead to an earlier onset.
Photos: Ashley Countryman – ©
What is
happening with
the “bionic”
The first part
of the bionic
pancreas (a
of an insulin
pump, a CGM, and mathematical
formulas) is already
commercially available. It is
the “Threshold Suspend” (or
“Low Glucose Suspend”) with
an algorithm to turn off the
Medtronic 530G insulin pump if
a glucose value falls below the
lower limit (often 60 mg/dL).
This system reduces time spent
with low glucose levels during
the night by about 38 percent.
It was previously thought that
parts of the bionic pancreas
would be approved by the Food
and Drug Administration (FDA)
in steps. Thus, the predicted low
glucose suspend feature (which
we have been doing research
on) is going to be next. This
decreases time spent below
60 mg/dL at night by over 80
percent. We had initially thought
overnight control might follow,
etc. Instead, the FDA has now
said to go ahead and develop all
of the features together. Studies
are initially done in the hospital
(we completed some hospital
studies two years ago), then in
a supervised setting (a camp
or hotel) and finally in a homesetting. A group in England has
let the way, and is already doing
a three month home study of the
bionic pancreas in youth. The
Barbara Davis Center Pediatric
and Adult Clinics have recently
completed “hotel” studies of the
complete bionic pancreas and
will soon move to home studies.
In summary, the bionic pancreas
is coming much quicker than
the initial JDRF prediction
year of 2023. It could instead
be commercially available as
early as 2017. This will make
life much easier for people with
diabetes and should greatly
reduce high and low blood
sugar levels. Hopefully, HbA1c
levels will also decline and
complications from diabetes will
be avoided.
Questions and Answers
Questions and
Guild Guide
for Hope:
A Success
orking with Jewels
For Hope has
helped us connect
with so many
amazing people
through a myriad of channels.
We receive many emails and
calls about donations waiting
to make their way into our
hands. For all, we are grateful!
In this particular case, it is a
lovely woman named Theda who
called the Children’s Diabetes
Foundation (CDF) office looking
for information on Jewels For
Hope. She had just helped move
her sister to a retirement home
and was now in the process
of downsizing her sister’s
Reaching into her sister’s jewelry
drawer, she found a bright pink
organza bag on top and inside
was a beautiful necklace with
the Jewels For Hope card stuck
inside. This packaging is unique
to Jewels For Hope and affirms
that each piece is a treasure
unto its own and has just now
found a new owner.
Guild Manager, Susie Hummel,
expressed that Jewels For Hope
supports the Barbara Davis
Center in Denver, which in
turn helps families in need and
assists in conducting important
research towards a cure. Theda
made a meaningful donation to
Jewels For Hope, including the
necklace in the pink bag and
then asked how she could tell
others of our work.
As luck would have it, Jewels
For Hope was having a sale
in conjunction with the Crazy
Merchant’s VIP sale, so Theda
said she would stop over and
pick up donor information. It
was so nice to finally put a face
with the name, and then get to
actually show her our physical
items and let her experience
one of our sales. We learned
that Theda was a member of the
Potenza Lodge Ladies Auxiliary
and wanted to inspire her fellow
members to make donations
as her service project for the
year. To date, we have received
another round of donations from
the Potenza Ladies Auxiliary.
With the delivery of more donor
cards to Theda, there is no
telling how much more we will
Before Theda left our sale, she
turned around and perused our
jewelry and what she found was
the beautiful necklace her sister
had purchased and cherished! It
had found its way back to Jewels
For Hope for its next home.
If this article has inspired you
to reach out for donations,
please let us know how can help!
Contact Susan Squyer, Chair at
[email protected] or
The Egg & I
he Children’s
Foundation was
honored to have
been chosen
as the recipient of proceeds
received from The Egg & I
Restaurant (2240 Mercantile
Ave., Castle Rock, CO) on their
grand opening training day.
Invited guests were given the
opportunity to order and receive
a complimentary breakfast
or lunch. The Egg & I asked
guests to consider a donation
to benefit us. As a result, we
were presented with a generous
check. Thank you so much for
your support!
