Recursos online

Recursos online
World Development Report 2010 - Science of climate change
US Environment Protection Agency-Climate Change
Real Climate
A Big Foot on a Small Planet? Accounting with the
with the Ecological Footprint
Trendalyzer - Gapminder World - world’s most important trends
Global footprint network
Vídeos “How It All Ends”
WWF footprint calculator
UNEP Science and scientific evidence on climate change
Vídeos “Mathis Wackernagel: The Ecological
Footprint”. “Age of Stupid: Clips: Bad Futures (Early Version)”
Sección 4. Cambio de los efectos e impactos
Climate Frontlines: en primera línea frente al cambio climático
Possible Futures film contest
UNEP Tunza Magazine, Nº. 6.1. ¡Deja el hábito!
Sección 6. Buena vida
¡Stop a los desastres! Un juego de simulación de desastres de
la EIRD de las Naciones Unidas
Human Impact Report: The anatomy of a silent crisis
Vídeos “Earth Focus: Climate change special”. “Poor
countries can’t afford our lifestyle”. “Fighting for survival”. “Indigenous peoples and climate change in Kenya”. “War for resources
- Age of stupid animation”. “Facing up to droughts & floods”.
“United Nations - 90 climate change vídeos”
Human Development Report 2007/2008: Climate change and
human developmentídeos
DEFRA Wellbeing research: Synthesis report
Happy Planet Index
Education for sustainable development linking learning and
The Alphabet of the Human Heart: The A to Zen of Life
Vídeos “The miniature Earth”. “THE SPIRIT LEVEL
(short film)”. “Affluenza (two2toomuch)”
Economics of Happiness
Sección 7. Alimentación
Local solutions on a sinking paradise, Carteret Islands
UNEP Tunza Magazine, Nº 6.2. Los alimentos y el medio ambiente
Wake up, freak out - then get a grip
UNEP Tunza Magazine, Nº. 6.3. Agua
Climate change - One planet, one chance. Photo essay
Lo que como-80 dietas de todo el mundo
Sección 5. Los modos de vida
Hungry planet: ¿Qué come el mundo? Guía educativa
Tracking climate change - Comparing total and per capita CO2
Visions for change: Recommendations for effective policies on
sustainable lifestyles
J óv e nes
XC a m b i o - C a m b i o
Vídeos “Hungry planet”. “Think Global: Eat Local
Pt 1 of 2”. “Think Global - Eat Local Pt 2 of 2”. “Climate DishGermanwatch and Bread for the World”
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