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University provided a Network and the Confidence to Create
Opportunities - Natalia Saeed, Master of Development Studies
I am in my final year of a Master of Development Studies at Murdoch University,
studying and working full-time. The post-graduate degree has helped open doors for
me both professionally and personally. I have developed my network whilst studying
alongside students from all over the world, giving me a global perspective on
international development issues and areas of priority. In April 2014, I was awarded the
Oxfam Australia Prize in International Sustainable Development, based on my academic
results. The Award has given me more confidence where now, in my Migration support
role within the public sector, I am eager to take on more research based and report
writing responsibilities.
During my inital year of the Masters program at Murdoch I also took over as Chair of the
Perth Development Circle (PDC); part of the Australia wide Development Circle. PDC
has allowed me to network and make valuable connections with development
organisations and professionals. Chairing PDC events has had the added benefit of
further developing my communication and event management skills, and am keen to
see the group continue to grow in coming years.
My professional and personal ethos is resonated in George Bernard Shaw’s words: “…I
am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community, and as long as I live it
is my privilege to do for it whatever I can…”
Congratulations on your impressive achievements Natalia.
Industry Experience as a Student provided the Key to Graduate
Employment - Jessica Mattingley, Bachelor of Engineering /
Commerce double degree
I recently completed a double degree in Engineering and Commerce at Murdoch,
majoring in Electrical Power / Renewable Energy Engineering and Management.
Engineering students are required to complete 500 hours or 12 weeks of practical
experience prior to graduation. Throughout my studies I completed two
Student Vacation Work placements as well as a final year Internship at Fortescue
Metals Group Limited (the world’s fourth largest iron ore producer).
I undertook Vacation Work at Fortescue’s flagship mine site, Cloudbreak, and then
secured a final year Internship in the Corporate Engineering Department, in order to
fulfill the requirements of the Bachelor of Engineering degree. During my Internship, I
was involved in various projects in the Electrical Engineering team. A major project
involved modelling and analysing a new power system at one of Fortescue’s mine sites.
This allowed me to apply the skills learned at university in a practical setting and
provided exposure to engineering practice, design, operations, management and
reporting in a professional sense.
I was subsequently offered a Graduate Electrical Engineer position with Fortescue in
January 2015 having proven myself to the organisation throughout my degree.
Well done Jess, Student Vacation Work and Internships are a great way for employers
to see your potential as a graduate.
Reminder: Murdoch Student Emerging Leadership Program (MSEL)
is back for 2015.
Are you keen to get involved in a program in 2015 that will:
- develop and evidence your leadership skills through leadership talks from experts,
group sessions and a multi-discipline team project;
- benefit a local volunteer organisation;
- offer you an additional “Community and Career Skills Development” Transcript on
- expand your Murdoch student network and;
- set you apart from hundreds of other future graduates?
Then the MSEL program may be the perfect addition to your university experience.
MSEL is open to ALL students of Murdoch. It is a 40 hour commitment over the course of
the 2015 academic year. The program involves attending 6x two hour group sessions
and 5x one hour lunch-time presentations (talks) from experts in the field, together
with participation in a team project.
Students who participated last year in the MSEL program had the following to say about
their experience.
“I felt I lacked many leadership aspects and wanted to be challenged for the purpose of
demonstrating my ability, and be assessed with feedback.”
“Highly engaging and very educative on what to expect on the job front.”
“It was a lovely experience, a great way to learn more skills and meet fantastic people
from all disciplines.”
On-line applications via The Guild website will be accepted from 23rd February, 2015
to 13 March 2015.
Get the edge with MSEL in 2015.
Whether you are in first year and looking for a casual job, in your middle years and need to develop your
professional networks or nearing/at the end of your degree and lacking interview practice, there is something for
everyone during Careers Week.
Don't miss out on making the most of this important week on Murdoch campus. Bachelor of Laws/Commerce final
year student, Eve Lin Kok participated last year and it paid off. Eve met a PwC representative during the Speed
Interview Practice activity. This face-to-face employer interaction helped her to secure a Graduate position in Tax
& Legal with the consulting firm.
This year we are offering all students and recent graduates a Career Passport to record your own activities over the
week. Earn yourself enough Passport stamps and walk away with more confidence in your employability PLUS a
Guild keep cup and coffee voucher (if you're quick!) Career Passports will be available from the Careers and
Employment Centre from the beginning of semester.
Take advantage of a complete job search make-over in just one week. Careers Week activites on Murdoch Campus
How to find Casual or Part-time Work - Workshops Mon 10-11* or Mon 2-3* or Fri 10-11*
Resumes that Work - Workshop Thurs 12.30 - 1.30*
Quick Resume Checking sessions (hard copy) Mon 11-3 and Fri 11-3
Succeeding in Interviews - Workshop Tues 12-1*
Speed Interview Practice sessions with Graduate Employers. Interview time slots avail. Tue/Thurs am* and pm*
Professional Associations Networking Event and lunch-time Sausage Sizzle - Wed 11-2
A good LinkedIn profile makes good Career Sense - Workshop Wed 2-3*
* Bookings will be required for these activities from the beginning of semester. Head to CareerConnect for more
information. (See Events).
“Your careers your business. It’s time for you to manage it as a CEO.” Dorit Sher
1) If applying for an advertised vacancy:
- INCLUDE 2-3 referees at the end of your Resume (either work/volunteer or university contacts);
- list referee full name, job title, employer name, phone (preferably mobile) and email details;
- consider adding a brief statement detailing what relevant skill sets each referee contact can verify/confirm you
have (tailor these to the job vacancy);
- ask permission before including referee details to your Resume and tell your referees if you get short-llisted for a
job interview (email through your Resume and job vacancy details, giving them the heads-up about a possible phone
2) If sending out multiple copies of your Resume to different employers seeking possible work (i.e. no vacancy
advertised), DO NOT INCLUDE referees at the end of your Resume. Simply state "Referees Available Upon Request".
1) Two more voyages on the Leewin (Tall Ship) before uni starts
There are two more 7 day voyages on the STS Leeuwin II available to students during the study break. Challenge
yourself and learn to sail on a traditional three-masted tall ship. Develop new friendships and skills that will impress
future employers. A great addition to the Resume.
NOTE: Look out for our "Latest News" story later in the semester from a Murdoch student who shares his 2014/15
summer experience on the Leeuwin. He thoroughly recommends it to other uni students.
When: 12-18 Feb Voyage OR 26 Feb – 3 March Voyage
Where: Leaves from Fremantle
More Info
2) Reminder: Engaging Professionally with Employers Presentation - Preparation for The
Big Meet Careers Expo and other Professional Networking Events
Learn how to engage with potential employers and industry networks in a professional manner.
Get the latest on:
- introducing yourself professionally;
- what questions to ask that will impress employers;
- things to avoid and;
- pre and post networking tips that make all the difference.
Register your interest to attend on CareerConnect.
When: Thursday March 5, 2015 between 12:30 - 1:30pm
Where: ECL 3 Lecture Theatre, Murdoch Campus
Register on
3) Reminder: The Big Meet Careers Expo
The Big Meet is a national careers expo for all students and recent graduates. Over 100 organisations will be
exhibiting in Perth (and other major capital cities) for 2015. The Big Meet in Perth is an important calendar event
for Murdoch students/graduates. A range of options are offered including; graduate employment, internships,
vacation work, voluntary work, post-graduate studies and overseas opportunities.
There is no entry fee but you do need to register your interest to attend. Perth details below.
When: Friday March 6 between 12:00 - 4:00pm
Where: Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, 21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth City
Register Here
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