Jared Leonard, Susie Hummell
DECA Donation
arbara Bolen,
Business Teacher
and DECA
Advisor at
Heritage High
School, has given her students
the opportunity to “give back”
to a non-profit charity of their
choice. Barbara Davis Center
Patient and Heritage High
School student, Alison Packer,
presented her request on our
behalf and luckily, her charity
was chosen. The DECA Club
hosted a Mr. Eagle Contest with
proceeds of the event to be
presented to The Guild of the
Children’s Diabetes Foundation.
Proceeds went to support the
Charlotte Tucker Scholarship
Program. Thank you DECA Club.
We appreciate your generosity!
Teresa Miller, Susie Hummell,
Cal Weatherly, Teresa Towns-Weatherly
he Guild
Membership Tea
was held on
Monday, February
9, 2015 at the
Madden Museum. It was a
fabulous day to thank current
members for their dedication
and to welcome new members to
the team.
Jewels For Hope was crowded
all afternoon as guests looked
through their wonderful “Heart”
jewelry in celebration of
Valentine’s Day.
Following the brunch and
meeting, Joan Janis delivered
a message that was truly from
the heart. After overcoming a
severe speech impediment, Joan
became a speaking professional,
a feat that would not have been
possible without incredible
strength and courage. She was
a true inspiration to everyone
as she expressed her mission to
increase women’s confidence and
A Cut above
the rest
imothy D’s Salon
hosted a Cut-a
Thon fundraiser to
benefit the
Children’s Diabetes
Foundation’s Charlotte Tucker
Scholarship Fund on Sunday,
April 26, 2015. Participants
received stylish cuts and color
for making a donation to the
CDF scholarship fund. The goal
was for people to donate what
the price of their cut/color would
have been. The money raised
provided one extra scholarship
for a BDC patient.
Fancy tea settings
Joan Janis
Guild Guide
Barb Oberfeld, Shelley Lucas, Tangy Buchanan
Christina Finch hosted this event
along with her mother Lori.
Christina also held a bake sale
with a friend from Regis Jesuit
High School. Continuing the
generosity, Timothy D’s raffled
off baskets and gave away door
Guild Guide
The Guild 2015
Executive Committee
Honorary Chairman
Barbara Davis
Shelley Lucas
Tangy Buchanan
Christy Alberts
Diana Docktor
Recording Secretary
Barb Oberfeld
Judy Chiodo
past president
Dalyla Creaghe
n Monday, July 13, The Guild of the Children’s Diabetes
Foundation at Denver presented the 7th Annual High
Hopes Golf Tournament at the Glenmoor Country Club
in Cherry Hills Village, sponsored by NexGen Resources.
Players were welcomed to the course by volunteers
handing out gift bags, boxed lunches, and custom fitted golf gloves
with a Children’s Diabetes Foundation ball marker.
After a brief warm-up, players took to the course with a shotgun start.
The beautiful weather and donated beverages made for a great day on
the course. Players were able to participate in multiple contest holes,
including a $10,000 cash prize, provided by O’Meara Ford and Gary
and Sally Newcomb.
After the tournament, players were treated to a cocktail hour and
awards ceremony. Delicious food and beverages were provided while
players shopped through the array of stunning baskets and watches in
the silent auction.
The tournament raised funds to support Guild programs along with
clinic and research programs for the Barbara Davis Center for
Diabetes. These programs include the Helping Hand program (which
provides monetary assistance for extreme financial hardships),
education and diabetes awareness, the Charlotte Tucker Scholarship
Program, and children’s events such as the Halloween Party.
Jamie Angelich
Gail Johnson
Judy McNeil
First Place Winners:
Adstick Custom Labels –
John Kiernan, Angela King,
Darryl Leeson, Sean Miller
Second Place Winners:
Colorado Business Bank –
Aaron Anderson, Bret Kaup,
Doug Pogge, Tom Roos
he Annual Meeting
of the Guild of the
Foundation was
held on Tuesday, January 13,
2015 at Cherry Hills Country
Chairperson Judy McNeil
welcomed the guests and then
introduced Dalyla Creaghe,
the 2014 Guild President.
Special fundraising checks
were presented to Dalyla,
one by Andrea Fey (Gameday
Merchandise) and another on
behalf of Troy & Joy Thollot
(Thollot Diamonds & Fine
Jewelry). Dalyla then followed
with her year-end report,
thanking The Guild for the
continued support in the fight
against diabetes. She then
presented The Guild’s donation
to Dr. Slover, who thanked The
Guild for their support of the
Barbara Davis Center. Gail
Johnson then presented and
installed the 2015 Guild Board.
All eyes were on The Guild’s
newly appointed president,
Shelley Lucas, as she gave an
emotional beginning to her term,
sharing her family’s connection
with diabetes. The meeting was
adjourned and the floor was
turned over to guest speaker,
Dr. Jared Scott. Dr. Scott is the
Attending Physician at Swedish
Hospital in the Emergency
Medical Department and the Air
Life Associate Medical Director
in Denver. He is a Colorado
Task Force One FEMA search
and rescue team member. Dr.
Scott shared stories of strength,
resiliency, and inspiration that
help us learn to overcome
mental and physical barriers to
help us achieve our dreams.
Guild Guide
Annual Guild
Dalyla Creaghe, Barb Oberfeld, Judy Chiodo, Christy Alberts, Tangy Buchanan, Shelley Lucas
Baubles, Bangles
and Beads
If a Bead or a Pearl, a piece of Gold or Silver
Would help toward a cure…
Would you give from your jewelry drawer
To raise money to find a cure?
We have started Jewels for Hope
To help save our true ‘Jewels’
Children who live with Diabetes.
We are asking you to give a piece of jewelry
Real or costume, it does not matter,
Someone else will treasure it knowing
It will help us toward a cure.
Now won’t you reach into your
Jewelry Drawer?
Dalyla Creaghe, Dr. Robert Slover
by Gretchen Pope
Foundation News
Children’s Diabetes Foundation
4380 South Syracuse Street, Suite 430
Denver, CO 80237
Phone: 303-863-1200
Fax: 303-863-1122
s adicionales de “Un primer libro para entender la Diabetes”
New 13th Edition of
Understanding Diabetes
13o Edición
he 13th edition of Understanding Diabetes is now
available! The first and second editions (1970 and 1973)
were small educational books created for close
families. Blood sugar checking or HbA1c values were
not mentioned as they were not yet available and most
patients were on one or two injections of insulin per day. The third
edition (1977) was the first to include the Pink Panther™ figure and
began distribution throughout the U.S. The book now has a total of
358 pages, while the companion 13th edition of the First Book has
120 pages. The First Book was developed for initial learning, whereas
Understanding Diabetes goes into much greater depth for families
who want and are ready for more information. Understanding Diabetes
is only available in English, whereas the First Book is available in
English, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. It is currently estimated that
educational books from our Center have been distributed to over 1
million families over the past 45 years.
H. Peter Chase, MD
David M. Maahs, MD, PhD
Traducido y Editado por
Andrea Gerard González, MD
THE PINK PANTHER™ & © 1964-2015
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
Todos los derechos reservados. All Rights Reserved.
New 13th
Edition of The
First Book in
Major changes in the 13th edition include:
• A chapter on the bionic pancreas
he new Spanish
version of A First
Book for
Diabetes is long
awaited as the number of
Spanish-speaking families
affected by diabetes grows in the
United States. Families in
Central and South America have
also found the book to be a great
• Changes reflecting Colorado school’s single Standard of Care for all
• Recommendations for blood sugar levels and HbA1c values updated
for 2014-2015 ADA recommendations
• Updates on continuous glucose monitors, such as the MiniMed, which allows information to be sent via the Cloud to
an iPhone® or iPod Touch®
• New treatments such as the new ultra-lasting insulin, Tresibia
(insulin Degludec) and the BD Flow Smart pump infusion set,
which will soon be available in the U.S.
• Additional research, focusing on the
prevention of diabetes, the
prevention of complications,
and the bionic
A physician in Costa Rica
wrote, “In fact, the book has
been an extraordinary aid for
our patients at the National
Children’s Hospital.” An educator
from Ecuador wrote that the
book “helps them understand
with an easy language and gives
them freedom to make decisions
in an emergency situation.”
o ar
e w hs
or p iab e
ok f wi th d
A h livin
g di
the ’s dia
Federation (IDF) Life for a Child
ed t
r ch ok pav ance
Program. This is the first edition
he a of thi
or t
in which Dr. Andrea Gerard wayndf handlionur lives.❞
Gonzalez, a native Spanish
speaking physician at the
s Fo
Center, has been in charge of the
& © 1964-2015
Studios Inc.
translation. Muchas gracias, Dr.
All Rights Reserved.
Gerard Gonzalez!
of th
© 1 c.
™ & ios In
TH er Stud
K P -May
PIN ldwyn d.
TH ro-Go eser
Met ights anther
All .pinkp
h E
e pu
et, S
Stre 37
Syra CO ax: 888 tion.o
ou enver, 0 • F unda
63-1 bete
03-8 sDia
e: 3 ildren
Ph w.C
or a
e, M
er C d
an , MD,
id M
Not otally
The book has been distributed
ld t
cou pare u ge
by the International Diabetes
pre hallen tes,
Publications Order form
All our publications may be ordered by using this form, or by calling the Children’s Diabetes Foundation
at 303-863-1200, or by visiting our website at
Children’s Diabetes Foundation • 4380 South Syracuse Street, Suite 430 • Denver, CO 80237
Children’s Diabetes Foundation
4380 South Syracuse Street, Suite 430
Denver, CO 80237
Phone: 303-863-1200 • Fax: 303-863-1122
A handbook for people who are
living with diabetes
“If you only have one book about diabetes,
Understanding Diabetes should be it. There are more
technical books, but none better to help you understand
how to live successfully with type 1 diabetes.
Representing the clinical practice methods of the
Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, the book is both
complete and easy to read ...”
— Jeff Hitchcock, Children with Diabetes
“The Understanding Diabetes” – ‘Pink Panther™’ book
... is an incredible handbook for the child with type 1
diabetes and his family ... Adjustments are complicated
for the type 1 diabetic and traumatic for the whole family
... Having ‘The Pink Panther™’ telling the story adds a
bit of whimsy to a tremendously serious subject, making
the book extraordinarily ‘user friendly’.”
— Lee Ducat, Founder of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
For additional copies of the publication contact:
Children’s Diabetes Foundation
4380 South Syracuse Street, Suite 430
Denver, CO 80237
Phone: 303-863-1200
Fax: 303-863-1122
H. Peter Chase, MD
David M. Maahs, MD, PhD
H. Peter Chase, MD
Satish K. Garg, MD
THE PINK PANTHER™ & © 1964-2014
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Copias adicionales de “Un primer libro para entender la Diabetes”
Children’s Diabetes Foundation
4380 South Syracuse Street, Suite 430
Denver, CO 80237
Phone: 303-863-1200
Fax: 303-863-1122
H. Peter
For additional copies of this publication
Children’s Diabetes Foundation y
777 Grant Street, Suite 302
David M. Maahs, MD, PhD
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-863-1200 or 800-695-2873
Fax: 303-863-1122
Traducido y Editado por
Andrea Gerard González, MD
The Pink Panther™ & ©1964-2010
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
All Rights Reserved
THE PINK PANTHER™ & © 1964-2015
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
Todos los derechos reservados. All Rights Reserved. H. Peter
Chase, MD
David M. Maahs, MD, PhD
by H. Peter Chase, MD & Laurel Messer, RN, MPH, CDE
2nd Edition
13th Edition
THE PINK PANTHER™ & © 1964-2015
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
— Jay Skyler, MD, MACP, past President of the American Diabetes Association
2nd Edition
For additional copies of the publication contact:
“The Understanding Diabetes” – ‘Pink Panther™’ series
has emerged as the gold standard for education for youth
with type 1 diabetes. Drs. Chase and Maahs are always
updating the material so that it is contemporary, readable, fun and on target. The series is indeed a most
valuable contribution.”
For purchasing information call:
13th Edition
13o Edición
13th Edition
What the experts are saying about
the “Understanding Diabetes” –
‘Pink Panther™’ books:
for the challenge
of our child’s diabetes,
but this book paved the
way for the acceptance
and handling of this
change in our lives.❞
understanding diabetes
could totally
prepare us
Understanding Diabetes – “The Pink Panther Book” 13th Edition
Understanding Diabetes – “The Pink Panther Book” 12th Edition
Discounted while supplies last!
A First Book for Understanding Diabetes, 13th Edition
Presents the essentials from Understanding Diabetes
Un Primer Libro Para Entender La Diabetes 13th Edition
Understanding Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors 2nd Edition
Management of Diabetes in Adults 1st Edition
Diabetes: A History of a Center and a Patient
Shipping and Handling:
$5.00 per book for orders of 1-9 books
$2.00 per book for orders of 10 books and over
* Prices subject to change
City, State, Zip:____________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone:______________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________
❏ Check enclosed payable to: Children’s Diabetes Foundation
❏ VISA ❏ MasterCard
❏ Discover ❏ AmEx Card #__________________________________________________________
Expiration Date ______________________________________ Security Code ________________________________________
❏ Please include me on the Children’s Diabetes Foundation mailing list
All orders must be paid in full before delivery.
Books are mailed USPS or Ground UPS. Allow one to three weeks for delivery.
International Purchasing: Please include sufficient funds for books and shipping to equal U.S. currency exchange rates.
THE PINK PANTHER™ & © 1964-2015
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Foundation News
“Tied to a
Cure” Golf
n Monday, July 13,
2015, golfers
gathered in
Parker, CO to play
in the “Tied to a
Cure” Denver Golf Tournament.
Thanks to our incredible group
of 118 golfers, about $180,000
was raised for the Children’s
Diabetes Foundation and the
Barbara Davis Center for
Diabetes. Tournament co-chairs
Michael McDonald, Dan Fuller,
and Todd Schieck, who have
all been personally affected by
diabetes and its complications,
worked tirelessly to raise these
funds for the Center’s worldrenowned research programs in
hopes of finding a cure.
Before teeing up, the golfers
enjoyed a brunch spread and
then headed to hear an inspiring
speech from the Children’s
Diabetes Foundation’s Interim
Executive Director, Dana Davis.
She spoke of the disease’s effects
on her life and thanked everyone
for their continuous support
as the Barbara Davis Center
searches for a cure.
On the course, the golfers were
able to participate in a long
drive with professional golfer
Trevor Consavage and a hole-inone contest, where the winner
would have received a 2015
Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon.
Special thanks go to the
tournament co-chairs Michael
McDonald, Dan Fuller, Todd
Schieck, and our title sponsor,
McDonald Automotive.
Additional thanks to our other
sponsors: Accelerated Services
Auto Transporters; Richard
Bogen, Morgan Stanley Wealth
Management; Lockton; Dealer.
com; Siegel Oil Company;
Fairfield and Woods, P.C.;
PDR Linx; Security Service;
FirstBank; Chris Weatherman,
Allstate; CDK Global; Edmunds.
com; Hawkins & Company.
The date for the 2016 “Tied to a
Cure” Denver Golf Tournament
will be announced at a later
date. Check our website, www.
for updates.
First Flight Winners:
Tony Cristelli, John Frey,
Trip Kerr, and Darren Lay
Second Flight Winners:
Bart Frazier, Steve Anderson,
Patrick Werner,
and Jay Anderson
Third Flight Winners:
Daron Bush, Jarred Black,
Jim Lynch, and Jack Wroten
Las Vegas Golf Flyaway
or the fourth year in a row, golfers will be making their
way to the beautiful Shadow Creek Golf Club in Las
Vegas, NV to attend the 2015 “Tied to a Cure” Golf
Flyaway. Attendees will depart from Denver on
Thursday, November 5 and return on Friday, November 6
after competing in teams of four in hopes of winning a victorious
trophy. The trip accommodations include a stay at the luxurious
Bellagio Hotel in the heart of Las Vegas.
The Children’s Diabetes Foundation is incredibly grateful for the golf
tournament’s chairmen (Michael McDonald of McDonald Automotive,
Dan Fuller of Haley Custom Homes, LLC, and Todd Schieck of
BlueClouds, LLC) for their tremendous effort to raise funds for the
Children’s Diabetes Foundation and the Barbara Davis Center for
Diabetes. Thanks to their efforts, the Barbara Davis Center is able to
give personalized care and funding for over 6,000 children and adults
with type 1 diabetes.
For sponsorship opportunities or to register your team, visit or call Lorie Johnson at
303-948-1234 or email [email protected] We hope to see you
EventWhen Where
Carousel Ball
Friday, October 2, Hyatt Regency, Denver
6 PM To honor John and Paige
Elway for their humanitarian and philanthropic efforts
Boo Bash
Sunday, October 25, 2-4 PM
A spooky party for BDC
patients, ages 2-12 and
their families
Colorado School
of Mines, Green Center,
Golden, CO
Holiday Artwork
Due November 13
See info below
See info below for details
to send in entries
Las Vegas Flyaway November 5-6
Las Vegas, NV
(see page 16)
An extravagant weekend to
golf in Las Vegas and stay
at the Bellagio Hotel
Brass Ring
Friday, November 13 Luncheon
A fashion extravaganza featuring BCBGMAXAZRIA
Denver Marriott City
Calling all BDC Kids!
he BDC needs artwork submissions for their 2015
Christmas card! You can create a Christmas, Hanukkah
or Holiday card and be entered in our contest. Prizes
will be gift cards to Toys“R”Us: First place-$50 gift card,
second place- $25 gift card, and third place- $15 gift
card. Enter as many times as you would like by November 13, 2015!
Winners will have their cards published in the winter Newsnotes!
Tips for artwork:
1. Crayons, colored pencils, paints and markers work best
2. Original drawings (not coloring book illustrations) are most valued
3. Avoid stickers, pom-poms and glitter
Foundation News
Upcoming Events
Kids can create their card at the BDC playroom between October 12
and November 13. If you do not have an appointment during those
dates, submissions may be mailed to (please try not to fold artwork):
Cindy Kalkofen
Children’s Diabetes Foundation
4380 South Syracuse Street, Suite 430
Denver, CO 80237
Make sure all submissions include:
1. Name of child
2. Age
3. Address
4. Phone number
Games for Kids
Look through the pages of Newsnotes to see
if you can find all eight symbols!
Which one of these is not a symptom of low
blood sugar?
A. Feeling shaky
B. Acting like a cat
C. Feeling sleepy
D. Blurry vision
Circle the best blood sugar below:
A. 149
B. 58
C. 116
D. 283
Circle the most balanced meal:
Hot Dog
Word Scrambles
Can you unscramble these letters to spell words related to diabetes?
Bonus Scramble:
Answers: A. insulin; B. glucose; C. dose; D. ketones; E. exercise; F. health; Bonus Scramble: hemaglobin
he Children’s
Foundation is
incredibly thankful
for all of our
donors and we love that they
come in every size! Here
are some of our most recent
gifts from kids who put their
heart into their donation and
sometimes even make a project
out of it!
lemonade &
soda Stand
aley and Josie
Redmond held
a lemonade and
soda stand
in their
neighborhood with their friends
Joe, Jordon, and Jacob. They
donated all of the proceeds to
TEDDY (The Environmental
Determinants of Diabetes in the
Young), a long-term study that
seeks to determine the cause
of type 1 diabetes by looking
at genetic and environmental
factors including childhood
illness, diet, medications,
vitamins, allergies, vaccinations,
and sociological and
psychological issues.
Alex Hess
Alex’s lemonade stand
Alex Hess donates to
pediatric Diabetes research
ediatric patient, Alex Hess, was in for his regular three
month appointment and was generous enough to drop
off money that he collected at his lemonade stand,
which was held on Sunday, July 13. His wish is to
donate this money toward pediatric diabetes research.
Please submit
Winners Circle Articles!
We want to hear your success
stories. You’ll be an inspiration
to all of our readers.
Please e-mail:
[email protected]
Garett Ward
Back row left: Josie and Jacob
Front row left: Joe, Jordon, and Haley
Front: Addie
tudents at North
Hero School are
assigned a
fundraising project
each year where
they can choose a charity to
support. Luckily for us, Garett
Ward picked the Children’s
Diabetes Foundation. We are
thankful for Garett’s donation
and for North Hero School for
inspiring students to give outside
of themselves!
Winners Circle
A huge “thank
you” to our
generous kids
he Student Civic
Organization at
Aspen Academy
donated to the
Diabetes Foundation because
of friends and family members
who are affected by the disease.
The group recognized that
diabetes is a very real disease
and by donating to the Children’s
Diabetes Foundation, they could
make a difference for those living
through its complications.
Aspen Academy’s Student Civic Organization
Cooks Corner
Easy Low-Sugar Cucumber Apple Sorbet
— From Further Food
Looking to beat the heat with an easy refreshing dessert? This @furtherfood sorbet is light
yet packed with flavor. Fresh lime and mint provide anti-inflammatory benefits, and the apple is loaded
with doluble fiber, vitamin C, and a variety of antioxidants for an even bigger health boost.
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 0 mins
Servings: 2
1 large Granny Smith apple (about ¾ cup peeled and diced)
1 large cucumber (about ¾ cup peeled, seeded and diced)
1 tablespoon chopped mint leaves
1 ½ tablespoons of lime Juice
2 teaspoons raw honey (optional)
Blend all ingredients together.
Pour mixture into ice cube trays to freeze.
Once frozen, blend ice cubes to a slush one more time and freeze in an airtight container. Or, just keep
the sorbet in ice cube trays and serve with mineral water.
Nutrition Information Per Serving:
Calories: 83; Total Fat: 0g; Saturated Fat: 0g; Monounsaturated Fat: 0g; Polyunsaturated Fat: 0g;
Cholesterol: 0mg; Sodium: 2mg; Potassium: 166mg; Carbohydrate: 19g; Fiber: 3g; Sugar: 13g;
Protein: 0g
Nutrition Bonus: Iron:2%; Calcium: 2%; Vitamin A: 2%; Vitamin C: 22%
Want to see more nutritionist-reviewed, diabetic-friendly recipes from Further Food?
Photo: © KavardakovA – Shutterstock
Executive Board:
Mrs. Barbara Davis, Chairman
Brian Kotzin, M.D.
Vice President, Global Clinical Development, Amgen, Inc.
Thousand Oaks, California
Richard S. Abrams, M.D.
Aké Lernmark, M.D., Ph.D.
Jules Amer, M.D.
Honorary Lifetime Member
Ali Naji, M.D., Ph.D.
J. William White Professor of Surgery,
Hospital of University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Mr. Peter Culshaw
Stephen Daniels, M.D., Ph.D.
Chairman of Pediatrics, The Children’s Hospital, Denver
Gerald Nepom, M.D., Ph.D.
Scientific Director and Director of Immunology and Diabetes
Research Programs, Virginia Mason Research Center, Seattle
Ms. Dana Davis
Mrs. Nancy Davis Rickel
William V. Tamborlane, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics, Yale University School of Medicine,
New Haven, Connecticut
Steven Farber, Esq.
Daniel Feiten, M.D.
J. William White
Professor of Surgery, Hospital of University of Pennsylvania,
Mr. Shane Hendryson
Mrs. Arlene Hirschfeld
Mr. Shawn Hunter
Robert H. William
Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Washington
School of Medicine, Seattle
M. Douglas Jones, Jr., M.D.
Advisory Board:
Mr. Ken Rickel
Sir Michael Caine
Ms. Natalie Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Daly
The Honorable Diana DeGette,
U.S. House of Representatives, Colorado
Mr. Neil Diamond
Mr. Placido Domingo
Mr. John Elway
Mr. David Foster
Mr. Kenny G
Mr. David Geffen
Mr. Magic Johnson
Mr. Quincy Jones
Ms. Sherry Lansing
Mr. Jay Leno
Mr. Paul Marciano
Mr. Mo Ostin
Sir Sidney Poitier
Mrs. Ronald Reagan
Mr. Lionel Richie
Mrs. Deidre Hunter
John J. Reilly, Jr., M.D.
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs & Dean, School of Medicine,
University of Colorado Denver
Mrs. Stacy Mendelson Robinson
Marian Rewers, M.D., Ph.D.
Executive Director of the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood
Diabetes, University of Colorado School of Medicine
Scientific Advisory Board:
Richard S. Abrams, M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine; Rose Medical Center,
Jules Amer, M.D.
M. Douglas Jones, Jr., M.D.
Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Colorado
School of Medicine; Section of Neonatology, The Children’s
Hospital, Denver
Mrs. Adrienne Ruston Fitzgibbons
Mr. George Schlatter
Ms. Maria Shriver
Mr. Steven Spielberg and Ms. Kate Capshaw
Ms. Brenda Richie
Ms. Barbera Thornhill
Miss Joan van Ark
Mr. Gary L. Wilson
Mr. Stevie Wonder
The Guild Presidents:
Founding President, Amy Davis
Mrs. Gina Abou-Jaoude
Mrs. Jamie Angelich
Mrs. Karen Aylsworth
Mrs. Linda Broughton
Mrs. Joy Burns
Dr. Bonita Carson
Mrs. Nancy Cowee
Dalyla Creaghe
Mrs. Margy Epke
Mrs. Chris Foster
Mrs. Helenn Franzgrote
Mrs. Sally Frerichs
Mrs. Debbie Gradishar
Mrs. Helen Hanks
Mrs. Marty Jensen
Mrs. Gail Johnson
Mrs. Sharon Kamen
Mrs. Janet Knisely
Mrs. Shelley Lucas
Mrs. Suzy Love
Mrs. Judy McNeil
Mrs. Sally Newcomb
Mrs. Gretchen Pope
Mrs. Carol Roger
Mrs. Kay Stewart
Mrs. Diane Sweat
Mrs. Loretta Tucker
Mrs. Jane Weingarten
NEWSNOTES will be published
quarterly by the Children’s
Diabetes Foundation at Denver.
We welcome your comments.
If you would like to submit an
article or a letter to Newsnotes
send information to: [email protected]
Cindy Kalkofen
Graphic Designer
Mattie Peck
Dana Davis
Know the symptoms of
Childhood Diabetes:
• Loss of weight
• Extreme thirst
• Excessive irritability
• Frequent urination
• Bedwetting
(previously controlled)
Printed on recycled paper
A child reaching for the brass
ring on a carousel is symbolic of
the most important goal of the
Children’s Diabetes Foundation —
The Cure. Your contribution on behalf
of a loved one will make a difference.
It will support treatment programs
to assist children with diabetes in
leading healthier lives and it will fund
research to help CDF “Catch the Brass
Ring” by finding a cure.
Mark an anniversary, birthday or
special occasion. Express appreciation
or make a memorial tribute in honor
of someone special with a contribution
— for any amount — to the Children’s
Diabetes Foundation at Denver. We
now accept gifts online at
Donations are tax deductible.
Tax ID #84-0745008
The Brass
Ring Fund
Remember a loved one ––
Help CDF “Catch the Brass Ring”
Enclosed is my contribution of $ ______________________
In memory of ______________________________________
In honor of ________________________________________
Occasion __________________________________________
Please send acknowledgements to:
(Amount of gift will not be mentioned)
Name _____________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________
City ____________________ State ________ Zip ___________
This gift is from:
Name _____________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________
City ____________________ State ________ Zip ___________
Children’s Diabetes Foundation at Denver, Colorado
4380 South Syracuse Street, Suite 430, Denver, CO 80237
Phone: 303-863-1200 •
Nonprofit Org.
Denver, CO
Permit No. 1752
Children’s Diabetes Foundation
at Denver, Colorado
4380 South Syracuse Street
Suite 430
Denver, CO 80237
Change Service Requested
The Carousel Ball
Friday, October 2, 2015
Honoring Paige and John Elway
Master of Ceremonies & Music Director
David Foster
Entertainment by
Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center
Sponsored by
CBS, Ghurka, HBO, Viacom and Paramount Pictures
For Information call: 303-863-1200
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